Player ratings: Barça too good for Atleti

See how we rated the players in disappointing defeat on Saturday night

Torres was our star man against Barça

Torres was our star man against Barça

Atlético Madrid were undone by the quality of Barcelona in a difficult loss earlier this evening, with two fine goals from Neymar and Lionel Messi giving the champions a comeback win after Fernando Torres opened the scoring.

The rojiblancos were not on top form against Luis Enrique’s side, but will still feel aggrieved after a frustrating performance both by the players and the officials in the Calderón.

See how we rated the team’s efforts below:

Jan Oblak – 6

Was unlucky to let in two goals of the highest quality, otherwise he was confident as usual and saved everything that he had to. Showed just how far he’s come since the Barça cup game back in January, where he was at fault for a couple of goals.

Juanfran – 6

Endeavourous as always, providing an outlet both in defence and attack. Had his work cut out at times but didn’t make any mistakes, although some of his crosses were not quite at his usual standard.

Jose Giménez – 6

Perhaps a little fortunate not to have had a couple penalty calls go against him, but held his own again in an important match. Was undone slightly towards the end as Messi came on, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Diego Godín – 6

Made a few crucial interceptions and clearances, but like Giménez was also lucky not to have a penalty – and probable red card – called against him. Solid for the most part.

Filipe Luís – 5

Limited performance, we saw little of him in attack and he too could’ve been sent off after escaping punishment for a late handball. Maybe still feeling the effects of the injury that kept him out of the Sevilla match, and looked hurt towards the end.

Gabi – 6

Despite his mistake for the goal, which is a blemish on what had been an excellent start to the season, he is still looking more like the player that patrolled the midfield in 2013/14. Looks much more energetic and refreshed after the summer break.

Tiago – 6

Great thinking to play Torres in for the goal, and played his role like we know he can. Still, made a few minor errors and never really stamped his mark on the game, as Barça expectedly dominated.

Koke – 5

Improved a little towards the end, but it was another in a worryingly increasing number of quiet games from the Spanish international. Would like to see him in the centre, but Arda and Raúl García’s exits leave us short out wide.

Óliver Torres – 5

When he had the ball he showed his class, but just couldn’t get into the game. Tough game for a player like him, and he was withdrawn on the hour mark. Saw yellow for a first half foul on Neymar.

Antoine Griezmann – 5

Like Koke, he was too quiet for our liking. Did stretch the Barça defence a few times and showed signs of what he can do on top form, but just feel he needs to show a little more in the big games to really be considered one of the elite.

Fernando Torres – 7 (Man of the match)

He always gets his critics, but Torres was probably our most dangerous player tonight. Aside from the goal, he had three or four other attempts and was positive with his touches. Mascherano and Mathieu would have been relieved when he went off.


Yannick Carrasco – 6

Would like to see him starting games soon. You can tell that he’s a little raw still, but he has genuine pace and trickery and could be a real asset to the starting XI. Gives a much different option to Koke and Óliver.

Jackson Martínez – 6

Looked hungry and motivated, and showed better hold-up play than in the opening day win over Las Palmas. Hopefully it won’t be long until he’s fully up to speed and scoring more goals like the one against Sevilla.

Luciano Vietto – N/A

Do you agree with our ratings? Should Torres keep his place over Jackson after his goal and performance?

  • Ringo

    I actually saw potential in this game.

    I only saw the second half, but there were signs of us improving. It was way more pleasant to watch than the games we witnessed the previous season. The defending was a bit hasty/panicky sometimes, though. They want to pressure, but the Barca players didn’t look that pressured when they did. The second goal was both Gabi and Griezmann panicking a bit (that’s probably why Gabi was angry with himself in the dugout).

    Griezmann on the wing is okay, but I’d rather see him in his free role. His dribbling is getting more confident, but I was annoyed when he tried to nutmeg Mathieu (I think it was him). Jackson almost scored a great goal after a great first touch with the chest (after a Grizi pass), but he didn’t hit the ball the way he wanted to. Outside of that you could see he was still trying to find his role in the team. Carrasco was decent but he seems indecisive too much. Despite some good runs it was way too clear this was Vietto’s official debut for the team, and against Barcelona.

    Koke was okay, but if you put him central I think he should play a little deeper than he did. It sometimes looked like he was second striker. Perhaps it would have been better to put Óliver behin Torres and Koke on the left or in one of the pivotes. But we know Cholo and why he put the defensively stronger Koke in the center instead of Oli.

    The actual defenders were pretty okay, I think. The ones aiding them were just not on their level today. But I really think we’re on the right track. Last year pretty much all we did was kick them and lose. We lost again, but there’s room for very possible improvement.

    Too bad there’s no points for us, but if we continue growing we could see nice things sooner rather than later.

