Ferreira Carrasco completes Atlético move

Rising star signs with the red and whites until 2020

Carrasco is the man tasked with replacing Arda

Carrasco is the man tasked with replacing Arda

Atlético Madrid confirmed their second signing of the summer transfer window on Friday evening, with Yannick Ferreira Carrasco following Luciano Vietto to the Vicente Calderón.

The Belgian international has signed a five-year contract, and joins for a reported fee of €15million.

Primarily a wide player, he looks the man most likely to replace Arda Turan in the starting line-up next season after the Turk put pen-to-paper on his Barcelona deal earlier today.

Although still only 21, Carrasco has been a regular with Ligue 1 side Monaco for the last three seasons and is regarded by many as one of Europe’s most exciting upcoming talents.

Since breaking into the first team back in 2012, he has scored 20 goals in over 105 matches, including a notable late strike at the Emirates back in February to help knock Arsenal out of the Champions League.

Renowned for his energetic style of play, his combination of pace, vision and skill on the ball have earned comparisions to Ángel di María, a player Cholo has made no secret of his admiration for in the past.

Sporting director José Caminero spoke about the signing shortly after it was made official, and spoke in no uncertain terms about the youngster’s quality.

“We are very happy that an agreement with Monaco was made, Yannick is a player with huge potential and has an incredible future,” he said. “He is a footballer with great pace, excellent ball control and an impressive shot.”

“I’m sure he’ll help us a lot, he fits in perfectly with our goal to improve the level of the team and competition within the squad.

Carrasco made his debut for Belgium – his country of birth – earlier in the year, but has a Portuguese father and Spanish mother, and is fluent in castellano.

Having played internationals last month, he is expected to join up with his new teammates for the training camp in Los Ángeles de San Rafael on Sunday, after undergoing a medical tomorrow.

Are you happy with this signing? Does Carrasco have what it takes to replace Arda?

  • powerwall

    Hope atletico get camacho. he stopped Messi, and new Lb also experience as backup for godin,gimenez
    –juanfran—godin—gimenez–new lb–

  • Kris

    How do you not have a place for Vietto there?

  • Kris

    Frankly, I’ve never seen Carrasco play. If he’s a traditional winger who runs up and down the field, dribbling, fast, and energetic then he’ll get the job done. Arda really wasn’t fitting for the “winger” job we needed, and nor was Koke. I think Correa is good enough for that job but I don’t know. Hope this isn’t a total waste of money and this guy actually contributes to the team. Welcome, Ferreira Carrasco. Love the name!

  • Seb


  • Seb

    Sorry about my premature comment earlier. You’re very welcome to delete it.

    As for Carrasco, very excited about the signing! I remember first seeing him when Monaco had just earned promotion to Ligue 1 a few years back. Can’t catch French league matches nowadays unfortunately but I have managed to watch some of them anyway and I’m excited to see him play for Atlético. He’s got pace and plays a more direct football, which is obviously what Simeone is reverting back to for the upcoming season.

  • madwriter

    I’m officially looking forward to the new season! This is the year, AUPA!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    According to Spanish media, he speaks perfect Spanish
    The Turkish rat couldn’t learn it after 4 years in Madrid,
    I don’t think he even bothered to try

    By the way, after watching footballers and other sportsmen for many years I’ve noticed that people from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and other countries in northern and central Europe are very good in languages, most of them speak perfect English at a young age, and they learn the language of the country they play in very fast, and without any annoying accents

    When Courtois was with us, I heard him speaks perfect Spanish and perfect English, Toby speaks perfect English too, Oblak started to make interviews in Spanish after 3 months of joining us
    Both Federer and Djokovic speak 5 languages

    But you know who are bad in languages and have very irritating accents, especially in English ?! .. the Spanish people
    Nadal can only speak English beside his mother tongue, and have you heard him speaking English ?! .. embarrassing
    He also didn’t bother to try to learn French, at least to show some appreciation to the country that gave him 9 of his 14 grand slams
    I heard Quique Flores in his first press conference with Watford, and felt bad for him

    British people also seem lazy to lean second languages, but at least their first is English

    Just a thought

  • ToHaJu

    but still the best english accent u can hear it is from egyption people 😉

  • Mrtn

    a Fantastic signing but now I have more doubts about the future of Griezmann.
    It would be great to keep him too, and watch Vietto, Carrasco, Correa, RG, Oliver and Grizi all fighting for the 2 or 3 places up for grab behind the striker…
    Now we need our man for the central mf, central def and left back. 3 crucial signings, let’s hope for the best, Caminero does a great job imo.
    Aupa Atleti

  • madwriter

    The best English speaking countries outside of UK and USA are Denmark and the Scandinavian countries IMO, but I’m glad Carrasco speaks Spanish, that will help him get integrated in the team real quick, and also help Simeone with his on-pitch team instructions.

  • AndersAT

    I think it looks good for this season, but i would like Camacho and a reserve CB. I actually believe in Sequira. It is difficult to step right into on of the best backlines in Europe. I think he should have some time to adjust. Remember Filipe Luis’ first season? or Godins? or Mirandas? We don’t improve by just buying new expensive players.
    And no-way anybody can push Griezmann out of the starting line-up.

  • Chewie

    Trophies, come, we are ready.

  • Luis

    I know many Spanish people that have great English actually. Judging a nation on a few of its sportsmen is a joke. I know many Egyptians that have lived in Europe for years and can only speak Egyptian dialect of Arabic.

