Player ratings: Vietto salvages a point in the derby

Substitutes to the rescue once more in capital city stalemate

Vietto opens his account for new club

Vietto opens his account for new club

The spoils were shared in the Madrid derby on Sunday night, as a late goal from Luciano Vietto earned a 1-1 draw for Atlético against rivals Real in the Vicente Calderón.

Both teams will feel a little aggrieved at the result, but despite Antoine Griezmann’s first half penalty miss, the red and whites were perhaps a little fortunate not to suffer a third successive defeat following a disappointing performance.

Read on to see how we rated the the team one-by-one:

Jan Oblak – 6

Wouldn’t have been expected to have stopped the goal, and looked solid for the rest of the match. No real stand out stops, but dealt with everything he had to, caught most shots and crosses and was decisive at all times.

Juanfran – 6

Provided the outlet on the right hand side, and showed a few promising signs of understanding with Carrasco in the second half. Caused a few dangerous moments with runs into the box.

Diego Godín – 7

Lead the defence as usual, and contained their attacking threat for most of the match. Whilst Giménez showed his inexperience at times, he stood strong and helped guide his defensive partner through. Good game.

Jose Giménez – 6

Can’t take too much fault for the goal, but perhaps bought the trap from Cristiano which freed up Benzema to run in behind undetected. One forray forward at the end could’ve proved costly, but he was up to the challenge for most of the match.

Filipe Luís – 5

Improved in the second half, but still doesn’t look like the player we had before his move to Chelsea just yet. Very poor for the goal as Carvajal sped past him with ease, but did fairly well going forward.

Gabi – 6

For us, the main culprit for Benzema’s goal as he let him run into the six yard box unchallenged. Battled well for most of the game, but not as influential as he can be. Would like to see Saúl share his role after the international break.

Tiago – 7

Showed that there are still some warriors left in the team (beyond the defence), showing great determination to win the penalty and taking a boot to the face in the second half to stop Kroos from shooting. Our best player in possession.

Óliver Torres – 5

Cholo has kept faith in him over the last few weeks, but he’s not delivering. Perhaps not suited to the position, but he isn’t giving us what we need or what Arda provided at the moment. May be better utilised as a creative force off the bench.

Antoine Griezmann – 7

Despite the penalty miss, this was one of his best big-game performances for Atleti. Was involved throughout and never let his head go down, and also did well for the goal to divert the ball away from Navas.

Ángel Correa – 7

Excellent in the first half, already looking like he belongs at this level and playing without fear. Did let his inexperience get the better of him a little though, and had to go off before getting a second yellow. Worth his starting place right now.

Fernando Torres – 5

Took a lot of criticism tonight (mainly from neutrals), but still did what was asked of him, ran the channels well and created spaces in attack. Just doesn’t look as sharp as he was a few weeks ago.


Yannick Carrasco – 7 (Man of the match)

Not everything he did came off, but he was positive, constantly wanted the ball and tried his best to make things happen. Played a big part in the goal with a nice run and pass, hopefully will get another chance from the start soon.

Luciano Vietto – 6

Wasn’t overly involved, but got the goal which will do his confidence the world of good. Like Carrasco, we would like to see what he can do from the start at some point, as he looks hungry and desperate to succeed.

Jackson Martínez – 6

Could’ve been the match-winner today if not for a great save from Keylor Navas. Did really well to get the ball in for the goal, and showed his quality when the ball came his way. Have to feel it’s a matter of time before he finds his shooting boots.

Do you agree with our ratings? How do you feel the new signings are performing at the moment?

  • Urban

    Totally agree with Carrasco being MOTM. Recenlty I wrote here he can give us the options we need and he proved me right. Also happy to see Vietto score – it happend sooner than I expected. I think the team has a lot of potential.

    What worries me is the fact that we lost our two main trademarks: aggresiveness and set pieces. Costa, RG8, Arda > Jackson, Griezmann, Oli in terms of aggresiveness. This make it easier to play against us for possession focused teams like Barca and RM…

    We should be happy about this point, in paricular when you consider its impact on our mindset compared to the possible defeat.

    Further, almost all our rivals also lost some points this weekend.

  • Kris

    We have two rivals, Real and Barca. Sevilla and Valencia are not on par with us.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And definitely not Villarreal, I mean we signed their last season’s top scorer !
    And he is not the first key player we take from them, we did it with Forlan & Godin before, while they are used to get our cast-off players like Asenjo & Leo (and Adrian, though not directly), and the youngsters who can’t have enough minutes with us like Oliver .

