Atlético finally announce capture of Jackson

The deal for the Porto frontman is official at last!

Jackson finally an Atleti player

Jackson finally an Atleti player

The worst kept secret in football was finally made official late on Wednesday evening, as Atlético Madrid announced it had agreed a deal to sign Colombian striker Jackson Martinez.

The move to sign the Porto forward had been sealed for almost a month, according to the player’s agent. The delay was reportedly over how Atlético will pay the reported €35 million that makes up Jackson’s release clause.

Porto officially announced the deal back on June 30th when they published a document, as required under their shareholder agreement, confirming that Atleti were activating the Colombian’s buy-out clause.

Jackson is set to join Atlético on a four-year deal, swapping the blue and white of the Dragões for the red and white of the Indios.

The 28-year-old has spent the last three seasons in Portugal, scoring 92 goals in 133 games. He also has 38 full international caps, and featured in the World Cup for Colombia last year.

Atlético fans were getting a bit edgy as time ticked on, unaware of why the transfer was being delayed.

Enrique Cerezo even denied all knowledge of the transfer at a press conference last week, but now the move has been completed.

“We are very pleased with the signing, as Jackson is an extraordinary striker, able to finish any opportunity,” said Caminero, Atleti’s sporting director.

“Thanks to his size, he heads very well, and he can use either feet to shoot. I am sure that he will dramatically increase the potential of our team. We are delighted with his signing because he is a player used to competing at the top level in Portugal, and he’s played very well in the Champions League.”

In fact, Jackson has scored 13 goals in 24 games in the Champions League for Porto, and played alongside Óliver Torres as they reached the quarter-finals of the European competition last season.

It is expected that Jackson will begin the second week of pre-season training with Atleti, after returning from the Copa America.

Now that the transfer is complete, the attention can move to Porto’s interest in some of Atlético’s players.

As part of the deal, the Portugese outfit is said to have asked about the availability of Moya, Raúl Jiménez and even the return of Óliver to the Estádio do Dragão.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Not sure about Jimenez -who is definitely leaving- , to Porto or a another club, since there is no place for him in the non-Eu quota, but they did ask about Oliver & Moya, and Atelti said no, that’s why we have paid the whole clause

    And they are not leaving in separate deals either, Oli will have a major role in this new Atleti, and Porto got Casillas, so they don’t need Moya anymore, and he is also a very important player for Simeone who will be reluctant to let him go to any other club, but he won’t be able to hold on him if he kept him on the bench for a long time, he needs to rotate between him and Oblak, many coaches rotates between their 2 GKs and it works out in most of the cases, in 2013-14 Casillas only played Copa del Rey & UCL, and Ter Stegen did the same thing in 2014-15, each of them won both trophies .

  • Koke

    Good. I know a few people were unconvinced by his age but I think Jackson is one of the top 10 strikers in the world; he would probably be mentioned in the same sentences as Costa, Aguero, and old school Falcao if he didn’t play in the Portuguese League. He will become a superstar within a few months at Atleti; players at Porto/Benifica never get the props they deserve until they move to new clubs (Otamendi, Di Maria, Falcao, James Rodriguez, etc.) And if you’re really concerned with his age we can probably still sell him for decent money (if we want to) after 1-2 seasons.

    I think Raul Jimenez should go on loan the other way, to Porto. They have a fantastic eye for talent, especially young talent, and are also great at developing players into superstars. They’re one of the best scouters in the world and the fact that they wanted to sign Jimenez from America last season speaks volumes, they can make him great so we can either take him back or sell him for a profit. If not Porto then loan him to either Villareal or Sevilla which are both top spanish clubs that lost a striker this season. I know Jimenez doesn’t have many fans here but he is not a flop; how can someone say he had poor performances when he never even got a chance to perform? I bet if he was a starter he’d get at least 20 goals a season; last season he had so few because his only chances were coming on in the 88th minute every third game when our team was either keeping possession in our own half or defending without counterattacking. Send Jimenez out on loan for a year or two and we’ll get back a great striker.

