Player ratings: Atleti fail to impress in Astana

We take a look at the team's performance in disappointing draw

Torres spurned the game's biggest chance

Torres spurned the game's biggest chance

Atlético Madrid make the 3,500 mile journey home from Astana empty handed on Tuesday night, as they were held to a disappointing 0-0 draw by the hosts in freezing Kazakhstan. 

Simeone’s men failed to overcome the sub zero conditions and put in a fairly under-par performance, looking like a bunch of strangers at times as they struggled to create any real goalscoring chances of note.

See how we rated each of the players below:

Jan Oblak – 7

Although he didn’t have any notable saves of note to make, having to stand in the freezing cold for most of the match didn’t faze him. Attentive when needed and caught everything. Top ‘keeper.

Juanfran – 6

Created the best chance of the match for Torres with an excellent cross-field ball and was solid in defence for most of the match, but didn’t really do much in attack. Pitch didn’t help.

Diego Godín – 6

Bar one fluffed clearance in defence, he was solid but should really have headed Carrasco’s second half corner on target, if not into the net. Ten months now since he last found the net in an Atleti shirt.

José Giménez – 6

Recovered well from his error on Friday and put in a solid showing, decisive both on and off the ball. Perhaps could’ve done slightly better with one headed chance, but he handled Astana’s threat well.

Guilherme Siqueira – 5

Wasn’t really tested in defence, but like Juanfran he was almost anonymous in attack other than a few first half runs. Would think he’d be looking to prove a point in the odd games he gets to play, but that wasn’t the case today.

Gabi – 6

Had control of the midfield with Tiago and passed the ball well, but wasn’t able to penetrate or do anything to open up the Astana backline. Still, he wasn’t really helped by the lack of movement in attack.

Tiago – 7 (Man of the match)

One of the better players once again. Even on the artificial pitch where the ball bounces more slowly and is harder to control, he read the play well on a number of occasions and tried to spread the play and the get the team moving.

Koke – 6

Almost caught out goalkeeper Eric with a first half free kick that hit the bar (did he mean it?), but was in and out of the game. Did create one good chance with Griezmann, but we would have liked to have seen more from him.

Saúl Ñíguez – 6

Worked hard and offered himself, looking good on the ball and making good choices, but it is still evident that he is not a wide player. Deserves chances in the centre, the position in which his future certainly lies.

Antoine Griezmann – 6

Now four games goalless, but his effort can’t be faulted. Did more than anybody else today to try and find the breathrough, but didn’t have much luck or support to work with. Would like to see him wide in games like this.

Fernando Torres – 5

Worked hard in the first half and did well in the wide areas, but really has no excuses for not finishing the chance that came his way in the first half. Is the pressure of finding his 100th goal playing on his mind?


Jackson Martínez – 5

Wasn’t his night. Like with Torres and Griezmann, the way the team played didn’t help him at all, but his link-up was poor and nothing he tried came off. Frustrating, but can’t be too harsh given the conditions.

Yannick Carrasco – 7

At the moment, he is by far our most dangerous player in attack. Some say that he was rested, but you have to wonder why he didn’t play from the start. Changed the game when he came on, almost got the winner with the last kick.

Óliver Torres – N/A

Were you disappointed by our approach tonight? Are you worried at all by the last two performances?

  • AndersAT

    Very worried by now. The team plays super slow. I miss arda and costa alot right now. I also miss our ability to score on set pieces, this and the lack of Costa is the main reason we are in a bit of trouble right now. I hope Koke can take one of the center spots in games like this, and the upcoming games against weaker teams in la liga. Hopefully kranevitter can bring a bit of speed to the center, if we keep playing with two defensive midfielders.

  • Ringo

    I think Siqueira can be very useful in fast games (so not a game like today’s lol) but I feel like he’s prone to making mistakes. I hope he takes that out of his game, but I feel way more secure with the not yet in top form Filipe. This was the right time to play Siqueira, though. Perhaps Gámez could play in a game against a not too strong left winger.

    That’s all I have to say, nothing of content about today’s game, sadly enough. Those Astana strikers (Foxi [10, captain] and that number 89 or something, with the blonde hair) were pretty okay actually. Perhaps it was because of the rest of the players on the field, but they looked skilled to me.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Why is Siqueira always getting the lowest rating in this website, he didn’t do anything more or less than Filipe in Riazor, who got 6 in that game and many other games he underperformed .
    In the the first game against Astana Siqueira did very well and was very active in the attack, but he still got 6 when most of the other players got 7 or 8, even Oblak who was only tested once .
    I don’t like this .

