Barcelona officially announce Arda Turan signing

Our Turk is set to move to Barca for €34 million

Farewell Arda

Farewell Arda

Barcelona have officially confirmed the news that all Atlético fans had been dreading – Arda Turan has officially signed to play for the Blaugrana.

According to a statement published on the Catalans’ website, the Turkish midfielder will sign a five-year contract with the Spanish champions for a initial fee of €34 million.

This could rise to €41 million depending on different variables and add-ons.

Barcelona are in the middle of electing their new president, and as such some peculiar clauses are in place, including the option for Barca to sell the player back to Atlético over the next couple of weeks.

“The agreement includes the option of selling the player to Atlético Madrid for the fixed fee less 10% option costs,” said the statement on the Barcelona website.

“This option could be exercised by FC Barcelona up until midnight of 20 July if the next Board of Directors should wish so.”

It’s extremely unlikely that should Barca sell him back to Atlético, the club would take him back. We’ve seen the last of Arda in the red and white of Atleti.

Arda Turan won’t be able to officially play for Barcelona until January 2016, as they are currently under a transfer ban.

Our number 10 indicated his desire to leave Atleti last week, and tweeted that he was looking for another club.

“It’s been four amazing years,” said Arda on the official Atlético website.

“I lived very special moments at Atletico and I will never forget my teammates, the fans and everyone in the club. I can only give my thanks to all.”

I’m disappointed that Arda has chosen to move to Barcelona and not to the Premier League. I’m sure some of you feel the same.

  • Kris

    Can’t believe we sold straight to a title rival. Yes, TITLE rivals, we are a big club whether Simeone wants to admit or not.
    Well, good luck, Arda. You gave us a lot but don’t like the move that you’ve made. You were a wonderful player, hope you don’t turn out as well playing for a rival club. Personally, very best of wishes to you.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Some of us ?! how about most of us .. although on this website I have seen a big number of “super nice” people who wouldn’t care if Koke played for Barca, Falcao & De Gea for Real Madrid and Callejon for Atleti

    I hate to hate Arda, but I have to .. look, just last night I read that Simeone really wants to sign Pedro, and the player wants to leave to have more minutes, but he said he will never play inside Spain for a club other than Barca, or Tenerife, his hometown club
    Pedro is not an icon for Barca like Arda is for Atleti, Arda should have said the same

    Maybe it could have been OK 15 or 20 years ago when Madrid & Barca were the dream of every player, but now there is the EPL in its prime, where you can have everything
    But no, Arda accepted 6 months at home (not even on the bench) due to the ban to be with Barca

    I said few days ago that he will be dead to me if he did it, and he is, just unfollowed him on twitter, instagram & facebook .. I don’t follow a single player from Madrid & Barca on social networks, and I will not start now

    And I wished a good luck for Mandzukic & Miranda, but I can never wish a good luck for Barca, and Arda is now one of them

    Now we OFFICIALLY sold 3 key players, but haven’t OFFICIALLY signed anyone yet
    Does the board enjoy doing that to us ?!!

  • atleti10

    I really hate to see him go, I think he deserves to play for whoever he wants, its unfortunate its a rival.

    Im angry we didnt hold out for a gauranteed 41 million because he’s easily worth that.

    I would just love if the club (and its new investors) show we mean business and bring in Pastore or De Bruyne.

    Thanks Arda, best of luck.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Sevilla, Napoli, Milan, Tottenham and many other clubs could have sold him for 45 or 50 .. in cash, without that bonuses crap

    I’ve been reading for a while now many rumors about Gil & Cerezo selling the rest of their shares to Jianlin and leaving the club, and despite I hate those two corrupted people, I didn’t like the idea, I don’t like foreigners taking control of football clubs and starting to miss with their traditions and values, like we have seen in England, but now I’m starting to reconsider .

  • Ringo said bi

    Maybe he wants to work less hard, playing for Atleti must be tiring haha
    I don’t really get his choice, but it’s his choice, if he wants to play for Barca, I guess he should, but I’ll be more reluctant to wish him well. I wish him well right now, but not when I’ll see him play.
    But then again, he’ll have more room for dribbles and clean passes at Barcelona than he would have here.
    And perhaps he felt he would lose his place to Óliver next season and might as well take a half year vacation right now and then be in the MSN (MANS?) switcheroo.

