Atleti reach agreement in principle for Filipe Luis

Atlético one step closer to bringing the Brazilian back to the Calderón

Filipe nearing Atlético return

Filipe nearing Atlético return

Atlético Madrid are close to sealing the return of Filipe Luis to the Vicente Calderón after an agreement in principle was reached with the Premier League champions Chelsea.

Los rojiblancos will pay €12 million for Filipe, with a potential €4 million in add-ons, whilst the player will sign a three-year deal.

However any deal hinges on the sale of Guilherme Siqueira, who has been linked with a move to a number of clubs this week, including Porto and Inter Milan.

Siqueira will be sold only a year after joining Atlético in order to fund part of the move for Filipe, who only left last year for a reported €22 million.

AS is reporting that Filipe Luis is taking a pay cut in order to move back to Atlético, and the player was said to be grateful it was a transfer and not a loan deal.

The deal could be completed in the coming hours or days, and Filipe is reported to be staying in the UK while Chelsea begin their North American tour.

  • Kris

    “…I wanted a change, new culture, a new country, a new life…At my age of 29 it’s time to take a step and try a different league…”

    What the actual fuck, man? Why we paying that much for a 30 year old who wanted to leave us himself? It’s a challenge there because he’s getting benched. A challenge is supposed to be difficult. Let him stay. Let him find his own way and stop trying to be Mario. He ain’t that special.

    I’m pretty sure we can buy someone, 5 years younger than him, with a ton of experience and skill for the same damn price!! Goddamn it. It’s not right.
    Filipe’s going to be an example to other players who want to leave us, because if they leave us for a “change” and then struggle, they’ll know that, if they’re even remotely good and liked by the coach, they will get bought back.

    I am very against this move even if Filipe becomes the best left-back in the world again.

  • powerletico

    poor poor work by management.. he is not worth 16M.. he is too old
    atletico has done the summer deals well until 2 bad deals for luiz and savic

  • Chewie

    This is all so confusing that I’d rather wait for the deal to be done before expressing any thoughts. Who knows what kind of shady business is going on.

  • Urban

    And u guys are missing the most important point: CHOLO. Its not the boards idea, or Camineros, but solely Cholos.

    Cholo wanted Filipe and apparently he has the final word when it comes to the transfers. According to the media, when he was told by Marin who came a couple of days ago to the training to discuss this issue how much Filipe would cost Cholo simply replied: “because this is how much he is worth”.

    And what did Gil do? He got him. Against his own judgment and against the opinion of the sporting directors, who supposedly preferred Kurzawa.

    This is how the Cholo factor works from within.

    I keep calm and trust Cholo.

  • Adi Harper

    Or if he comes back, he’ll be great at telling current players how the grass isn’t greener on the other side 🙂

    €16m does seem steep given his age, but let’s wait to see what the facts are before casting damning judgements. Sky are reporting the deal is agreed at €21.5m!!!

  • Kris

    It’s Mourinho you are dealing with. He’s not just a very good manager, he’s also a savvy businessman. The guy gets it. If Simeone needs him, then Atleti will pay.. Mourinho doesn’t need him, but he also doesn’t need to let him go. He knows he has a very good backup in Filipe.

    Casting damning judgements,, lol this is sports. Not a second goes by in sports someone hasn’t cast a damning judgement. It’s just competition,excitement, entertainment… nothing personal.

    Just the rumors of him coming back makes me angry. And I’m 83% sure Filipe is coming back because Simeone wants him. It’s gonna be awkward to see him on the pitch, that’s for sure. 🙂

  • Ringo likes what he’s reading

    people make mistakes and people are allowed to make mistakes.

    Filipe thought a different place, etc would make him happier, but I think he’s too sensitive, he always takes some time to adjust, longer than most players. Perhaps he didn’t like England and the culture and that’s why he didn’t always play as well as he could, or he was unhappy because he couldn’t fit in with the team.

    Going back to Atleti is a safe move and it feels like coming home. It’s still a good club, probably pretty much evenly leveled to Chelsea and the type of play fits him better than the one he had to adjust to in London.

    I feel like I would like such a challenge, as well, so I get his move entirely, not everybody is made to stick in one place for their entire career span, and for people who like a little change and diversity, that’s a good thing. This is also why I don’t give many shits about the “loyalty” arguments. He has his own life, too. Of course the club is the bigger party, but the most important part of the club (in my opinion) is formed by the players and they’re people.

