Matchday LIVE: Atlético vs. Barcelona

The champions are in town for toughest match for Atleti so far


It’s the toughest match of Atlético’s season so far on Saturday evening as they welcome the champions Barcelona to Madrid.

This fixture last season saw Barcelona clinch the title from Atlético – so Atleti will be out for revenge.

Use the comments to post your thoughts and reactions on the match. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Atlético: Oblak, Juanfran, Godín, Giménez, Filipe, Gabi, Tiago, Koke, Óliver, Griezmann, Torres

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Roberto, Alba, Mascherano, Vermaelen, Busquets, Rakitic, Iniesta, Suárez, Neymar, Rafinha.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I would start the 2nd half with Carrasco in Koke’s place .

  • Fernando!

  • colmiak

    that might be the second goal griezmann is directly responsible for. i dont think he handles the big game’s pressure very well.

  • Would have been nice to see Vietto come on in different circumstances!

  • palestine- atletico

    So as usual simeone so much afraid of barca… since last season he (and so the team) believes that we are weaker than barca!
    Defence defence defence dont play filipe luis dont play forward greizmann stay back!
    Until atletico reach a point equivalent to gigon or rayo against barca.
    Yes i only blame simeone and still i believe this season we have better squad and depth but against barca simeone fails to use it.

  • Kris

    Damn. Was really wishing for a win but again Simeone’s tactics of always defending against Barca got us down. We could really have scored more with that attack.Three points dropped at home but on to the next game.

  • Kris

    Yeahh the core of the team didn’t perform well today. Griezmann who always performs didn’t do well. Koke was invisible. Gabi and Tiago REALLY slow against a fast-paced attack. For these types of games is when we need a Camacho.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    This is three points that shouldn’t have been dropped in the first place and for this Simeone is to blame 100%. Why is Gabi still playing against fast opponents? Why is Griezmann so bad in the big games? Why are we defending all the time? Are just few questions that piss me the f*** off

  • Kris

    Agree. Just against Barca. It’s always ONLY against Barca that we play like this.

  • Parsa

    Cholo did a crime with his decisions in the second half! Koke and Thiago had one of the worst games of their careers yet they both finished the game! And meanwhile our only better players on the ball, Oli Torres and Gabi were taken off. And yeah you give Vietto his debut on this game in that situation while Correa could help us to regain some possession in this game, and guess what you don’t even include him in the matchday squad. Just look how bad we played in the last 10 minutes. We defended too much in the whole game but this could went different with better decisions. It’s so frustrating to swallow this result … !

  • colmiak

    simeone is a great coach but he is a stubborn coach, he needs to experiment with this huge depth we have. this was a game for 4 3 3. barca won bc enrique had the better tactics. they know we’re scared so what do they do? leave messi out and bring him in to seal the game. i really wish griezmann wasnt so bad in big games, honestly might be better to bench him in them. even then, it was on simeone for defending way too much with all the quality in attack we possess. especially vs a shaky barca defense. vietto/jackson/carrasco from the beginning, woulda stretched them out. oh well 🙁

  • AaX

    We deserved to take the lead, but to concede the last goal and end up losing this match when Barca could’t really make genuine threat and only capitalized on a complacently uncharacteristic defensive error is REALLY SHAMEFUL on our behalf. We started to becoming more lively and dangerous in the last 10 min but it’s really to late. We were not the lesser team for sure but ‘stupid’ error like this should be as the last. We would be getting the winner instead if having not producing such dangerous error in the penalty box. We lost outselves tonight because Barca really not in it at all.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Arda…This is why I defended Arda so much last season. We simply don’t have players that can keep hold of the ball and peform at the highest level in the biggest game as Arda did for us last season and then there are people who say Oliver Torres is going to replace Arda?

  • wwwOU

    atletico should have bought camacho.. he is a guy who can keep messi quite!
    again people blame griezamann for not playing well but i think he plays too deep in big games!
    At sociadad he scored 1 set up 1 in there 3-1 victory over barca

  • BKG

    Played exactly the same against Real Madrid in the CL.

  • AaX

    The problem here tonight is not much with the tactics because we did well as expected and took the lead. But the attacking linkups were not ss adequate as could which makes me to conclude that it would have been better if start either Gabi or Tiago with Koke to start in the centre and have Carasco or Correa start on the left. Simeone will do well to Not be Overly respectful and cautious of Barcelona further on because after this game we HAVE looked potentially the better team, but a shame to end up losing undeseveredly by defensive error.

  • BKG

    Didn’t Arda only have two goals and four assists last season? Oliver did pretty well, yet he was replaced and Koke (completely useless this game) stayed on. Carrasco, Correa, Vietto, Jackson, Saul need to play more. Gabi, Torres and Tiago should be benched. One player should be changed in defence as well.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Abdil is Turkish and he will always defend Arda !
    But he is right though about Arda’s ability to hold on the ball and keeping possession, but as you and everybody said : his goals and assists were very few .
    Oliver too can hold on the ball and keep possession, he did that very well against a good and physically strong team like Sevilla, wasn’t so great tonight, but this is Barca, and he is still very young and have a big room for improvement . And he was much better than Koke tonight .

    But what I like most about Oli is that he is faster and more direct than Arda, and that’s why his goals and assists with Porto last season were more than Arda’s -although it’s not accurate or fair comparison- but I’m very sure that after one or two seasons, Barca will try very hard to sign him, and maybe they will offer us Arda back as a part of the deal !
    But Oliver is not like Arda, he is like Koke, a true Rojiblanco .
    I wish I’m not wrong about that .

  • BKG

    Oliver looked depressed on the bench, like most other players today, whether on the pitch or not. This is understandable, since Simeone plays the wrong players and leaves bad players on. There can be no heart and inspiration, when the tactic is to defend 100% with bad players and players in the wrong positions.

  • AaX

    Good point. I think this is a good opportunity for Simeone to realize now is that time we are able to be less cautious than usual to compliment it by being more attackingly formed. Players should play to their strength and in position more. It’s a shame tonights game didn’t reflect the teams true capabilities. After the Turkish game, he should throw caution to the wind so it will end up falling upon other teams like real, barcelona, chelsea, man u, bayern and the likes. Atletico will only benefit by being less cautious and more attacking this season. Vamos Atleti !

  • Jovany Hernandez

    Yes Cholo should experiment a bit but about Griezmann he played to deep and should be focusing on scoring. Also I’m kinda happy Barcelona won because maybe this can be a wake up call for Simeone to start playing more attacking football and experiment more with our really in-depth squad.