    Oh well, I thought he wasn’t significant to our further growth anyway, maybe he won’t help Barca much either.

    Good luck, Arda, thank you for the hard work these past four years and the occasional majestic dribble. You weren’t the most consistent, but you consistently worked your ass off and now it looks like we’re getting quite some money. (34-41 million is still a lot of money, I think 4-5 of those bonus millions are close-to-certainties even)

    bye guy

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    Arda helped Atletico in all ways.. They bought him for 12 milion, and sold him for 34 milion.. And people must understand that it’s important for a Turkish player to play for Barcelona… Arda will now be the second Turk player for Barca.. Rustu was the 1st one…

    Arda deserved this transfer.. After he stops with the game, he can say that he played for the topclubs from Spain.

  • Ringo is a little merry in the

    well, if they get rid of the jesus gil y gil copa or whatever that thing is called, I won’t mind that messing with traditions a lot haha. It’s not like Gil Marin and Cerezo were anti money (lol), they are pretty much like foreign financers who don’t know how to do business.

    Might as well take Jianlin instead then.

    Also, the only (or main, since the talent was obvious, I guess) reason Koke is playing for us (still) is a lack of money a few months back, has nothing to do with Gil’s “eye for talent/tradition”

    I get where you’re coming from, but I don’t think we’ll see the club change much, the Calderón was already leaving and most of our players are bought anyway. Now there’s just the chance we’ll buy (even) more expensive players. With a little luck, Jianlin is a leader we’ll love, with an eye for the youth system and the fans.

  • Urban

    Sure, its sad to see him leave after all those glorious moments, but this is exactly the kind of deal we HAVE TO MAKE – buy promising starlet, let him grow and sell him in his peak for maximum profit (Filipe was the case as well, opposite to Kun, DC and De Gea who were all sold too early).

    To cheer you up I think there was no way of stopping him. This season he clearly lost his motivation and played way below his potential, and he surely really wanted to leave now. To us he was, and probably would be next year, what in ecenomy is called a “non-performing” asset. And guess what is the most common way to handle such non-performing assets. Yup, you got it right.

    The main factor which will decide whether this was a good deal to or not will be who will be bought as replacement. So far Cerezo & Co. have been splendid at replacing departing stars, lets see how it will work out this time.

  • starvs

    Yeah. Dead to me.

    You wanna go to England, fine, go for it, this is certainly a no go though. Direct rival, to play less minutes, and likely not make as much money as he could have elsewhere (Chelsea). I’m not gonna begrudge you either money or sporting interests, but I see neither here.

    And to sell to a direct rival without getting the release clause (without bonuses). Really? Let that be a deal breaker, fuck it, you’re talking about selling to a direct (and rich) rival, why make it easy for them?

    Def do not want Jianlin to get rest of the shares though, the precedent there is very bad.

    I don’t think this makes the team appreciably worse though, because I have faith in Oli and ultimately am happy this should open up minutes for him.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Maybe you are right, Atletico is too big to miss with its traditions,
    I mean it’s not Cardiff City to change its colors and crest or Hull City to try to change its name, with all due respect to those clubs
    Myabe Jianlin won’t sell the naming rights of the Calderon (if we weren’t leaving it) because he can and will find many other financial resources
    In fact, Gil & Cerezo were the ones who refused to name the new stadium after Aragones, or name it the new Calderon

    But if Jianlin took charge and decided to spend heavily, would he keep players like Gabi & Raul Garcia, the heart and the soul of the team, or would they be not good enough for him ?!
    That’s my biggest fear
    I want to see Gabi & Raul retire at Atleti, even if they are not superstars

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Simeone is the one who is hurt and upset the most about this deal,
    I believe he would have stopped it if he could
    I have some disagreement with him, but I really appreciate his insisting on staying with us despite that Gil & Cerezo are pushing him out with their mismanagement and despite that many players are stabbing him in the back after he turned them into superstars

    Of course the players have the right to leave, but they can do it in a better way, don’t go to a direct rival, don’t you all leave at once like the exodus of 2014
    Simeone deserved much better from his players

    I think Simeone will have a stronger squad this season than the last one, and he will go for the trophies, especially the cups competitions, Copa del Rey & UCL, but I don’t think he will admit it !