  • Ringo

    Also I agree that Simeone is too scared when playing Barcelona

    I know a lot of players are new, but our attacking play could use a little more trust.

    I really do think we improved over last year while using pretty much the same tactics, but the result could have been better if we’d pressure and dominate more than we did. Also I’m afraid of him not rotating enough…

    We’ll see what happens. I’m optimistic, but optimism is easily ruined. But let’s not get too down, guys!

  • Arjit Barua

    We give Barcelona waaay too much respect when playing them. We’d lose every game against Real too if we gave them this much respect. We have to play against them the way we play against the big CL teams.

  • Mrtn

    Even the smallest teams in La Liga show more courage against Barca then Atleti.
    Being outplayed this much on home turf is a bit too much for me. Actually this isn’t really being outplayed as Simeone simply does not want his team to do any plays just to avoid conceding a goal by some magic or something…
    Stopping Barca from scoring is way harder than scoring against them, many coaches recognized this already but Cholo isn’t one of them for sure.

    This was Simeone’s 7th game vs Barca without a win… yet he doesn’t recognize that this approach to the game against Barca is totally wrong.

    It’s sad that we can see other sides like Sevilla or Athletic (or many other lower rated teams) playing a brave attacking game against them and succeeding while Simeone’s only idea is to defend with 11 men, giving up possession totally and waiting for the magic…
    Again, the biggest problem is not a loss against Barca but our approach to the game. The team looked like a bunch of scared infants and it’s Simeone’s mentality that made them feel this inferior. It’s much more pleasant to see your side losing 4-5 against Barca like Sevilla did as their supporters could watch their side trying to win that game not only trying to avoid concedeing.

    I wasn’t really impressed by the games against LasPalmas and Sevilla either, we need to improve our game a lot.
    Vamos Atleti!

  • AaX

    Yes Simeone! ALL OF US knew that we did not play well and should at least not lose tonight. Means we, you should make the right changes. AUPA Atleti !!

  • BlasiusMagnus

    maaan, i haven’t seen a shittier game than this in a while. and im a hungarian, our NT is one of the biggest jokes around, but this… where are those guys with the big cojones?
    all i saw is a bunch of pussies running around.
    Mrtn got it right. it’s useless to play defensively against barca. you have to attack, in fact you just need to score more, than them.

  • AaX

    My assessment is simple. When at home facing barca we fielded ONLY 2 players capable of taking on players namely Torres and Griezmann while barca fielded at least 4 players of those said capabilities with Neymar, Rafinha?, Suarez and Iniesta. These not inclusive of the wing backs. So whats the mystery here? When we set up for defense, the opponent will be naturally comfortable to be offensive. Even so they had difficulties in overcoming Atletico and CONCEDED FIRST only to equalize through a free kick, so what will happen when we set our team consistently with at least 3 players capable of taking on defenders with pace and dribbling ? That is the reason I concluded that Atletico is actually better than barca even with messi. And the way for Atletico this season is more offensive and less caution than usual. That means Koke, Gabi or Tiago the two centrals and either Correa, Griezmann or Carrasco on the left mid. FORZA ATLETI !!

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Cholo got the tactics wrong against barcelona, AGAIN. There is no way to stop barcelona from scoring, None. So when they do score, we have to score back, but how do we score back if we’re playing a defensively coward game.. Remember the games vs Real Madrid in the UCL last season, we were suspect of this same type of game we played yesterday and look where it has gotten us.. A LOSS! Simeone is one of the best coaches in the world, please solve this problem cholo, and play carrasco more please as a starter. Aupa Atleti!

  • Chewie

    Even if Simeone got the tactics right, there would still be a chance that we could lose. However, I’d prefer losing 4-5 like Sevilla but fighting until last seconds to the pathetic display of yesterday.

    On the other hand, we can lose both games with Barcelona and still win the league as long as the small teams manage to fight back against them.

    But there is another problem – what if we get Barca in the CL 1/4, 1/2 or even final? What would Simeone do? Because of the fact that this scenario is possible, I think Cholo has to experiment and be creative – if you’re going to lose anyway, why not try something different? Fans are not stupid, we would understand any defeat in this case. But not a cowardly cautios one.

  • Chewie

    Meanwhile, Raul Garcia scores for Athletic. What a man.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And Getafe’s goal was by Velazquez

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Simeone got his tactics totally wrong. Or maybe not the tactics, but the attitude. If I’m not mistaken, Simeone played 14 games v. Barcelona and won only one. As Randy below has said, the only way to beat Barcelona is to outscore them.

  • I think when we play Barca, we need to have a more offensive mind. Use a 4-3-3 from now on. Barca will score, so that is how we have to think. We have a great back 4, so let them do just that and the other 7 should be all about scoring goals.