    People long for happiness and fear regrets. He feared he’d regret not taking chances in England at a very high level club and he had the opportunity to take that chance. That regret won’t develop, but maybe one called “I shouldn’t have left the best club in the world” did (it probably did). That’s okay. As I said, people make mistakes.

    Filipe was one of my favorite players while he was here and I was sad that he didn’t turn out to be first choice left back at Chelsea’s. But it seems that it could have been vital to get him back so in a way I might have to be glad it happened. At first I thought he’s probably too old, but when I think of it, I actually do not. He seems like a fit guy and I think he’s got at least two star level seasons in him left, and at least two solid ones after those (bar injuries).

    I hope he’ll be as good as he was his second season until his final with us. Who knows, maybe Mourinho’s training gave him a little more. He could be worse, of course, but I welcome him with open arms and I hope a lot of others will, too.

    I do hope his offensive (goals, assists) statistics improve though, haha. Although that wasn’t entirely his fault, when I think of many of those great crosses 🙂

    Aupa Atleti, Aupa Filipeeee!

    Feel free to disagree with me, guys (and girls?), my personality and view on things just don’t see a good reason to hate on Filipe or this deal. (Yes it’s expensive, but it’s about 10 million less than Chelsea payed last year)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    You know I agree with you, I made it very clear many times that I’m against his return, but I disagree with only one point in your comment : making an example .
    You could be right, but it could also be the other way around, he could be an example for other players NOT to leave us if things were going well, if they were getting paid well, getting enough minutes and wining trophies .
    They could learn from Filipe that change is not necessary good, although I have seen for many years football players repeating the same mistakes .

    Anyway, as some comments pointed out : this is probably Simeone’s decision, and he has earned that right, until he finishes out of the top three he can do whatever he wants, even bringing Perea back !!
    There are many names some of us preferred over Filipe, but if they weren’t Simeone’s choice, they probably will set on the bench for a long time, like Siqueira .

    And thank you very much for the first 2 lines in your comment, that’s a quote from Filipe’s farewell speech last year, and that’s why I demanded an apology the other day .
    You wanted a change, a new challenge in a new country and new culture, so, if things didn’t go well in Chelsea, ask your super agent Jorge Mendes to get you a contract with Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Bayern, Juve …. but you can’t return to Atleti after only one season before you say : ” I’m sorry, I was lying ” .
    There is a famous Egyptian proverb that can be translated to :
    ” This is not a property without a gatekeeper “, which means : hey mister, you can not get out and go in whenever you want .

    I will never welcome him until I get my apology .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    So, basically, Mourinho took Filipe a hostage for one season, and that was one of the main reasons we only won the super cup .
    Fuck Mourinho, Fuck Chelsea, and shame on some Atelti fans who don’t hate them and have no problem with selling our players to them .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    ” Just wanted to briefly clarify some wrong informations that I am getting in mass, I’m very happy at Atletico de Madrid and there is not any negotiations with any other club, good night from Los Angeles de San Rafael ” .
    Siqueira on his Instagram accout .

    I wish this is true and he stays, even if Filipe came back, because if we sold him then our second LB will be Lucas, who is good and very promising and a homegrown, but will he get enough chances (20 complete games at least) ?! .. after watching Simeone for 3 and a half seasons, I think this is impossible, I think he will play the 30-year-old Filipe all the time and wear him out, and will waste a year from Lucas, just like he did to Oliver and Manquillo .

    And I don’t believe we need to sell him for the money, if all the numbers we read are true, we didn’t touch our transfer budget yet :
    We sold Arda for 34, Madzukic for 18, Toby for 16 & Miranda for 15, that’s 83 million (not including the bonuses and the adds-on)
    And we paid 35 for Jackson, 20 for Vietto, 15 for Carrasco & 12 for Savic, 82 million
    And don’t try to tell me that we don’t have at least 20 million for transfers away from what we received from selling those players

  • AaX

    Still didn’t get the actual reason why Mourinho got Abrahamovic to bring him to Stamford Bridge in the first place. To bench him or to deprive a Chmp League Rival or Both ?

  • AaX

    Or to have insider information on how Atleti Defends ?