  • That’s how I try to watch it. We used keep a player like him and give away for no money. Forlan and Maxi left for free. It’s hard, deal with our heart but I would do same playing a manager game. 41M for a 29yo player is a fantastic deal for the seller.

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  • AaX

    We’ll def getting the money BUT WILL LOOSE OUR IDEALS. I know by first hand how chinese businessman view and manage their asset, LIKE ANOTHER PROPERTY. And the ATLETI WORLD ISN’T SOLD ON OR FOR THAT.

  • AaX

    This €34 million Could Most Probably Land Us GAITAN, If the Club or Simeone is serious in Having Him as an Atleti replacing the Turk.

  • Abdulaziz Al Bassam

    Hey Guys,

    Unpopular move. Especially since I would hate to see him play alongside that ******* Neymar.

    There are some pros to consider:

    1) we could use the cash
    2) we have some sold him at his peak market value (and probably right before his dip)
    3) we set a precedent to selling to a direct rival; this is important because it improves our bargaining power with non-direct rivals.
    4) Arda would be out of touch first six months (a long time to go without playing) and might be hard to break into an in-form eleven. Confidence to a star might break as a result.
    5) injury prone and tires easily.
    6) opens up the door for Oli and another creative midfielder – or to play wingers with Correa and Koke & Saul in the center (though they need to step up).
    7) removes a high paying salary off of our books.
    8) confirms our reputation as a stepping-stone club for a footballers comfort zone (playing in Barca or Real is easier than playing for Atletico), even at the grand age of 28 years old.
    9) the club respected his wishes.
    10) the memories.

    Here are the negatives:
    1) should have gotten the full amount without the bonuses. This is a delicate situation for the fans – and if we are going to have to go through some pain might as well rest assured that we got the very best deal possible.
    2) will play with Barcelona – who have become as hated as Real as our rivals, especially with that **** Neymar. I respect football; I don’t respect disrespect.
    3) the memories; he’s such a hard player to hate.

  • Gert

    I don’t see any sense in bringing back Filipe now. For me, their collaboration was the magic on our left wing 2-3 seasons ago. With Arda gone, Filipe won’t be able to reach the same form again

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    As far as I know, Gaitan doesn’t have a European passport, so if he came then Correa is out, since it’s obviously won’t be Jakson or Gimenez
    Gaitan is also a Jorge Mendes client, could even be involved with one of his 3rd parties companies, and he plays for Benfica, one of the clubs who knows how to sell their players, very expensively
    And Gaitan is not that great, maybe he is good, but definitely not great, he is not Arda, rather than Hazard & Reus, but with Mendes, he could cost as much as them
    He is also not young, will be 28 next February

    So, for all of that, I say a big NO for Gaitan, it’s outrageous to take minutes from Oliver & Saul and give them to him
    But if Mendes (ordered) Gil to buy him, he probably will
    It’s up to Simeone, he must step in and take a stand

  • Mojo

    Ahmad, I don’t like the deed of the Atleti’s bosses selling Arda for a rival but hating Arda and comparing his situation with Pedro is irrational with all respect.

    Pedro is a Spaniard, Arda is not. Arda make his leaving playing football in foreign countries. He already left his country to play football. Maybe he will say the same thing Pedro said regarding not playing for another team in Spain other than Barca for his hometown club “Galata”. I see things from a business perspective not from an emotional one. In the business perspective, Atletico’s bosses made a mistake. They could sell him with the same price (if not higher) to other clubs outside of Spain.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Miranda is not Spanish, and he refused Barca (if the rumors were true)
    And nobody can imagine the Uruguayan Godin joining Barca, impossible
    While the Spaniard Luis Enrique moved from Real Madrid to Barca
    I think It has nothing to do with nationality, but with personality

    And if Arda has all the right to go wherever he wants then I have all the right to hate him if he went to a direct rival .. I see it that simple

  • AaX

    Well seemed he was reported as one of Simeone’s top target for the team’s creative solution. That’s why Turan wss sold as quickly as he was ti Barca for that €30 million. He has been the Top Assister, but don’t know yet about his defensive and fighting capabilities. Anyways, you were right about Benfica though. Really knows how to maximize their sale. I personally think he’d be a Great Asset for Atletico. Happy EIDFITR