    I will say this :
    When they reached Copa del Rey semifinal last season, it was THE FIRST TIME in their history .
    It was also the first time in the history when they lead La Liga table last week, now it’s two weeks !

    They are -with all due respect, and I really respect and like them- a very small team, and people really need to forget about the few good years with Pellegrini in which they won ZERO trophies .
    That zero is not just with Pellegrini, but in all their history, they are a team with no trophies .

  • Ringo

    Everybody starts out with ZERO trophies, though. I don’t think they’ll be able to keep this level up for a complete season, they already slipped up today, but how many people thought we would two years ago?

    Again, I don’t think they will end the season as one of our rivals, but I’m not going to write them off for not having won a trophy (yet). Gotta start somewhere.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Villarreal have started with zero trophies since 1923 .

  • Koke

    I missed the second half but I saw the highlights. I’m happy that Vietto scored his first goal, even if it was a tap-in, but it was a huge goal and hopefully inspires him to be more confident. I’d also really really like to see more of Carrasco. I think he’s one of those players that when he gets the ball will always try to make something happen, successful or not, and we need players like that. I’m also loving Simeone’s new emphasis on rotation and substitutions, as well as the team’s new creative, attacking approach.

    Things I’m not loving: the lack of aggressiveness that seems to have started when Arda and Garcia left. No, I don’t want players throwing their boots at the linesmen or committing leg-breaking tackles. I just want to see the fighting spirit that literally every second of the game counts, where the defenders will literally give their lives to block a shot or the players will jump on their teammates’ backs just to head a ball into the goal. Also, the set pieces. Last year it seemed we couldn’t score without them. This year it seems we can’t score with them. What’s happening? I much prefer goals from open play, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t also be a huge threat from every single corner/free kick.

    So, we’re two points behind both Barca and Madrid. It could be a lot worse. For starters, we have played tougher teams so far. Already, we have faced Barcelona, Madrid, Villareal, and Sevilla, which in my opinion are four of the five or six toughest teams in the league, the others maybe being Valencia and Bilbao. Madrid have had easier games so far, so they have plenty of chances to drop points soon. Meanwhile, Barca without Messi and co will definitely drop a whole lot more points against quality opposition. Lastly, we have played both Barca and Madrid now, but those two haven’t played yet. Therefore, either one of them loses and we would be a point better than them, or they tie and we are all level on points.

    I think as soon as the squad chemistry clicks (hopefully soon) and the new recruits rediscover their form, we can put up a huge fight in every competition, despite our inconsistent start to the season.

  • AaX

    Yeah, lets refrain ourself in criticising others to a minimum and keep our focus more to ourselves and our direct main rivals (barca and real). We Did WoN La Liga Didn’t We ? That would be more beneficial and hinder us from potential bad karma. We are still not yet great anyways, not until we repeat The Double or Win The Highly Prized UEFA Champions League Title Trophy. We Are On Our Way, VAMOS Atleti !!
    P E A C E.

  • Urban

    Funny you say that considering the fact that in 4 total games in the league with FCB and RM we are most likely to get 1 point, while sevilla already got 3…. and Malaga got 1.

    It is a shame we got such poor results from the last two games with them because FCB and RM look this season unusually vulnerable and this could be an opportunity for us, unfortunately we do not seem to be prepared to seize it.

  • Chewie

    Cynically, Oliver was invisible but he did arguably the second most important thing in the match by injuring Carvajal who was great.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I don’t agree with these ratings… well some of them. You rated Filipe at 5? While Tiago got 7 and Gabi got 6? Nonsense and if Oliver and Torres were given 5s then there’s no way Gabi and Tiago should be rated that high.

    I’m happy with all our new signings, I’d be happier if they played more. Correa was our brightest player in the first half btw

  • Rowly

    I think we need to stop starting with Torres, he’s just not up to it anymore. He’s good to have at the club & can do a job off the bench but it’s like starting with 10 men. Jackson Martinez needs a run of games, he’s clearly a top player, let him loose to run riot please!
    We also need to play 4-3-3 to get our best players on the pitch and get the best from Oliver, this will/should also mean we play with Gabi or Tiago not both which I think would be a positive step.
    To me Carrasco looks very raw, lots of enthusiasm and willingness to try making things happen but can also be very rash at times, once he gets more experience, learns the game and has better decision making and timing qualities he should be a fantastic player for us.
    Similarly for Correa who looks the real deal in the making, very exciting future.
    Very pleased for Vietto, I think that goal will give him huge confidence and he’s another one who’s going to be important for us.
    Overall things look positive, we’re a work in progress and not playing anywhere near our best but we’re still getting results and are in the mix at the top.

