Farewell to Mario – a real Atlético

Arthur waves goodbye to one of our canteranos

Goodbye Mario!

Goodbye Mario!

It was September 2014, and Atleti had just beaten Real Madrid at the Bernabeu by two goals to one.

After the match, a jubilant Mario Suarez posted photos of him as a kid on Instagram. Not just any photos, photos of him when he was a youngster training and playing for Atleti.

“These victories are always special, but even more when you’ve been wearing these colours since you were a kid,” said Mario on the photo’s caption.

Now nearly a year later, Mario has completed a move to Fiorentina, while central defender Savic comes the other way.

Atleti is apparently paying Fiorentina €15 million for Savic, and loaning Mario to the Italian side with an obligatory €12 million buyout fee.

It’s time to say goodbye to an ‘Atletico de verdad’ – a real Atlético.

Mario came to Atleti when he was just 12 years old and he made his debut against Sevilla when he was just 18 years old. In search of minutes, the youngster went out to Valladolid, Celta and Mallorca.

He returned to Atleti in 2010 with a huge afro to his name and now he leaves with a nearly shaved head, 184 matches in the red and white, not counting the hundreds of youth matches he played for Atleti, and a cabinet filled with the trophies he won at the club of his dreams.

Precisely, one Europa League, one League title, two UEFA Super Cups, one Copa del Rey and one Spanish Super Cup.

His performances for the club, while criticised by some, earned him call ups to the Spanish national team.

As a footballer, Mario may have been inconsistent in his time as an Atleti player. However, his commitment to the club is something that can’t be questioned.

His love and passion for Atleti is as strong as can be. Atleti isn’t just losing a player, but also a fan; one of us.

All we can say is, thank you Mario and good luck in Italy.

Forza Atleti y forza Super Mario! Uno di noi!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The shaved-head Mario was much much better than the Afro Mario, that one was a disaster, but both weren’t good enough for Atelti .
    I hate to see a canterano leave, but sometimes we have to .

    Mario, some of us have said some harsh words about you in the last couple of seasons including me, I am sorry .. but it’s a part of the game as you know .

    Thank you, good luck and goodbye .

  • AaX

    His heart is Good Enough For Me and he’s already much of an Atleti than we fans could have claimed to be. Hope you’ll improve and become an even better and more commanding player there where you are in need.

  • Ringo, woop woop

    Hope he’ll find his form back in Florence. The past two seasons weren’t that successful but before that he was pretty important to us.

    I think his minutes would have just decreased further. So it was probably for the better (for him) to leave. He could have been a nice benchplayer for us, like he was, but he’d probably want that in five years, not right now.

  • Two seasons ago, he was successful, but that may be because the quality of the team has increased since then. Not taking anything away from what he has accomplished with Atleti. I mean he was on the team when they won La Liga.

  • He has the heart of a champion, that is why he is a champion.

  • pahas

    I really like Mario as a player,his passion his ability and his love for Atleti..I hoped he could have stayed for more years but may this way is better..Thank you Mario..you will always be in our hearts..hope you come back one day

  • David in San Francisco

    Mario: You were Immense against in Bucharest against Athletic Bilbao which gave us our first trophy under Diego Simeone. No disrespect to Fiorentina, Mario deserves a bigger platform to display his big game talents.

    I will never forget how Mario always stepped up in the derbis, crucial champions league games and of course, FINALS.

    BTW- Kudos for saving Malena from that Carles Puyol guy ;-).

    Grande Mario, and good luck.

  • Chewie

    Actually, I think Fiorentina is the perfect team for Mario. Surely, he won’t be fighting for titles but he will have a chance to play attacking football and showcase his talents. Plus, new environment could be stimulating. Best of luck.

  • Kris

    Florence is a pretty fucking beaufiful city too. Hope he plays really well.