Official: Bernard Mensah signs for Atleti

Ghanaian midfielder will spend the season on loan at Getafe

Mensah is regarded as one of Ghana's top upcoming talents

Mensah is regarded as one of Ghana's top upcoming talents

Atlético Madrid have this evening confirmed the signing of midfielder Bernard Mensah on an undisclosed fee from Portuguese outfit Vitória Guimarães.

The 20 year-old becomes our fifth official summer acquisition, and will immediately be loaned to La Liga neighbours Getafe for the upcoming campaign.

Mensah has signed a six-year deal with the colchoneros, although eyebrows may be raised by the fact that he is another sent from the factory of Jorge Mendes.

Despite that however, the Ghanaian is highly rated and has a year’s senior experience under his belt, and was one of the breakthrough stars in the Primeira Liga last season, alongside new teammate Óliver Torres.

Primarly an attacking midfielder, his five goals and six assists – the joint highest total in the division – earned interest from Valencia and Manchester United among others.

Last month he debuted for his native Ghana in a friendly against Togo, and scored the only goal of the game in a 1-0 win.

He will link up with former Atleti assistant manager Fran Escribá at Getafe this year, and may well be joined by compatriot Thomas, as well as Borja Bastón, Lucas Hernández and Javier Manquillo who are all supposedly on the capital club’s radar.

After an impressive spell last season, Emiliano Velázquez is also set re-join Geta for a second year on loan after the red and whites’ Asia tour, and Mensah will be hoping for similar success in his time at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.

Any insight on Mensah? Is Getafe a good place for our youngsters to develop?

  • madwriter

    Well, this was unexpected.

  • Ringoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    So instead of Atleti B in Tercera we’ll use Getafe in Primera? I don’t mind having a satellite club in La Liga, especially if they’ll all manage to be starters.
    After being with the first team a few times, Lucas can’t play the majority of his games in the fourth division, so this is good for him, Manquillo even more so with his Primera and BPL experience.

    If Manquillo, Velazquez and Lucas manage to be starters there the coming season, that’d be very good for us, if for any reason one of our CBs would leave next year, we’ll have subs with Liga experience ready.
    But two of those are unconfirmed. I don’t really have concrete ideas about Borja and Thomas’ levels of play at the moment and their prospects at Atleti. I don’t think Borja’s are very bright here…

  • atleti10

    Apparently we paid 10 million for him. Looks like he has a lot of potential, he reminds me of an early Michael Essien.

  • Lubo

    Thomas was statistically the best player of the 2nd half of the season for Almeria, and he might be our future holding midfielder.
    And Borja was 2nd best goalscorer in Segunda last season. He was also by far the best scorer in Zaragoza. Don’t forget he scored more goals in our youth categories than El Nino. That kid (still 22/23 years old) has it. He was hindered by injuries a bit, but he has to play in Primera this season and then we’ll see. I think it would be a mistake to let him go.

  • Ringo

    Hmm, yeah maybe he could have a Costa like growth with the loan deals. But with Griezmann, Vietto, Jackson and Torres and possible other bought players, it might take a while to have space for Borja in the squad.

    I’m still sad about his injuries 🙁

  • Lubo

    Torres will finish his loan and will probably go to MLS. He would have to take a massive salary cut in order to sign a new deal with us. And voila, there’s one slot for Borja/Jimenez.

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    So when we play vs Getafe in the liga, are the guys on loan to Getafe eligible to play against us? That would be really good for them IMO. Getafe (atleti futue youth) vs Atletico (more youth) lol

  • Kris

    I think the loaned club have to pay something, like 0.5 million per player(not sure) to play against their parent club. I know in the Premier League, it’s not permitted at all to play against parent club.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It’s usually referred to as “fear clause”, and the amount of money is what the 2 clubs agreed upon, could be 0.25 million or 0.50 million per game, or it could be 4 million per game like the case of Courtois before UCL semifinal tie between Atleti & Chelsea (of course those idiots didn’t know that UEFA prohibits such clauses) .

    In some leagues like EPL, the rules prohibit a loanee from playing against his parent club, but there have been a lot of complaints, and they also were because that same evil club, Chelsea .
    In 2013-14, they had 24 loanees, some of them with EPL teams and they get to play against their rivals : Man Utd, Man City & Arsenal and drop some points from them, but they can’t play against Chelsea .