  • SherbetDip

    Not the 10 men shit again … are you a member of the British media in disguise?

  • SherbetDip

    any team with Soldado in it gets the thumbs down from me … such a nasty piece of work

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    First : you are assuming that we will lose our away games vs Barca & Madrid, and forgot that in the last 2 League derbies in Bernabeu we won .
    You can never know or even predict in October about two games that will be played in January and February, a lot will change until then, for all teams, more adaptation for new players, recovering from injuries for some players and new injuries for others, and .. a transfer window !

    Second : you know very well that 3 or 4 games are irrelevant, El Cholo himself repeated many times : “anything can happen in one game” anyone can beat anyone, but it’s about what can you do in 38 games .
    Sevilla beat Barca you say, then tell me what did Sevilla do against us ?!!
    In 2013-14 we got 4 points against RM and we won La Liga, while last season we got the whole 6 and we finished 3rd .

    Sevilla who beat Barca will drop many points against teams from bottom of the table (where Sevilla themselves are right now) and Malaga, when they drew 0-0 with RM in week 6, it was their 6th game of the season without scoring a goal .

    In 38 games, we have no rivals other than Real Madrid & Barcelona, which makes those 3 points and that 1 point Sevilla & Malaga got against them a good news for us .

  • Rowly

    Hahaha, why would I be a member of the British media, what have they got to do with anything???
    In my opinion Torres is limited as a player these days, he just doesn’t have the pace anymore, a good example is the build-up to the penalty where the Torres of 5+ years ago would have finished that no problem but now he can’t do it. He’s scored 2 goals in 9 appearances this season at that rate he’ll do well to get 10 goals this season, not that good really is it.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And Jackson has scored just one goal, but nobody says “it’s like playing with 10 men” about him .
    We all know that Torres is not a superstar anymore, and the majority agrees that Jackson should be the starter -not me though- but what we are asking for is respect, and “10 men” is disrespect, in my opinion .

    He is our El Niño, and we will love and respect him no matter what, even if he scored 5 goals per season, and we all want to see him retire with us, just like we all wanted Raul Garcia to stay despite his limited talent, this what makes this club very special and different than many other “big clubs” .. ask Casillas .

  • Rowly

    It’s not disrespect, it’s an opinion and one that I stand by. Torres coming off the bench is a great asset to us but he should not be starting games. The 10 men comment is obviously exaggerating it to get a point across but maybe some people should stop being so precious about Torres, I want the best for Atleti not Torres and the best way for that happen is for Torres to be starting games on the bench.

  • Urban

    Ahmad, my friend, I wish you are right! Time will tell…

  • AaX

    Well at Atletico he’s different, He has and will be the difference, And his presence will always make A difference.

    Anyways, he starts only because Jackson hasn’t yet up to it. Look what happened against Benfica. Now when Torres starts and Jackson comes in later, it has shown result and will until Jackson starts to hit back his Form.

    (Playing with 10 men ? Of course it’s such an exaggeration but a bit like undeservedly insulting to Torres in my opinion my friend. You do know he went down to segunda and then back Up with us. If that’s not Atleti, I don’t know what others.)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    He did lead us -with Aragones- to come back to Primera, but he wasn’t with the team that been relegated in 2000, he was promoted to the first team after that disaster, and he was only 16 .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Torres himself wants the best for Atleti, and he has no problem of being a sub or playing few minutes or being paid less than he can get in MLS for example, and he has no problem about Koke being the 2nd vice captain and not him, the same thing happened with him and Simeone between 2003 and 2005 .

    And as I said, all the fans accept that too, we are not asking for a special treatment, we are asking for respect to one of our legends, and for appreciation when he does something good, like giving us the 3 points in Eibar, and the 3 points in El Madrigal last season, and one more point in Ciutat de Valencia, 4 points that we would never have finished 3rd without them .
    But some people say nothing when he saves us, and criticize him very harshly when he plays one bad game or misses one chance .