Atlético Madrid’s FIFA 16 ratings revealed

We take a look at how our players stack up on the new FIFA game

We take a look at this season's FIFA ratings

We take a look at this season's FIFA ratings

We’re big fans of the FIFA video game series here at AtléticoFans, and with the games becoming more and more realistic, more stock has been put into the ‘ratings’ that each player is given in the different game modes.

With the latest edition of the series, FIFA 16, out in the next few weeks, it’s interesting to see how the Atlético players stack up, and whether or not they get the recognition they deserve.

Our joint-best player going into last season was Arda Turan, who is of course now sidelined until January after deciding to join Barcelona. The Turk was rated 84. He’s down a point to 83 this year.

He was tied with Diego Godín. The Uruguayan is now the best player going into the new season and has been elevated to 85.

Defenders who are rated better than Godín? Mats Hummels, Giorgio Chiellini raise some eyebrows.

Atlético’s best new signing? That honour goes to Jackson Martinez, who slots in as the second-best Atlético player on 84.

Antoine Griezmann sits just behind him on 83. Luciano Vietto comes in at a 79 rating, the same as Fernando Torres, whilst Ángel Correa is a promising 76.

Our goalkeepers are both given a score of 81, both improved on last season. Oblak’s recent success has seen him gain four points to draw level with Moyá.

The closest defender to Godín is the returning Filipe Luís, who is way behind on 82.

Here’s the full list:

Goalkeepers: Moyá (81), Oblak (81)
Defenders: Godín (85), Filipe Luís (82), Juanfran (81), Savic (81), Giménez (78), Gámez (78), Siqueira (78)
Midfielders: Koke (83), Tiago (81), Gabi (80), Óliver (79), Carrasco (78), Saúl (76), Thomas (71)
Attackers: Martínez (84), Griezmann (83), Vietto (79), Fernando Torres (79), Ángel Correa (76)

If you have any idea what the hell I’m talking about, you might want to check out the full list of Atlético ratings over at

Anyone here play FIFA? Let us know your console of choice and we’ll see if we can get some games going.

  • Ringo

    do you think, with García leaving, they might improve someone else? he was in our top 3 midfielders, apparently.

    I have a PS3 but I will only buy fifa 16 if I’m buying a PS4 too and at the moment I don’t see that happening

  • Luis

    Pleasantly surprised by the Martinez rating! I was convinced they’d have him at an 81 rating max.

  • Lagolas

    I find it strange that Gimenez is a 78, while Savic is 81. Should be the other way around.

  • Jonathan Andrews

    Yes, I’m surprised as well at the Savic rating, although it does justify his price-tag I suppose. But I think Gimenez will get 8-10 more starts than Stefan this season. He’s in great form, and has the trust of Simeone.

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Got a PS3 and not sure if i’ll be getting fifa 16 though
    I am surprised about Gimenez.. Only 69 pace, should be at least 75.. he’s one of the quickest cb’s in real life right now and so happy about the changes with the Left mids, finally they put them to CAM’s and CM’s. And Griezmann should be at least 85

  • Arjit Barua

    Pes this year for me, FIFA is getting ridiculously repetitive. It’s the same old game engine from 2009 with a few more animations and “rebalancing” every year.

  • Ringo

    fifa probably doesnt know yet

    will change around in january if atleti are having a nice campaign, especially in CL

  • John Sutherland

    I get so annoyed about these ratings every year!

    Hazard 89 Griezmann 83
    Someone please tell me who makes this rubbish up?
    Martinez will be a beast in this FIFA!

    I usually play Ultimate Team when I am no on Pro Clubs, so hopefully a few of these boys will get some good in-forms released (I’m looking at you Oli, Gimenez and Correa)

  • David Mileham

    I’m happy with the rating for Godin and Jackson but come on Griezmann, Koke and Gimenez should all be higher I also think Oblak should be rated at least 1 ahead of Moyà. Juanfran for me never gets the credit he deserves he should be equal in the ratings as F.Luis for me…!!!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I currently have a Ps3 and yes I play fifa.

    Glad to see our players’ ratings have improved a bit from what they last were, Grizi should be higher, also Saul and Oblak but how the game is set up, they’ll all be higher as the season progresses. I mainly play be a pro or manager mode anyway

  • Josh

    Saul -> 77
    Gimenez -> 80
    Savic -> 79
    Griezmann – 85
    Koke -> 84
    Correa -> 78
    And the rest is fine.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i had an xbox360 and fifa 14. it was alright. then i sold my xbox and returned to PES.
    fifa is much better licens wise and waaaay more detailed than PES.
    but if u just want to play occasionally on a weak PC or laptop, PES is the winner.

    anyway i dont think ratings count that much… in both games i won against superstar teams, and also got beaten by totally mediocre teams.

  • Anthony

    Despite some critics, Savic is still a very good player but need long adaptation in his new club