    It’s very clear that they are abusing the loan system and there must be some kind of regulations, fear clauses or a ceiling for the number of loanees in one season or a ceiling for their ages, like only under 21 .

    We can not let people like Abramovich control the game, we already have Mendes ! .

  • Chewie

    So, Filipe is coming, after all, for 16 million euro which is like loaning him for a year for 4 million – not a bad deal in theory, with one little difference – having him on the bench, Chelsea won the league, and not having him on the pitch, we had no chance of even fighting for it. However, if it’s done, it’s done, and I welcome the guy back. Hope he’s still in good shape and ready to redeem himself through action.

  • Chewie

    And Manquillo is off to Marseille on a one-year loan – obviously the guy will never be in Filipe’s position after having played in 3 leagues by the time he’s 22 =)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Or like getting injured with Brazil and being sidelined for a year and we got 4 million as compensation from FIFA, but in reality, FIFA compensations for injuries in international duties are much less .
    And by the way, while some reports say we received 20 million from Chelsea, most of the reports right now and from last year suggest that we received 22 million, so we made 6 million in profit .
    Apart from the hurt feelings, it is actually not a bad deal .

    But Filipe’s return is not my biggest concerns about the left flank, it’s his partner,
    I think it should be Siqueira, and the minutes should be divided almost equally between them since both will turn 30 in few months, but it seems that the club has a different opinion, they will sell Siqueira and make Lucas our back-up LB, which is not a bad idea, but only if Simeone gave the kid a real chance, which I strongly doubt, I think he will play Filipe all the time and he could “collapse” again like he did in UCL final, and he will waste a year from Lucas’s life .

    I wish I’m wrong .

  • Urban

    It would be even more unexpected if we ever saw him wearing red and white.

  • Urban

    I think if this deal goes through it will mean that this guy is crossed at our club

  • Kris

    That’s right. Thank you.

  • Kris

    I feel bad for the guy. This might actually stunt his growth rather than making him better or more experienced.

  • Chewie

    Yes, if he doesn’t become a starter, it’ll be really bad for him – and us, since he’s a talented guy who we could use rather soon. – it’s a done deal.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I agree, I always hated traveling between too many clubs and I thought it hurts the player rather than benefiting him . Mido is one of the best examples .

    By the way Kris, it was you who was very mad about the purchase option in Manquillo’s loan contract with Liverpool, right ?!
    You thought they will activate that option and the kid will like the EPL and we gonna lose a great talent who is one of our homegrowns, well, they didn’t even activate the second season loan option !
    Their loss .. Rodgers is a very weird coach .

    I don’t know the details of his contract with OM, but I would imagine that they insisted on a purchase option as well, and I also would imagine that we have a buy-back option -like we did with Liverpool- or a penalty clause like in the case of Toby with Southampton, so calm down this time 🙂

  • Kris

    Yes, I was really pissed …and scared that we may lose a great homegrown talent. Thank goodness he was loaned to Rodgers and not Mourinho.

    I’m definitely not as scared as I was last time but I fear for Manquillo’s growth. The kid has huge potentials and I feel a stable environment at Atleti is better than being loaned out to different teams every season.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Well, he has huge potential, but he also has a big problem : Juanfran

  • Chewie

    Considering the demands of the position and Juanfran’s age, it’s not going to last long. In a year or two Juanfran will be a substitute. But the question is, will Manquillo still be with us?

    I get Simeone – on the one hand, you have a young talent who needs to play, but on the other, there is a solid player who delivers every time against anyone, and is not going to back down. Plus, Gamez is not so bad and is willing to do the dirty work.

  • Chewie

    And we’re playing Numancia in 45 minutes, if anyone’s interested.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m sure Manquillo will join his two friends Saul & Oliver soon, but in the last 3 seasons, the kid had no chance, Juanfran is one of the best 3 right backs in the world, and it doesn’t matter that Messi-Ronaldo media never appreciated him .

    In my opinion, in Simeone’s era, Juanfran was the one with the most consistent performance, not Koke or Arda or Gabi or even Godin .