Player ratings: Rojiblancos get off to winning start

Was Griezmann's goal enough to earn him the man of the match award?

How did we rate our players this evening?

How did we rate our players this evening?

Atlético Madrid perhaps didn’t shine as bright as some were expecting in their season opener against Las Palmas on Saturday night, but did get the three points courtesy of a deflected free-kick from Antoine Griezmann in the first half.

The Frenchman looked sharp up top with new signing Jackson Martínez, and was one of the stand-out players in a solid team performance that deserved the three points.

See how we rated each player’s game below:

Jan Oblak – 7

Proved just what a good goalkeeper he is, as despite not having too much to do, he came up trumps when needed. Crucial save in the second half to deny Las Palmas from a corner, did incredibly well to get down and keep it out.

Juanfran – 7

Our ‘rayo‘ was his usual self on the right wing, defending well and providing the width from the right. Some good signs of an early understanding with Óliver, and put in a number of dangerous low crosses in particular.

Diego Godín – 7 

Robust as ever at the back, doing a good job of keeping the lively Araujo fairly quiet. Almost made contact with a first half Gabi corner, which would have been the perfect way to celebrate his new contract.

José Giménez – 7

The starter this season after Miranda’s departure, and is already showing signs of seniority at just 20 years of age. Full of confidence and looking better in possession of the ball. Scary to think how good he can become.

Filipe Luís – 7

Solid second debut for the club. Perhaps not quite as good as his first game last time round where he set up Diego Costa in a similar 1-0 win against Zaragoza, but the difference between him and Siqueira is clear as day. Delighted to have him back.

Gabi – 7 

Early days, but the way he stomped his authority in midfield was remeniscent of the Gabi of 2013/14. Many had him down as a squad player this year, but after a deserved break, hopefully he’ll return to the form that made him the most important player in our title win.

Tiago – 7

Excellent in the first half, and kept things ticking in the second. Someone will have to dig up his birth certificate, as I still refuse to believe he is really 34.

Óliver Torres – 7

Óliver Turan? Maybe not as good as those who have watched regularly know he can be, but his performance was no worse than many we saw from the Turk last season. Look confident and at home in the #10 shirt.

Koke – 6

We are looking for Koke to step up again and become a real leader of the team this season, whether he is wide like today or in centre midfield. Not as involved as he would’ve liked to have been, although nearly curled home a free-kick in the last minute.

Antoine Griezmann – 7 (Man of the match)

The matchwinner, and probably overall best player today. Was in and out of the game, but still did well in his general play. Last year he scored 22 having only found his feet at the end of December, how many if he’s on form from the very start?

Jackson Martínez – 6

Only given an hour, and will probably need time to settle into the team and build up his fitness. Quicker in his link up play and movement than Mandzukic, but perhaps not as much as a presence. Still, promising enough for a first game.


Fernando Torres – 5

Endeavouring as always, but not his best showing in the red and white. Miscontrolled an excellent pass from Gabi that would’ve taken him through one-on-one, and was booked (harshly) for a dive in the penalty area.

Ángel Correa – 7

Perhaps the biggest bright spark from the match. He was everywhere when he came on, and had the fans off their seats with his twists and turns. Denied a debut goal by a great block from Alcaraz, but great to see him on the pitch at last.

Raúl García – N/A

Do you agree with our ratings? Who was your Man of the Match?


  • SherbetDip

    why so harsh on Torres …. everybody seems to be on his back at the moment when he isn’t even in the starting eleven while Martinez is getting all the excuses … so many snide comments on twitter from part time fans in the UK who probably only started supporting the team in the first place because of him when he was at Liverpool

  • Chewie

    Well, Torres deserves all the criticism – he showed too much desire and too little cool. Correa was indeed a bright spark. And Oblak’s save was magical. Griezmann a bit lucky with the goal. Filipe was stunning in attack, though lost his position a couple of times in defense. But his dribbling and feel of the game is as good as ever, maybe even better – I don’t remember him so active in the finishing phases. Jackson was not impressive – but hey, it’s his first game in the League, I’m sure he’ll adapt.

    Overall, I have a good feeling even though the game wasn’t particularly good. As soon as we stop making bad passes, going too fast or too slow, and find the calmness and the balance so charactertic of the team in its prime, great things will happen. The combined football IQ of Koke, Correa and Oliver will blow our minds, the guys just have it in their blood. Imagine that all the backheels and clever little crosses found their targets and were executed with confidence.

    A slow start is actually a good one since it should only get better each time.

    And we’ll have to produce results real fast – the first nine games will be incredibly difficult.

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I think a 7 grade is usually an above average game whereas a 6 is average. I don’t know if giving 10 players a 7 is reflective of how we played. Griezmann and F. Luis I think had real solid games.