  • Ringo said it gon’ be allright

    I think Grizi, Jackson, Torres and Vietto will roulate, with AG and JM getting most of the minutes in the earlier parts of the season.

    This is a formation I am liking, actually. I’m not sure about Camacho right away (it’s been a while), but I think he’ll be a good addition.

    Looks like we’ll have two good players for every position 🙂

    GK: Oblak vs Moyá
    RB: Juanfran vs Gámez
    RCB: Giménez vs new player
    LCB: Godín vs Lucas (actually the new CB will be first back up to both, but for sake of the argument)
    LB: Siqueira vs Insúa (I guess)
    RCM: Gabi vs Camacho/Tiago/someoneelse
    LCM: Koke vs Saúl
    RAM: Óliver vs Raúl
    LAM: Carrasco vs Correa
    RS: Jackson vs Torres
    LS: Griezmann vs Vietto

    So far I think this is Cholo’s plan, at least… I kind of hope so.

  • Kris

    Griezmann and Koke are undisputed starters, though.

  • Kris

    Insua to Stuggart now also a done deal.

  • ToHaJu

    i was kidding with Ahmad coze he is egyption and he know what i mean 😉

  • Ringo’s behind your every step

    Yeah, but I think they won’t get the full 90 minutes as much as last year, especially Koke. In which case they’ll probably be fresher at the end of the season.

    But they will and should be first choice, yes.
    But with Torres, Jackson, Vietto, Griezmann and to lesser extent Correa and Raúl on the list, I think we’ll see some changes throughout the season in the front line.

    For Koke’s position we have less options, especially if both Tiago and Mario leave. Saúl is very talented, but I don’t think Cholo counts on him as first 11 material (yet).

    And I did not know that about Insua, I guess we’ll have to get someone else then. Filipe would be nice.

    I wonder if Cholo thinks our offensive midfield is experienced enough. Óliver, Carrasco, Correa (and Saúl) are all 20 or 21, only Raúl is a little older. I’d like to take the chance, but does the trainer?

    All in all I think we need a defensively capable central midfielder, a new central defender and one new left back. I think the defenders could turn out cheap, but the midfielder might be a bit more pricy.
    Otherwise we’ll have to keep Mario around.

  • madwriter

    my bad 😀

  • madwriter

    You don’t think Cholo will put Koke in the midfield where he belongs? I tend to disagree, I firmly believe he will put him back on center position, and there will be plenty of room for Griezmann, Vietto, Martinez, Oliver, Carrasco, Correa and Torres to rotate.

  • madwriter

    Manquillo is back, so he could become a cover for Juanfran, and we could put Gamez on the left side if nothing else comes around. I mean, he wasn’t very good at it last season, but last couple of games that I’ve seen, he has improved a lot.

    I tend to believe that Koke and Gabi will each play full 90 minutes matches as long as they’re in condition to, and when they aren’t, Tiago and Saul will replace them (If we buy Kranevitter this transfer period, we will have another DM in roster).

    Also, Carrasco is a RAM, not a LAM, so him and Garcia could be a possible rotating pair, and on the other side, Griezmann and Oliver as LAM’s, since Oliver is a right-footed, he could be kind of a Robben-type-a-guy (not as selfish).

    And in the attack of course, the Fantastic 4, who will each get their chance to prove their worth I believe.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah, he is right, Egyptians are terrible in English, and in this case I’m not only talking about sportsmen, since I live here and I had contact with many people of all kinds, most of them are pharmacists and physicians since I’m a pharmacist myself, and they should be very good in English, but they are awful, so imagine other people who had less education !!

  • Ringo thinks he’s

    I think Óliver will be a more agile version of Koke in that position, though.

    And I kind of put the midfielder-esque offensive midfielders (García & Óliver) as RAM and the pacier offensive midfielders (Carrasco & Correa) as LAM. But like Arda and Koke showed the past 4 years, which wing they’re put on paper doesn’t matter much. Carrasco will play when we’ll need a winger-like approach against an opponent and Óliver or Raúl when we’ll move through the center more oftenly. I think Correa could play both parts.

    Maybe they’ll look for another loan deal for Manquillo, though… he might need the experience. Gámez could cover both back positions, but I’d think it’s best if we’ll have subs for both (although Lucas could cover the LB position).

    I think Cholo really wants Griezmann in a striker role, so that’s why I’m not putting him there on the list.

    Also I’ve just watched some Correa videos. His vision is out of this world, he’s two steps ahead of everyone else, it seems. His touches (outside of his first) could be a little more consistent or effective, but I’m really excited to see him play in our favourite kit.
    Having him and Óliver among our ranks (again) gets me really happy and apparently Carrasco is a great talent as well (I should check some of his videos too).
    And then there’s Raúl the power sub in offensive midfield.

  • madwriter

    Well, we will see soon enough what is going on inside Cholo’s mind.

  • ToHaJu

    but u ur english is very good , i hope ur accent is also very good ,,,
    do u know the best egyption person he speak the best english accent i ever hear is D. Basem and even thought he think he has a heavy tongue ,, i really do respect him

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    My team this year
    Griezzy- Martinez- Vietto

    Bench- moya, torres, siquiuera, gamez, rodrigo caio, correa/carrasco/oliver, gabi

  • Vasile Oncea

    We didn’t buy Rodrigo Caio!