  • Koke

    Now we need only three more signings:
    1) A YOUNG, PROMISING left back
    2) An OLDER, EXPERIENCED center back
    3) A WORLD CLASS defensive midfielder

    The adjectives are important. The left back should be young and one for the future because that’s literally the only position in our squad that we have no future prospects in, unless you count Lucas but I think he prefers being a central defender. Siquiera is already old-ish, so his back-up/competition should be someone that can last for a while; I think Filipe Luis is too old to buy back unless we get him on loan by some miracle.

    The center back should be older because firstly we already have too many incredible young defenders – Gimenez, Lucas, and Velazquez – and if we sign another youngster one of our current prospects would want to leave. Secondly, imagine if Godin gets injured or suspended – do we want our central defensive pairing to be two teenagers, especially against Madrid, Barca, Bayern, etc? Right now our squad is a little too young; it’s great for the future but we need a couple older veterans in the locker room. Look at Valencia last season, they were full of young, bright, talented players but lack of experience had them lose silly points with mistakes and got them knocked out of the CDR prematurely. The center back signing shouldn’t be a starter or expensive, just someone with a boat load of experience that wouldn’t mind sitting on the bench and can tutor Gimenez, who is the undisputed starter.

    Some people will disagree with me, but I think we should also get a defensive midfielder, unless Gabi has some sort of renaissance and Saul matures fast. We need four; right now we have five: Suarez, Gabi, Tiago, Koke, Saul. Suarez will probably go. Koke is an undisputed starter, but he’s not that defensive, so his partner should be VERY SOLID because DM is the one of the most important positions in this Atleti team. If Gabi, Tiago, and Saul can cut it we don’t need a signing, but if they aren’t up to par (keep in mind that this Atleti team should be approaching the level of Barca, Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern) then sign someone else. I would’ve loved Schneiderlin but he’s gone to Man United.

  • Kris

    I still have doubts about this signing. I feel like it was unnecessary given how many strikers we already have(yes, INCLUDING Jimenez who wasn’t given adequate amount of chances). Hopefully Simeone and Caminero know what they’re doing and prove me wrong.
    Anyways, welcome to Atleti, Jackson!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It’s not just that Sevilla are one of our enemies (that’s what I call them, not rivals, they can never be with their single La Liga title) but last season they finished La Liga with just 2 points less than us, I don’t think this will happen again this season, but I won’t help them to get closer to us .. come on man !!

    It seems that the club will not sell Jimenez right now -unless if they received a crazy offer- but I would loan him inside Spain to get a step closer to gain a Spanish citizenship, so when we get him back after two or three years he won’t have the handicap of being non-European

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I would have had bigger doubts if our strikers were Torres, Vietto & Jimenez
    a 31-year-old who has been out of his real form for 2 or 3 years, a 21-year-old who is only playing his second season in Europe and his first with a big club like Atleti and in a big competition like UCL and Jimenez with his lack of experience in European football and lack of trust from Simeone, I don’t agree with Cholo on this, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a problem

    I defended Torres strongly, I wrote in this website a long comment and proved in numbers that he wasn’t as bad as the media made many people believe he is, his criticism was much bigger than his drop of form, I asked many times for more chances to Jimenez and I’m a big fan of Vietto .. but can I say that I will be 100% comfortable with those 3 being our strikers ?! .. NO, not even 90%, it could work, but there is a big chance that it will not, and that is a risk we really can’t afford to take

    We absolutely needed an in-form striker, one with big experience and good résumé, one who is ready and doesn’t need a single game to adapt, and Jackson is that one .. Simeone, Caminero & Berta got it right

    Note : I don’t consider Griezmann & Correa strikers, even if the first was our top scorer last season and the second could score many goals as well, they are wingers/attacking midfielders and they have roles that Jackson-Vietto-Torres can not take .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    absolutely agree with your ADJECTIVES !

