Arda confirms he is in talks to leave Atleti

Our Turkish wizard could be the next face to leave us this summer

Arda set to follow Mandzukic out of Madrid

Arda set to follow Mandzukic out of Madrid

Arda Turan has confirmed on social media the rumours that he is in discussions to leave Atlético Madrid.

“The transfer rumours are not entirely correct. My agent is currently in touch with 3-4 clubs. I will update you all if a deal is made,” said the Turk on his Twitter account.

During each transfer window since Arda arrived, Atletico fans have gotten used to Arda’s agent, Ahmet Bulut, declaring that Arda wants to leave the club.

The only difference is that this time, it’s true. It’s taken a while for me to process it, but it looks like he actually wants to leave.

The reason behind his desire to leave is his belief that Cholo’s playing style is taking a toll on him. He doesn’t think he can keep up with Cholo’s demands.

Although, this rumour would contradict what Arda said in an interview with FIFA last October. “Maybe our play style isn’t pretty, but we win. I like Barcelona’s or Bayern’s play style, but I like ours more.”

According to AS, Atlético bosses called Arda last week to see if the statements made by his agent were true. Arda is said to have cordially indicated his desire to leave.

“Arda made it absolutely plain that he as no problem wuith the club,” reported Jorge García. “In fact he feels loved and well treated both on the sporting and financial side of the game, but he feels that it’s a question of eras and his time in Madrid is up.”

Another factor in the Turk’s decision is the lure that has been there since he signed for Atleti. The Premier League.

Arda has always dreamt of playing in the Premier League and maybe now, at 28 years old, he realised that this is his last opportunity.

Reports suggest that Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG, Milan and Barcelona are all interested in signing Atleti’s number 10. Barcelona presidential candidate, Josep Bartomeu, promised that he was focus on signing Arda Turan if he is re-elected at the Camp Nou.

Turan signed for Atleti back in August 2011 and has since played 178 matches for the club.

It’s rare in the present day for players to come out and be 100 percent honest about their desires, but Arda is a rare player.

All I can say is thank you, Arda. Thank you for your magic, your tears, shaving your head in the Bernabeu locker rooms, your smile and your presence.

Thank you for being a Colchonero for the past four years, for representing our shirt in the best possible way.

  • starvs

    I would be sad to see him go, but I do not begrudge him wanting to move on and respect how he has handled the situation.

    I think if we sell him for a proper amount (~40m euro, his buyout) this could work out for the best under two conditions.

    1) We use the resulting funds wisely. To me wisely is a midfield partner (skewing a bit defensively) in their prime (ie. not 31 year old Thiago Motta) to pair with Koke. Willy Carvalho perhaps (although there has been no links betwix us as far I know)? And LB reinforcement.

    2) Oli is who I think he is. I want him to get minutes and Arda’s exit would provide ample opportunity for that. I think he is ready, but could be rose colored glasses on that one. Not to mention Correa…

    At the same time, Arda is super good though, and real fighter who understands and appreciates the atleti ethos, would certainly be a real loss.

  • Completely agree with the way he has handled everything, really professional. Hope it continues throughout his exit.

  • Kris

    This will actually be a good deal if we get all 42 millions for him. I still don’t understand Jackson for 35 mil though.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Unlike Filipe Luis, I believe Arda when he says he wants a different challenge and that Simeone’s style wears him out, and I’m sure he won’t cry and ask to comeback to Atleti if things didn’t go well for him in his new club, he will seek another different experience because that is what he really wants

    I can’t say I’m not sad, of course I am .. Arda is not just a great player, he is a great person, a leader, a gentleman, even when threw his boot !
    But I’m not upset nor disappointed .. but with 3 conditions :
    1- He doesn’t leave for a direct rival like Barca, or an enemy like Chelsea
    2- We sell him for all of his clause (which is 40M or a little more)
    3- His replacement is not the Madridista Callejon
    And I wish that Oliver takes his place and his number 10 shirt

    Thank you Arda, I’m sure we can find many players who can give us your football and even better, but I strongly doubt that we can find anyone who can give us your passion .

