Atlético close in on Rafael Santos Borré

Los rojiblancos chase young Colombian talent

Borré celebrating

Borré celebrating

According to numerous newspapers in Colombia such as El Heraldo and the prestigious El Tiempo, Atlético de Madrid have signed Rafael Santos Borré from Deportivo Cali.

Borré’s agent, Helmut Wenin spoke to El Heraldo and said both clubs have accepted terms and the deal is complete.

Borré is just 19 years old and his good performances with the Colombian U-20 squad, got him his first call up from Colombia coach, José Pekerman.

This rumor popped up a few weeks ago and its credibility grew on Aug. 4, when Borré said, “Only a bit more is needed for my transfer to Atlético, but I’ll probably stay one more year with my team, Cali.”

Now, a week later, it seems the deal is done and dusted as the Colombian youngster is set to sign for Atlético for a sum between 3.8-5 million euros.

It’s yet to see whether Borré will stay with Deportivo Cali until next year, like it was previously presumed. But the youngster is for sure staying with this hometown club until the end of this year.

“He’ll be playing for Deportivo Cali until the end of this year,” said Wenin.

With Benfica reportedly buying Atletico’s 50 percent of Raúl Jimenez’ rights, will Borré be his replacement?

Maybe it’s more likely Borré is replacing Leo Baptistao.

Leo was loaned to Villarreal this season, where he has impressed during pre-season, with an option to buy.

If Leo continues his form throughout the season, it’s likely Villarreal purchase the Brazilian.

If this signing goes through, it’s important to mention the overbooking of non-EU players on the squad: José María Gimenez, Ángel Correa, Jackson Martínez, Emiliano Velasquez, Jimenez and now Borré.

In total, six players for three spots.

Although, Jimenez is most likely leaving and Gimenez can apply for Spanish citizenship this year. Whether or not Gimenez gets his Spanish passport is another question.

Borré is a promising striker, but will he have a chance at Atleti?

  • disqus_e445f51vHk

    Well, Atleti own only 50% of rights to Jimenez. The rest is in Mendes’ hands, so Jimenez actually leaves Atleti at all.

    Unfortunately in the case of Santos Borre Atleti also buy only 50% of rights to him. And guess what – the rest is also in Mendes’ hands! 😉

  • Ringo

    I hope the first three on the list are the ones for the coming season and Velazquez will probably replace Gimenez if he gets his Spanish citizenship.

    Borré’s addition will rely on the future of Martínez, Velazquez and Correa with the club (or hopefully their future passport additions).

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t see any problem about having 6 or even 10 non-European players, we are a team that have a policy of loaning a lot of players, last season they were 16 players, 10 from the first team and 6 from B team, and this season we have 12 so far :
    Manquillo, Velazquez, Silvio, Mensah, Sekou Keita, Guilavogui, Cerci, Borja Baston, Leo, Bono, Samu Saiz & Jimenez (who still doesn’t know his destination) .

    A couple of others could join them like Lucas, Thomas, Xu Xin & Borre .

    Sometimes we loan a player for 3 seasons in a row, like Silvio, or even for 5 seasons to 6 different teams like Ruben Perez .. some of the weird stuff of Gil Marin .

    Gil Marin has also opened the doors of Atleti wide for Mendes’s players, hence the overbooking of non-Eu players, actually, overbooking of players in general .
    If I’m not mistaken, the injury-prone almost 28-year-old Silvio who we keep loaning to Benfica season after season is Mendes’s, while I’m sure that Jimenez, Guilavougi & Mensah are his, not just his clients, but he also owns a big portion of their rights .

    Signing Borre doesn’t mean at all that he will wear Atleti shirt someday .. welcome to the world of Jorge Mendes !

  • Ringo

    It might be one of the reasons we’ve gotten more competitive and not bankrupt the past years. Perhaps we’re stuck in it now, but I think there’s a good chance this helped Atleti pay off their debt but also not decrease in quality, which in the end keeps the team in Champions League positions and with higher income.

    I hope to one day see Atleti as their own boss again, but I think there were reasons for not buying 100% of the player, but working with (mostly) Mendes. We’ll have to wait and see what the future brings and how much longer these kind deals are going to be allowed.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I totally disagree, our benefit from such “Mendes deals” was minimal, we made profit from very few players, the only one that comes to my mind is Elias, while in most of the cases we didn’t just fail to make profit, but sometimes we lost money, like with Silvio and with Jimenez just few hours ago (again, nobody knows for sure the financial details about Atleti deals, but according to the reports, we lost money in Jimenez)

    This is financially, while on sport level, from tens of players partially owned by Mendes, the only successful deal was Falcao .

    I’m sorry, but giving Mendes the credit of not being bankrupt is a big insult to our club and the hard work many people have done .
    The reasons our financial situation improved lately are :
    1- The great fans who kept supporting the club no matter what, the Calderon was always full or almost full even in Segunda .
    Most of Atletico fans are middle class, but yet the club has earned more than 30 million from tickets in each of the last 3 seasons .
    2- Caminero and Berta and their great work away from Mendes, Demichelis & Toby for example .
    3- Our great academy and the money they brought in from players like De Gea & Dominguez .
    4- Simeone and his success in The Champions League which brought in more than 80 million euros in the last two seasons .

    We do not need Mendes .. Mendes needs us, and we should stop “marketing” his players .
    And I think Simeone shares my opinion, that’s why he didn’t give Guilavogui & Jimenez any real chance .. one more reason for me to love El Cholo .

  • Ringo

    I think we actually agree, but we don’t know the full picture here
    Why does Atleti allow itself to be one of Mendes’ puppets?

    I think there’s possibly more to it than him trying to corrupt us.
    But perhaps there’s nothing to it and the players we want just happen to have Mendes as agent.

    But since his company tends to have 50% of the transfer rights, I think Atleti uses him to pay less for players that might help us forward, in the eyes of the board. (just a guess)

    I’m not saying he did help us, but I think there’s a good chance that he helped us get players that would have been too expensive without him, especially with the rumours of Atleti not paying their parts of the deal all the time.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Why does Atleti allow itself to be one of Mendes’ puppets ?
    Because Gil & Cerezo are weak and corrupted . There is something fishy between them and Mendes .

    The only too expensive player Mendes helped us to get was Falcao, but he over charged us with other players, 5 million for 50% of Borre, a 19-year-old kid who plays in the Colombian league !
    We signed Gimenez for less than a million, 100 % of his rights, and Velazquez cost us a little more .
    We signed Correa -who is much more promising than this Borre who nobody knows- for 7.5 million, yes, San Lorenzo still own some of his rights, but not 50% , just 10 or 15 .

    10 million for Guilavogui, 11 for Jimenez, 5 for Mensah & 5 for Borre, we could have signed a big name with those 31 million, or paid them to cover a part of our debt .

    Anyway, let’s wait and see if Platini became FIFA president will he keep his word and outlaw the 3rd party ownership, or if Mendes is stronger than him .

  • Ringo

    Yeah it’s fishy, all right. I’d like to know the full and real deal before I say anything about it, though. And you are definitely right about the 31 million, but those were all really talented players.

    Perhaps Mendes will sign up as a late addition to the elections and make it a rule that every player should be owned for 50% by his company.

  • Chewie

    No agent should allowed to be a billionaire, this world is insane.