Filipe Luis nearing Atlético return

Cerezo confident that defender's situation will be resolved soon

Could Filipe be on his way back to Madrid?

Could Filipe be on his way back to Madrid?

It was exactly a year ago yesterday that Filipe Luis joined the Atleti exodus to Chelsea, sealing a €20 million move to the Premier League club.

In that short time, Atlético have experimented with a number of different replacements to fill the void left by one of the greatest left-backs in world football over the 2013/14 season.

Guilherme Siqueira was signed on a permanent basis to fill the left-back slot, but he struggled to make the position his own, and was in and out of the side.

Veteran full-back Jesus Gamez did his best, despite preferring to play at right-back.

Cristian Ansaldi was brought in on loan from Zenit, but failed to appear for the club after he was arrested in November.

With Filipe struggling to get games at Stamford Bridge, rumours surfaced of Atleti’s desire to bring the Brazilian back.

Enrique Cerezo said yesterday, on the anniversary of the left-back leaving, that he expected a deal to be done to bring Filipe Luis back to the Vicente Calderón.

“Filipe is a great player,” the Atlético president told COPE. “I believe his situation will be resolved soon.”

Chelsea and Atlético were said to be unable to reach an agreement on a fee two weeks ago, with Chelsea holding out to get the majority of their money back on a player that only played 15 times in the league last season.

It looks like, with time moving on, Mourinho has decided Filipe is not a part of his plans, and discussions moved forward to let the Brazilian go.

“Filipe decided to leave and now he has the chance to return,” midfield star Koke told Marca.

“If he arrives, there will be more competition, and that’s good. We’ll be a better team and fight for more things.”

“Filipe is no traitor. As long as he plays and plays well there won’t be any problem.”

We’ve talked about this time and time again – but now it looks like this is becoming a reality. Do you bear any ill-will towards Filipe?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    no ill-will, but I demand an apology

  • BlasiusMagnus

    if he performs well, i forgive him. i wonder what’s gonne be with guilerme…

  • atleti10

    i understand his move abroad, and I would welcome him back, but if we pay above 14 million for him I will be really pissed off. He’s nearly 30 and I really dislike Chelsea. He pushed his way out of Atletico costing us money, now i want him do the same to Chelsea.

  • Urban

    Tiagos departure was hell more of a mess, he returned and many of us were fuming, and this season he was our best midfield player. I trust cholo, if he instists he must have a good reason. I am sure Filipe’s return would also be a great morale boost for the team.

    The only thing that hurts me is the fact that Chelsea does not want to negotiate his price, assholes as always. We were supposed to never do any more business with them but apparently Cholo does have a great influence over the board.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Lol I came here just to see your thoughts on this. Well all I can do is watch this all play out

  • Ringo is done writing for toda

    no ill-will from me.

    And Ansaldi was arrested? I thought he was injured.
    What was he arrested for?
    He was pretty decent when he played, but this seems like something that Cholo perhaps deemed unacceptable… (or someone else). He was on the bench a few times, though, right?

    I think Filipe could be good for another 3-4 years, if we get a young prospect in his second or third year, this might work out well for us. Siqueira as second left back in the meantime is good enough for me. In the end he played pretty well, in my opinion. Maybe they could roulate a bit between games, with Filipe playing most of the bigger games, because of his defensive capabilities being at a higher level than Siqueira’s.

    He also knew how to work together with Koke very well, that’s another plus. If Carrasco has a natural connection with the two of them, our first choice left wing might be very, very good the coming season. With Carrasco’s style of play, I think that might just be the case. I think the same goes for Óliver and Correa, with García probably being used on the right wing (and as fifth/power-sub striker) only. Add Saúl and we’re ready in offensive midfield, I guess.

    I really hope we can get a solid defensive midfielder and an experienced center back. I’d like to see more of Lucas, and I’m pro-use of talent, but a leader for when Godín is injured or suspended with experience, is quite necessary. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a top notch defender, that’d probably be too expensive, but someone is needed. Maybe bring back Perea haha. He’ll probably still be in great physical shape, to be honest.