    although I don’t think we can afford a world-class defensive midfielder, getting Motta for free doesn’t sound as a bad idea, will be a good temporarily solution until Kranevitter arrives and gets some experience (if we really already signed him and waiting for River Plate to finish their Copa Libertadores campaign, which has reached the semifinals, and shall they win it, he will stay till January to play in FIFA Club World Cup)

    and the thing I agree with you the most is Filipe, I made it very clear many times that I don’t want him, not just because he left us, but more importantly because he will turn 30 next August, if we got him on loan for a couple of millions then it’s OK, but that will never happen with Murinho & Abramovich, they will insist on 20 million or something around that and at this moment Filipe doesn’t worth that much

    Villerreal last season is another example about talent without experience, in my opinion, they had better talents than Valencia & Sevilla, but very small experience and very bad fitness & athleticism .. Vietto couldn’t complete his first training
    session with us !

    I think this season we have the perfect mixture of experience and youth, of talent and hard work

    Just like Simeone has turned Juanfran from a winger to a RB and will turn Koke this season from an attacking midfielder to central midfielder, I think soon he will turn Saul into a winger/attacking midfielder, two days ago in training, Simeone put him on the right wing and put Carrasco on the left wing
    I already don’t include Saul when I count our central midfielders

  • Kris

    Maybe that everything you wrote, on paper, looks right. But I have a feeling that Jackson will only be as good as Mandzukic was last season, which I would accept for this season with all the young guns adding talent (and hopefully goals) to the team. So, if he’s only gonna be as good as Mandzukic(onlymy feelings), we could have bought someone like Llorente or Tevez for much cheaper.
    The thing that my brain isn’t accepting at the moment, is his price of 35 million euros. That’s too much. I know that Jorge Mendes is probably involvedin this deal as well, but I don’t see how this is a for-profit deal for Atleti. Jackson is obviously a short-term investment. I don’t see him going for more than 35 millions(or even 20 or 25 millions, for that matter)after one or two years.
    Yeah man, just saying that there are other players that can also contribute to the short-term for much cheaper.

    And I have no idea what you are basing the assumption that Jackson is not gonna take a single game to adapt, when every single player that has signed for Simeone’s Atleti has struggled to adapt to the team. No matter how fucking world class you may be, you better learn the team ethics before you start to play.

    P.S. Brother, can you please use full stops at the end of your sentences?

  • Kris

    Agreed. Koke is naturally already a central midfielder, so I know he’ll be trustworthy in the pivot. Plus the defending game is already there…

  • Koke

    Good points. I don’t want Filipe back unless we get him for 10 or less million or on loan, neither of which will ever happen with Mou. Yes he was maybe the world’s best left back a year and a half ago, but now he’s just too old to splash so much cash on, especially for us.

    I can’t think of any older, cheap, experienced center backs that still possess quality. Something like when we bought Demichelis for free a couple seasons ago is what I had in mind (except obviously we sold him off to Man City a couple weeks later that same summer.)

    For left back I really like Ricardo Rodriguez but I don’t know if that’s realistic. He reminds me of a Swiss Felipe Luis, and he did well against Di Maria and Messi in the world cup.

    For defensive mid even though I would like a world class player to start alongside Koke I guess I could live with buying Motta cheap and then getting Kranevitter in one or two windows. However then we would just be delaying the inevitable awkward phase of when Gabi, Tiago, (and Motta?) no longer are satisfactory due to age, which could happen in 1 or 2 seasons, perhaps all at once. But it could work perhaps.

    I agree with you that Simeone seems to want Saul to be a winger/attacking mid, and I have mixed feelings about that. I love the kid, but he is so damn versatile that I have no idea what to do with him. He’s definitely capable of scoring, then again he’s tough in the tackle and always prepared to run. Not sure he’s creative enough or a good enough dribbler to be a world class winger or CAM though, at least not in the traditional sense. I think he’s best suited as a box-to-box type. Oliver Torres or Correa or Carrasco or Griezmann would be better on the wings/behind the striker. Maybe Simeone will keep him out wide until he is mature enough to hold down the center midfield, like he did with Koke (I think Koke’s natural position is center mid, and that Simeone played him out of position this whole time)

  • Koke

    My ideal formation for next season would be:


    DM would be Motta, Gabi, Tiago or a world class signing,
    LB would be a new signing. I think this team looks amazing with the exception of the wingers, who are potentially future world class talents but still inexperienced. Saul, Carrasco, Oliver, and Correa all have about an equal chance when competing for the two spots, in my opinion, depending on what style Simeone wants.