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Arda was slow too. It’s just that at least one of Carrasco and Correa MUST play at ALL times.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    After Benfica’s win over Galatasaray, now we only need a draw against the Turks to qualify (remember : the tie breaker is the head-to-head results, not the goal difference)

    But I hate having too many chances, I think we do better under pressure, and we also should go for the 1st place if we want to go behind round of 16, because with our current shape there is not the slightest chance to beat Man Utd, Man City or Bayern, unless if we were lucky and got a team from group E or H, then the 2nd place would be fine .. or would it be ?!

  • Ringo

    Sometimes I read the description for the rating and it looks like a 7+ and then it turns out it’s a 5 or 6.

    I think solid means 5 and very good is a 6. Terrific is 7 (the MOTM award usually) and I’ve only seen two 8s in total I think.

    I guess I have a different way of rating games with grades, but eh in the end it’s just a rating I guess.
    Like with music reviews, I think it’s usually healthier to not pay attention to the grade (especially when disagreeing).

    Personally I thought Filipe looks more secure than Siqueira, but today Siqueira was pretty decent. He actually did join attack, so I disagree with the article. I agree with you that he deserved a similar rating to Filipe against Depor, but then again it’s just a rating (not a grade to pass a year or something).

    Perhaps people in general over here are Filipe fans and not as much Siqueira fans. This could make them more likely to look at Filipe’s positives and not notice them as much with Siqueira? This also leaves more room for remembering his negatives I guess, sadly enough.

    It’s all about the bias.

  • Ringo

    This Atleti is still better than this Man Utd.
    Our defense is better, our midfield is about the same and our offense is less bad.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    You are probably right, but I can see that they are improving with time, while we are not, because it’s always the same approach and the same ideas, actually, sometimes they are getting worse, like this game .

  • Billy

    5 = average, 6 = solid, 7 = good performance, 8+ = outstanding.

    I gave Filipe a 4 against Benfica I think it was. Siqueira has only played four games this season, the fact is he is nowhere near as good on the ball so is less involved in our build-up play, and is also inferior in defence. Obviously I prefer Filipe, but not due to bias. He’s simply the better player.

  • Kris

    Well damn,, another game, another overused tactic by Simeone. Simeone, WE HAVE PLAYERS THAT CAN PLAY ATTACKING FOOTBALL, STOP FUCKING FIELDING DEFENDERS ALL OVER THE PITCH, ESPECIALLY AGAINST ASTANA.. Goddamnit, we spent how much, 130 million euros and we get to see 0-0 against fucking Astana? I wouldn’t mind such a starting XI and a draw against Astana if we hadn’t been spending money and didn’t have a team as big.. We have a huge team now filled with attacking talents yet you put the most defensive team out there. Instead of Griezmann and Torres, should’ve fielded Savic and Moya up top too. Fuckk mann,, I love you but why aren’t you utilizing your resources? Something against Oliver Torres?? And give that guy Griezmann a goddamn rest,he plays every game. Must be tired as shit, after all he is a human.. And my dear, please stop playing with Gabi and Tiago,,, por favor!!! Please Cholo, utilize your resources man…Fuckkkk!!

    Aupa Atleti!

  • Kris

    Koke can’t just take the spot man when the coach is reluctant to put him there,

  • AndersAT

    Well that is right but he played fast, and he could find our attackers and get the offense going.

  • AndersAT

    How can most of the team get 6 = solid, in a game where we played some of our miot uninspired football against a Kazakh team???