  • SherbetDip

    why because that’s the usual form from British fans … looks like we have our scapegoat for the season but what’s new

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    too many wrong and bad passes tonight, from almost everyone

  • Gabi was amazing today, I thought. His dribbling, movements and passing.

  • Mitch

    Best Player Goal Choice A. Griezmann
    Worst Player Goal Choice Jackson Martínez

    Yeah, too harsh on Torres, he is a great player with class & depth.

  • AaX

    I don’t see the team did poorly play wise. Only the scoreline wasn’t as convincingly as anticipated. But I am recognizing a sophisticatedly dynamic and deep offensive defensive game play in development from this season’s openings. Hope it’d further developed to translated goals in the upcoming matches. Really looking forward to Correa coming in for one of the central mids and Koke reverting back to central role in the 2nd Half. That I think is what El Cholo’s current general strategy is. AUPA ATLETI !!

  • Mitch

    Best Player Goal Choice A. Griezmann
    Worst Player Goal Choice Jackson Martínez

    Yeah, too harsh on Torres, he is a great player with class & depth.

    After reviewing the video carefully, he was clearly pulled and what he did
    was professional dive, which was expected of him or any professional
    world class strikers in that situation, more so with Cholo as a manager,
    who likes his players living on the edge!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Sometimes when I’m watching a game with friends and a foul is committed against a player in the box but he didn’t fall -some actually resist the fall- and wasn’t called a penalty then he starts to protest I say to my friends :
    He is an idiot, he should have fallen .
    But Torres isn’t an idiot, he is a world-class striker as you said .

    Cristiano have been awarded many penalties for much less than what in that photo .

  • Mitch

    Cristiano, Luis Suárez (I like this guy!) they all do it….. just
    that Suárez does it better than everybody else! LOL

    Torres is very good at reading the game, we could have been
    1 – 3 down if Las Palmas just had a little luck on their side (but give credit to them , they played exceptionally well).
    Torres was trying to close/seal off the game by getting the 2nd goal
    and that in my book was the right decision, given it’s a must win 1st
    home game of the new season.

    Quote from Ben:
    If I were Cholo, I would be pissed if Torres didn’t try to
    take advantage of that particular situation by diving professionally, as Filipe Luís put it best “Diego Simeone and Jose Mourinho share a crazy desire to win”. The boy did it right!

  • aileen

    They were harsh, the are so and will be- it`s not a question of performance but their immaturity/kind of shadenfreunde, anything….they simply can`t see things in a proper way.But still wonder why some journalists(apparently experts;) are doing the same

  • aileen

    Sometimes it`s difficult to say what is better :looking from previous situations(last season ) if he hadn`t fallen he would also be given yellow card, as some referees think that even going with two feet all over a player body is not enough for penalty.Especially when it comes to Torres

  • aileen

    They were harsh, are so and will be, it`s not a question of performance but their immaturity/shadenfreunde, anything.But I wonder why many journalists (apparently experts;)are doing the same

  • Parsa

    We are all excited about this season as we were at the begining of 2013/14. I want to explain something about it.

    It’s common belief that if you want to win a league, You must have at least 5/6 players who perform at their best in most of the games. In 2013/14 we had Courtois, Godin, Luis, Gabi and Costa who performed at their best in as many games as they could and In my opinion they were the foundation of that title winning team. Just by little distance, After them there was Juanfran, Miranda, Thiago, Koke, Possibly Arda and of course Raul Garcia. Last season we didn’t have Courtois, Luis & Costa and Gabi was not consistent. So we litrally lost our main foundation. What I saw from our first game I can boldly claim that we have our main foundation back, It’ll be Oblak, Godin, Luis, Gabi and Griezmann. I think Oblak is even better than Courtois. Godin is our leader at the back, Luis is the best LB in the world for me, ( I seriously can not believe how good he is in reading the game), Griezmann is now completely adapted to our style and it was obvious from his pressings and responsibilities he took in taking the ball. And lastly and in my opinion the most important one, Gabi. Every single Atleti fan knows the fact he was our most important player in 2013/14. And after two years, He still is. If he struggles, We struggle, We saw that many times last season. Wonder why? Well you just need to look at his playing style. How many times have you seen someone commonly known as a defensive midfielder make attemps to dribble and run past opponents? Or when he takes the ball back, First he tries to beat the opponent and then goes for his next move? Well I’m not exaggerating anything but believe it or not, We have one of the most special and unique Central Midfielders in Europe and it’s him. And He is the most important player in our both Attacking phase and Defending Phase. In defending phase He is usually the one who goes out of his position to press harder and be the extra man up front. And the support he provides always help us to recover the ball quicker, Before the pressure reaches our 4 defensive men. In Attacking phase, As I mentioned, He has a strange confidence for a CM to attempt dribbles and make runs. Thiago is a static player who usually tries to spread calmness. But Gabi is more of a dynamic player who tries to determine our next wave of attack. And sometimes he does some crazy runs that we saw a lot in 213/14.That’s why he has been symboled as our Engine / Heart. Last season he had a dramatic drop in his confidence, And we were really affected by his lack of presence in our attacking play. There is noone currently in our team who could replace him simply because his playing style is so unique. We just need him at this best and last night what I saw was his return of confidence. He was bossing the midfield again. He made some errors but that’s ok because our new combinations need time to take shape. So in my opinion with this main core of Oblak, Goin, Luis, Gabi and Griezmann and possibly help of Juanfran, Gimenez, Thiago and Oliver we can go for the title again. Some our new boys need to join the second group and my bet is Jackson and Correa. Jackson’s first touch really impressed me but as Cholo said, We can’t utilize his play while his back is towards oppostions goal. We need to find his runs and fortunately for us and unlike Manzu, He does attemp to run behind the oppostion defenders. And of course he can a monster in air. And about Correa, He’ll be a star. He has every potential to make a difference at any moment. Something we have been lacking for years, I’m really excited about him.