    Sorry for all these long comments, but I’m excited! This might be the most exciting Atleti squad in a while

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Just few minutes ago my twitter timeline was full of posts about an agreement between Atleti & Chelsea for Filipe, not sure if it’s true, but I wish we won’t pay too much

    I think you are right, I read that Koke’s natural position was actually in the the center midfield

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Trust me, 35 million for a 28-year-old with the statistics of Jackson are not too much these days, if you want to feel better, take a look on some of the deals this summer : Negredo for 30 M, Benteke for 42 M, Sterling for 49 M pounds, that’s 70 M euros !!
    That’s what the Arabs and the Russians did, and we have to live with it .

    Maybe Jackson will only score 20 goals like Mandzukic, we don’t know, but what we do know is that they are totally two different animals, and Jackson is our type .

    I’m a big fan of for-profit deals, smart signings, young talents -either from our academy or from outside- but this alone doesn’t build you a competitive team, you also need to spend big money .
    We signed Gimenez for 900 K, and now we could spend 15 M on Savic or any other CB to be a back-up to Gimenez, doesn’t sound odd to me at all, things went well with Gimenez, but we are not sure if it will work with Lucas for example, when we brought Gimenez we had Godin & Miranda, so we were able to take that risk, but now we can’t, not in that position, but we took a risk in the midfield with Correa, Oliver, Saul & the relatively-cheap Carrasco because we still have Koke, Grizi, Gabi, Tiago & Raul .
    We have to do both things : smart signings and big spending .

    And if Jackson scored many and important goals and helped us to secure a spot in UCL next season and at least 30 million in our budget, or helped us to reach UCL 1/2 finals and get 7 million more than we got last season in prize money, or reach the final and get 27.5 million more, then I will consider that a profit .

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Unfortunately Mandžukić – and Llorente too – are pretty much one-dimensional. Feed them crosses and they’ll score but that’s it. They’re no good for playing on the counter (both lack any pace) and are technically raw. I like Mandžukić but to properly accomodate strikers like the big Croat, teams have to boast a complete and varied midfield and/or pacy wingers (exactly like Bayern). We were no good playing a high line last season but that was the only way to make Mandžu score.

    Now, Martínez is a different kettle of fish. Any type of a goal – a volley, a rebound, a backheel, a bicycle kick, left-footed, right-footed, a header – you name it, he scored it. Having said that, the Colombian will score more often that not when fed the ball near the penalty box. Physically he’s as powerful the Croat and equally dominant in the air. He can too offer something we lost with the departure of Costa – pace upfront. He’ll come good, I have absolutely no doubts about that.

  • Kris

    I mean if he wins us the Champions League, then I don’t care even if he cost a hundred million euros. Champions League is a dream for me as an Atleti fan.
    But, I still have doubts about this signing and still believe we could have got someone of his caliber at a cheaper price. But hey, if it’s Simeone’s choice, it’s Simeone’s choice. I am not the team’s boss.

  • Kris

    I only saw a handful of Porto games last season, and they were because of Oliver. Like you pointed out, he also needs to be fed the ball, otherwise he’s just as good as Mandzukic was. I didn’t see any type of Costa-esque plays when I watched him play, so I don’t think he’ll be bringing in what Costa took with him. Griezmann can make the runs well but he’s not as tough as Costa.
    I also hope he comes in good.

  • Rowly

    I think 4-3-3 would suit us too:
    Juanfran – Godin – Gimenez – ?
    Koke – Gabi – ?
    Carrasco – Martinez – Griezmann
    Gamez – ? – ? – Siquiera
    Oliver – Tiago – Saul
    Vietto – Torres – Correa
    LB, CM & some cover at CB needed.