Atlético finally set to sign River’s Kranevitter

Another of Argentina's brightest talents to join Atleti

Simeone finally seems to have got his man

Simeone finally seems to have got his man

After months of speculation and rumours, Atlético Madrid look finally set to sign Matías Kranevitter from River Plate, in a deal said to be worth €8 million.

It is reported that the fee is for 60% of the player’s rights.

After River Plate’s match last night, Kranevitter packed his bags and hopped on a plane to Madrid. His next destinations will be the FREMAP clinic, where he will perform his medical, and the Vicente Calderón where the young Argentine will sign his contract with Atlético.

“Tomorrow I have my flight to Spain where I’ll finish the deal with Atlético Madrid,” said Kranevitter after River’s 2-1 loss on Sunday evening.

If all goes according to plan, the 22-year-old midfielder will sign his four-year contract, but remain at River Plate on loan until January.

The rumours of Kranevitter’s arrival started in May, when ‘Cholo’ Simeone announced his interest in the youngster, touted by many as ‘the new Mascherano’.

“I’ve known Mammana ever since he was a kid and we’ve been keeping an eye on Kranevitter whenever he plays for River,” said Simeone. “My son is also there and we know he’s a good midfielder. They both have a great future.”

Now as the summer transfer window is coming to a close, it seems as if ‘Cholo’ finally has the midfielder he’s been wanting.

Kranevitter is constantly compared to Mascherano and it’s easy to see why. His precise passing, positioning and ball awareness have helped him become one of Argentina’s most promising young players.

His contributions in the Copa Libertadores, where he was the player with the most completed passes in the tournament, helped River Plate win the tournament.

If both River Plate and FC Barcelona make it to the Club World Cup Final, Kranevitter will have a chance to give River Plate a trophy as a parting gift,

Kranevitter’s performances have also earned him his first call up for the senior Argentina squad.

Joining Kranevitter will be his soon-to-be squad mate, Ángel Correa who was also called up for the matches against Bolivia and Mexico.

The future of Argentina’s brightest talents is in Simeone’s hands.

How do you feel about the move? Does this spell the end for anyone at Atlético?

  • Very excited about this move! Watching highlights on YouTube can always be a bit misguiding but strengthening the midfield, giving it more depth, enticing competition and making it more youthful in the process are aspects I can definitely stand behind. With him, Koke and a very promising Thomas (great pre-season from him), I like where this is going.

    If there’s one thing about the deal that disappoints me, it’s the fact that we’re not getting him until January. But I suppose that strengthens Atleti’s reputation in the transfer market.

  • starvs

    No mention of Saul even.

    I do worry a bit about incorporating all of these players who will need minutes to develop. But certainly better than the reverse problem to have.

    I guess probably end up sending Thomas out on loan in January? But maybe he makes himself indispensable by that time, although doubt Cholo gives him that chance, and hopefully neither does injury.

  • Only reason I didn’t mention Saúl is because I haven’t seen him consistently play in a CM position. That may be just me not having been able to see all of Atleti’s latest games, but you’re absolutely right in that he should be included there as well.

    I do agree with you that come January, somebody’s probably going out on loan, Thomas being the likely one. Although, you wouldn’t think that after his pre-season. Then again, we’ll have to see how Tiago and Gabi are doing (fit, form, injuries) at the time.

    Regardless, Atleti’s done some good business this transfer window. Now it’s only a matter of, like you touched upon, making them gel with each other sooner rather than later.

  • Koke

    Excellent signing, this guy is gonna be class, especially under Simeone’s tutelage. The only issue now is how many DMs we have for two positions: Gabi, Tiago, Koke, Saul, Thomas, and now Kranevitter. I guess if the latter comes in January then Thomas will go out on loan then. I have never gotten to see Thomas play but from what I hear he has great potential.

    Don’t forget about Guilavogui. Hopefully we can sell him for a lot of money at the end of this season as I hear he’s doing great for Wolfsburg.

    I think our squad has the most youthful talent out of any squad in Europe now. Oliver, Vietto, Gimenez, Oblak, Kranevitter, Correa, and Koke can all be top 5 players in their respective positions in a few years. Imagine this squad:


    Obviously players will come and go, but it’s crazy to think that we already potentially have a squad that can compete at the very highest level for 7+ years in theory, not to mention Thomas, Griezmann, Saul, etc. I really think the youngsters in our squad are all world-class bound, hopefully they stick around instead of moving elsewhere. We have a really bright future indeed.

  • Koke

    I’m also super impressed with Atleti’s transfer window. I think it’s been fantastic, almost perfect. Incorporating Oliver and Correa was definitely the right move, both are ready to take on medium or big roles at the club and will surely grow over the season. Carrasco is a good replacement for Arda Turan and he represents the first REAL winger in Atleti’s starting 11 in a long time, his runs down the flank or cutting inside will be useful. Vietto will be class. Felipe Luis will improve our team so much.

    We wanted to get rid of Mandzukic and we did. Same with Suarez, Cebolla, and Miranda. Arda leaving hurt at first but I honestly think with our replacements, we’ll be better without him. We held on to Griezmann, Koke, Oblak, and Godin.

    Unlike previous transfer windows, I think every player we signed or kept will have a big role to play. No more “Cerci’s” or “Jimenez’s”. The only players that have a small chance of being underwhelming might be Jackson or Savic but I think Jackson will be a beast. I don’t think many if any teams in Europe had as great a window as we did, it’s been very underrated.

  • Chewie

    To fully understand how great out transfer window has been and how the club has grown, I suggest making a comparison with other clubs, say, Napoli.

    In 2011/12 both teams finished in 5th place. Napoli won the Cup, we won the EL. They had a decent team of De Sanctis, Cavani, Maggio, Campagnaro, Hamsik, Zuniga, Gargano, Pandev and Inler plus a bunch of mediocre players.

    We had Courtois, A. Lopez, Filipe, Dominguez, Miranda, Suarez, Tiago, Gabi, Koke, Turan, Juanfran, Diego, Adrian and Falcao – a better team by all means. But most importantly, we got Simeone.

    4 years later we’ve won a number of trophies and secured a squad of Oblak, Jaunfran, Filipe, Gimenez, Godin, Gabi, Tiago, Saul, Koke, Correa, Oliver, Torres, Jackson, Carrasco, Moya, Gamez, Raul Garcia…

    While Napoli has Cabral, Hysaj, Strinic, Allan, Higuain, Hamsik, Gorginho, Mertens, Callejon, Gabbiadini, Reina, Insigne – what is most striking is that half the team are decent, even good, players, and the other is a complete disaster. Plus, they had Benitez who managed to fuck everything up and snatch a place in Real.

    Five years ago, both were exciting clubs on the rise. Now we are securely on top, and clubs like Napoli with their ridiculous transfers and management choices are still looking for a break. Godin said that our goal is to win the Champions League. Well, if we don’t do it with the current squad, we will not do that anytime soon.

    From a more philisophical persperctive, Atletico’s case demonstrates how important is to be around the right people – had we not signed Simeone, we could still be fighting for the 4th place in the League.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “Half the team are decent, even good players, and the other is a complete disaster”

    That’s exactly what Atleti was from 2007 to 2010, a group of great players like Forlan, Aguero, Maxi, Simao & Reyes, and a group of disasters, like Assunção, Ze Castro, Pablo Ibañez, even Perea in his last 2 or 3 seasons, and Ujfalusi when he played as a right back .

    Having a team full of above average players is much better than a team with half world-class players and half flops .
    I think Valencia & Sevilla are from the first type, and that’s why things are working well for them .