  • AaX

    I think Siqueira will stay. He’s vital tactically for a shifting 4-5-1 formation. I DON’T sense Atletico is playing anymore this season, not after the Real Madrid FEF next La Liga FIXTURE. They will not be spared from experiencing Our March to Regaining The CrownS.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Actually, on second thought, maybe Siqueria will have to leave because of our salary ceiling, not to finance Filipe’s deal .. that I can believe, but it will still be unfair to Siqueira and Lucas who -again- probably will not have enough minutes .

  • Adi Harper

    I don’t understand the anger though – he hardly left like Aguero did.

    We need a quality left back whom we so obviously missed last season by the huge hole he left. If he’s still got it then great. If Cholo is asking for him – it’s good enough for me!

  • Ringo can’t think of a name

    Maybe, if Siqueira leaves, we should keep Manquillo and let Gámez focus on LB position (and Lucas on CB).
    Then, although at a little lesser level, we’ll have at least two pretty good options for every position.

    GK: Moyá, Oblak (& Bono)

    RB: Juanfran, Manquillo (& Gámez)
    CB: Godín, Giménez, Savic, Lucas
    LB: Filipe, Gámez (& Lucas)
    DM: Koke, Gabi, Tiago, Thomas (& Saúl)
    AM: Óliver, Carrasco, Correa, Saúl, Raúl (& Koke & Griezmann)
    FW: Griezmann, Jackson, Vietto, Torres (& Raúl)

    I’m not entirely sure about the DM options, but I am really happy with the level of this squad! Especially if Gabi will be back on his 13-14 level, in which he was arguably our best player. If the transition from DM to AM goes smoothly, I’ll keep quiet about my concern about this part of the team. Perhaps Thomas could be useful too, I saw some people on the forum speaking quite positively about him. He also scored some goals as a central midfielder. So he could be a good header or long distance shooter (anyone who watched his games?). Perhaps getting Nacho Camacho back would be nice, but I’m not sure if such a thing is going to happen.

    The talent is about the same level as last year in every position (Maybe Oli, Correa and Carrasco have to adapt a little to get on Arda’s level, technically, but I feel like they’re more effective in their play already).
    In the back we’ll miss Miranda’s calmth on the ball, but I think defensively, with Giménez, we won’t decrease in quality. Adding Filipe’s technical and positional abilities will help us a lot, too, getting the ball forward with some direction added. Eventually Siqueira was pretty solid, but we were still way too reliant on Juanfran’s form.
    I think that might help Griezmann (and Jackson) score a lot of goals. With a little luck (if the team improved close to as much as I hope they do) they could reach a combined total of 50. I’m just speculating, though.
    Imagine what Griezmann could do with good passing and a more dynamic partner!

    Offensive midfield might take some time to adapt, though. There’s a better chance Óliver will get quite some minutes than he did two seasons ago. I think we’ll see Raúl, Oli, Carrasco and Saúl getting most minutes in the earlier parts of the season, but Correa might surprise us. I do expect him to begin with a small amount of minutes, growing in total toward the second half/later parts of the season. Maybe we’ll see Saúl drop back a line more oftenly, but I think Cholo will mostly opt for experience in the pivote. Saúl and Raúl will be starters in our more defensive-on-midfield games, Carrasco and Correa in our heavy high speed counter games, and Oli and Saúl/Carrasco when more control of the ball is wished for or expected. Much will depend on the opposition.

    Up front Jackson and Griezmann are expected to get most minutes. Torres will get quite some minutes (especially if Jackson or Grizi has a drop in form) and Vietto will have to wait until Cholo thinks he’s ready (he might have to build a little muscle). Correa and Raúl could be the occasional surprise player among the strikers.
    Jiménez hasn’t left, but at least a loan seems obvious, with all of the other options around.

    I have to remember Cerci though, we can’t expect too much (although I’ve never seen him play beforehand).

    Greetings, and I will see you a next too long post of mine

  • Chewie

    This is interesting. The transfer window is srill open but we have already made some good business. If Cholo wants Filipe so much and brings quality players early on, could it mean that he’s seriously aiming for the Champions League? It is the only title he hasn’t won with us and it’ be a historic achievement certainly after which all will be forgiven. On paper, our squad is really good, certainly able to fight for at least one trophy.