  • Mrtn

    You don’t feed the pigs with caviar. You don’t wipe your @ss with 100 $ bills (if you’re not Mayweather). You don’t sign high profile attackers for 20 and 35 million Euros only to order them defending 30 meters from their own goal.
    Or you do if you are Simeone.
    Again, I think we coulld play like this if we were Atleti 3 years ago (although, we did it much better that time, with a killer instinct we totally lack now without DC and RG). This tactic suited that squad perfectly and Cholo implemented it amazingly well.
    But we got a totally different type of squad right now.
    I still can’t find out who makes our signings. These players are not for Cholo. He doesn’t nedd Jackson, he needs RG. He doesn’t need Oli, he needs hard fighting phisical midfielders.
    All I can think of is that someone is forcing Simeone to change his tactics and gives him players that are totally wrong for that ( don’t forget players like Cerci, Mandzukic, Jimenez, Baptistao, Siqueira, and the 80 M Euros we spent to sign them for no reason).
    Looking at the latest transfer window, we signed Jackson for the 2nd largest fee in our history when we could sign Tevez for much cheaper. Tevez is the kind of striker Cholo needs: unlimited stamina, pace, hard tackling, hard fighting all season long. Then again, we “signed” Oli, who is unable to defend, has no phisical presence, when we could sign James Milner for free, Gökhan Inler, Dzemaili, Xhaka or many more hard fighting semi-skilled midfileders. We signed Vietto for 20 M who again totally doesn’t fit Cholo’s style and let go of RG, who is the walking example of Cholo’s dream attacker.
    Now imagine a season like this one ending Atleti missing on top 4 position (which almost happened already last season as we only managed to beat our “main rivals” Valencia and Sevilla with 1 fcking point). If this is happening then we miss out on the 50-60-70 M Euros from UEFA we got in the last 2-3 seasons. The same time, we spend record money on salaries and transfer fees. If you are realistic you know where this is going to… bankruptcy.
    So again, we could spend much less money to play like this and fighting for 3rd place every season with “our main rivals” Valencia and Sevilla, while we could make profit and pay back our debts like Arsenal did in the last 8 years.
    But no, we spend all the money on earth and play like full retards…
    C’mon guys, our top scorer of last season spent 90% of his game time this year defending 30 meters out from our own goal. We expect Grizi to score goals when his ordered in the middle of his own half??? No problem, in 3 years Cholo can convert him to a fantastic right back, than he can take aging Juanfrans position…fantastic future. I really feel sorry for Griezman, mainly because he is struggling as our 5th defensive midfielder, and also for losing him in the end of this season without seeing his full potential with us.
    All in all, the problem is not our “defensive” gameplay alone, but the way the club is managed.
    Aupa Atleti

  • AaX

    YA YA YA CALM DOWN GUYS!…, I Dont need to say anything that I have said earlier before about the defensive tactical response of MR. DEF MIDFIELDER Diego Simeone. I am surprisingly now is hoping that either Gabi or Tiago get a minor injury, carded or something the like.

    That I hope would start to shake things up for ATLETICO !

    Calm down Guys, although I wasn’t really that annoyed and angry because I only watch the last 10min of the game where Atleti were a bit lively with Carrasco int he game.

    Simeone would response then.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Sadly, it seems this is the only way for Simeone to make changes, injuries and suspensions !!
    That’s what happened with Oblak, one of the most promising GKs in the world and THE MOST EXPENSIVE in La Liga history who had to wait until Moya (a 30-year-old average GK) got injured to have his real chance, with Gimenez who played 3 great games in the world cup then returned to the bench while Miranda kept his “birthright” spot despite his mistake after mistake after mistake until he got injured too .

    I didn’t hide my relief with Miranda’s injury then, and people here called me an awful and horrible person, maybe they will call you the same, but I think they should blame Simeone .

    Anyway, Gabi is on 4 yellows now, Tiago is on 3 (suspension is after 5 and its multiples), so lest’s hope plan B works very well when one of them misses a game and that Simeone will stick with it, just like he stuck with Oblak & Gimenez .
    If somebody who doesn’t know anything about this Atleti read this he will find it very ridiculous, but it’s ridiculously true !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Remember when I kept asking the club to sign Mohammad Salah, since he was still at Basel, now, as an Egyptian, I’m happy we didn’t, I think Simeone could have -won’t say destroyed, but- held him back .

    Have you seen what Salah is doing with Roma ?! have you seen Roma ?!
    They have the same attacking group of players like ours, and maybe ours are a little better, but they have scored 34 goals so far (including the 2 of the 1st half vs Bayer tonight) while we have scored 22, yes, they did concede a lot of goals as well, 21, while we only conceded 8, but those many goals aren’t because their style of play, but because their defense is individually very poor, and their GK is a joke, I watched all their games this season, they are the only team beside Atleti that I watch every single game for them, because of Salah .

    Another team I follow very closely who are very similar to Roma is Dortmund, they are making a fantastic season, very beautiful and entertaining football with too many goals and great results, they also have some defensive problems, but they don’t have the great individuals we have in the back .

    Simeone is for sure better than Aguirre, Quique and Manzano, there is no comparison here, but is he better than Rudi Garcia and Thomas Tuchel ?!
    This is a very serious, very difficult and very painful question .

  • atleti10

    I agree with you that we need to play a more attacking style of football and that we need to utilize the players abilities by playing them in their natural positions (Koke, Oliver, Correa, Saul). I disagree however when you say that Roma leak goals because of a weak back four, yes this plays a part but its also the midfield who prevent goals, at times it looks like we are playing with 4 defensive midfielders. Roma dont!

    There is no doubt that we if move to a 4-2-3-1 that we will score more goals (with time) but don’t think that this wont open us up at the back a lot more. I trust in our defenders and in the players work rate, I think the net result would positive and hope we see this at some point in the near future but I can see why Simeone is hesitant to switch tactics.