    Thank you pals for reading my thoughts.

  • AaX

    Agreed, well pointed out. But having both Tiago and Gabi pairing either without Koke as the central mids is not the most optimum setup for the ‘New’ Atletico this season to me. And I do agree Gabi is the team’s midfield engine and he used to give good long passes and cracked thunderous long shots at goal too.Those abilities went away to the more demanding defensive and leadership duties of his under Cholo. To me, he is a tenacious and dynamic central midfield, a rare breed this time.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thank you for your words about Gabi, you are right about everything you said about him, but you are wrong to believe that every single Atleti fan knows and admits that, very sadly, big number of them don’t appreciate what he did, especially in 2013-14 .

    And there is no player in the whole La Liga who has Tiago’s experience (no H in his name by the way), playing in Portuguese Primeira, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A & La Liga, wining the title in 3 of them and finishing 2nd in the other 2 .
    The man -who is a defensive midfielder- has 17 goals with Atleti in 194 games, compared to 22 for the attacking midfielder Arda Turan in 178 games, I would say Tiago’s number is better .

    But I have to agree with Aax though, sometimes only one of Gabi & Tiago is enough, especially in games like last night’s, a closed one where the opponent is playing with 5 in the back and we need as many talents as possible to break up that tough defense .

  • pahas

    I believe that F.Luis is the best transfer we have done this summer..this man is a beast and his performance deserves a higher number from just 7..I really like him he is the best LB in the world for sure in my opinion..also Correa can develop to a world class player..he has a lot of talent and skills..I am a bit disappointed with Jackson Martinez..I am expecting a lot of goals from him and I expect him to compete Luis Suarez..
    vamos atleti

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I’m glad you pointed out only needing one of Tiago or Gabi in games like this. I was saying it repeatedly but I guess it’s not going to be easy to make those decisions with the current quality we have un our squad

  • Parsa

    I think we both agree that football fans tend to have short memories. In that time I think all of our fans knew that but right now after 1 average year they think he is finished. I think if we put ourselves in Gabi’s place, We would all face some psychological problems last season. In 2013/14 he was midfielder of the year but he didn’t get recognition from anyone! Laliga chose modric, He was not even nominated in UEFA’s team of the year, And He didn’t get any call from National team. (No spanish midfielder was even close to him performance wise) and we all know that it was his last chance to play for Spain. Top of all these, Those problems from his time in Zaragoza came in public last season and he even went to court for explaining. He is a human being and it was natural to suffer from all these. He doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone but I think this season He’ll have a much better year.

    I agree with you guys that in some games we can play with one of those two. I think Cholo himself knows this fact and that’s why he has tried 4-3-3. We have many possibilities with our new squad and in order to see all of them we have to wait.

    Thank you for correcting Tiago. I don’t know why I thought It had a H.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Actually, even just after winning La Liga, I felt that Gabi wasn’t appreciated the same way Courtois, Godin, Filipe, Koke & Costa were .
    But the man doesn’t give a crap about appreciation, he doesn’t have any account in any social media, just like Raul Garcia, they don’t care about these stuff, they only care about playing football .
    And they know that the club, Simeone, and the Calderon fans appreciate and respect them very much, and that’s what really matter .
    Atleti’s captain armband beats a million tweet and a million vote .

    There is still a small chance to sign Motta, then we will have both Tiago & Thiago !