    Perhaps Gabi and Tiago (and Mario?), and Lucas can do the job way better than we fear, but the midfield of last season makes me feel we could use a strong new player there. But perhaps having Carrasco, Óliver, Correa, Vietto, Griezmann, Jackson (and Torres and García) to pass to in attack is the key I overlooked.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Many people compared between Tiago’s & Filipe’s situations since the first rumor about Filipe’s return 5 months ago, please don’t, they are totally different cases .
    Tiago has never left, he tried to, but he didn’t actually leave, he didn’t wear different colors, and he didn’t spend a whole year on the bench .

    And Tiago had more right than Filipe to leave, he is more than 4 years older, and he was at that age in which many footballers seek their “last big contract”, even people like Gerrard and Xavi who were one-club men (at that moment) did it .

    The fact is -and despite that it took him 2 months- Tiago turned down a much bigger contract than ours from UAE after a phone call from Simeone (not sure if Filipe received a similar phone call, but I would guess so) .
    There were also some rumors about offers from some MLS teams, and strong rumors about a move to Valencia of Mendes & Lim, but Tiago is no Arda .

    Please give Tiago some credit

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Some people and some sport papers -like the Catalan Mundo Deportivo- are talking about selling Siqueira if Filipe returned,
    Who are the other left backs we have ??!!
    The right-footed Gamez, or the left-footed center back 19-year-old Lucas ?!!

    You can’t be serious, and you really can’t keep judging Siqueira’s defensive skills from his first 4 or 5 games of the season, he has improved a lot, and who doesn’t see it then he has a problem .
    The authors of this website saw it and they picked him player of the month of May, and I can’t disagree with them .
    While I believe everybody can see his attacking skills, now after Arda has left, I think Siqueira is the best dribbler in the team (until we see Carrasco play) and they are effective dribbles, not Cristiano-like, just for show, no, they cause a lot of danger on the opponent’s goal, and occasionally end up in it, like Saul’s Chilena against Casillas .

    Siqueira not just must stay, but also must keep his number 3, it will be a big disrespect to take it from him and give it back to Filipe, he lost all his privileges when he left .
    There are a lot of available cool numbers that he can pick from, like 12, 16 & 23, and all the numbers bigger than 24 😉

  • AndersAT

    I like siquera, he is at the same level as Filipe after his first year. We shouldnt use alot of money on Filipe. Maybe a young backup would be better.

  • AaX

    Like everybody else, he just got to start fighting for the position and the Team. Now even Harder and No automatic choice. I think the left back will benefit from this competition plus Siquiera can be pushed to play further up as left mid or left wing as well. Could be a BRILLIANT TACTICAL MOVE !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah, we all have seen how awful Miranda was last season because he felt he is an automatic choice, until he got injured in November, and only then Gimenez got his chance .. Filipe should not take his spot for granted, no player should .

    Many people have talked about playing Siqueira as a winger, not a bad idea, but I think this season we are well-covered in that position, but he should be our first choice in the games where we need attacking more then defending, the games at home against teams from middle and bottom of the table .
    For many years Real Madrid had Marcelo who is better in attack & Coentrao who is better in defense, and each of them has his type of games, and some times they replace each other in the same game according to the developments of it .
    Many other teams have the same thing, and we should to .
    This also will help El Cholo to solve a part of his biggest problem : Rotation .

  • madwriter

    I agree with you on this one. I believe Siqueira should remain our first left-back option and IF by any chance Filipe would return, he should remain benched until he proves his worth once again.

    But I’m strongly against this transfer. Firstly because it will cost us a lot of money (freakin Chelsea), and secondly, he is getting older and older. Best thing for Atletico would be to buy a youngster who can play occasionally to ease himself into the team, and for him to be the next Filipe in a couple of years (Jetro Willems?).