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Come on, read the amount of money in the first sentence you just wrote. Now read the amount in the second sentence. Now, realize that Arda is just 4 months younger than Jackson.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    You wouldn’t believe me if I said that Arda’s possible departure is nearly bringing me to tears. I came to love Atletico when my favourite player left my childhood club back in 2011. Through Arda I experienced what passion really meant. What it takes to fight back despite numerous defeats. what it takes to deal with a smaller budget. What it takes to rebuild season after season. What it takes to put “We” before “I”. A team build upon collectivity and values such as Commitment, bravery but above all hope. A hope that would see Atletico win against all ods. During the 4 years Atletico defied everybody but it was also a personal victory for Arda himself because many people didn’t believe in Arda. He showed that a turkish player isn’t destined to failure and in all of the ways by winning almost every trophy despite the so so close cl trophy. I had hoped that Arda would stay until his contract expired but in no way should a departue, make me forget how Arda made me feel through this incredible journey. I will always be with Arda wherever he goes and have Atletico in my heart, if this is the final good bye!

  • Chewie

    Well, it shouldn’t be a big surprise. Yes, Arda is one of the symbols of today’s Atletico, and he fits well into the team’s style. But that is because he is such a fantastic player. I’m sure, as Ahmad said, we will do fine without him in terms of football, but we will certainly lose one of the most iconic persons of the Spanish league in general. I have no doubts the bearded warrior will shine wherever he goes, and I hope he goes to a big club where he won’t have to do as much dirty routine work as with us, and his talents will shine even brighter.

  • Adnan Khan

    Arda Turan, a great player and a huge inspiration! I could see him struggle in those games but he kept on fighting and gave his all. Honestly, i never thought Arda would become such a big fan favourite when he first came to Atletico. It’s not easy to get that much love from the fans as he has gotten and i’m sure nobody is gonna hold a grudge on him for leaving, and that shows that he has done everything right during his career here. Wish him a good luck in his career. Not many players left in the game who has the passion Arda Turan has.

    My favourite moment of Arda

  • AaX


  • AaX


  • atleti10

    I will be very sad to see Arda leave, hes one of the most talented players we have and certainly the most exciting. I think it’ll be hard to find such a skillfull player with the work rate to match.

    That being said if we pick up Konyopylanka on a free then I think we’ll have done our best piece of business yet. The guys lightning and neat too.

    The other option would be to switch to a 4-3-3 and bring in a worldclass central midfielder.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I also have a feeling that we will win a big trophy and Arda will regret not staying for one more season, like Ibrahimovic when he decide to leave Inter to Barca in the summer of 2009 and Mourinho said to him : “Don’t leave this season, because we will the Champions League” .. and they did

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    So, according to the information we know until this moment, this is our squad right now :

    Moya – Oblak

    Juanfran – Gamez
    Godin – Gimenez – X
    Siqueira – X

    Gabi – Tiago – Koke – X

    Raul Garcia – Griezmann – Oliver – Correa – Saul

    Torres – Jackson – Vietto

    We still need a center back (I don’t think it will be Toby), a left back, a central midfielder, and maybe a 2nd GK if Moya decided to leave (I hope not)
    But do we really need a replacement for Arda ?! or are Oliver & Correa enough ?!
    I say give them a full chance, Koke got it at their ages and look at what he did, look at Gimenez too !
    If we played with Koke + Gabi or Tiago or a new signing in the center, we will have 5 players fighting for 3 spots, or 2 spots if we played with 2 strikers
    Unless we are looking forward to sign Reus or someone at his level, I think
    RG8, Grizi, Oliver, Correa & Saul are good
    With the 3 vacant spots marked by X above, those are 21 players, and after watching Simeone for 3 and a half seasons, I think this is the maximum number of players he can regularly use .

    Note : I honestly don’t know much about Konoplyanka, but I can never say no for a free transfer !!
    And if there is no place for him then loan him, he could come in handy if we got sanctioned by FIFA

  • Mrtn

    A fantastic piece of business for all parties involved.
    Atletico will be much stronger without Arda, even if we don’t sign a replacement. 40 mln euros for him is very good money.
    Any team which will sign him gets a fantastic player with potential to develope even further.
    Finally, Arda wins too, he can play much better in a team which plays possession game, plus he can earn a bit more money.
    I know many of you guys admire Arda. I also like him very much personally, I was waiting for him to be signed for 2 transfer seasons back then and I was out of my mind when we finally got him. As I already followed his career as a hot prospect in Galata I was expecting much more developement from him. You know my big problem concerning him: the very low number of goals and assists in his game. I also feel he is not really fitting into Cholo’s plans, as his defending is horrible (he can only do faults instead of tackling), and, unlike you I don’t feel he is fighting hard enough, just compare him to our other midfielders. Finally, he is not disciplined enough, receiving yellows from the bench, throwing your shoes at referees isn’t a very professional behaviour.
    I am almost sure he will not sign for Barca, although I think he could show his full potential there, he is a perfect fit for that kind of play, and could easily take Iniesta’s place in the starting line-up. But Barca would be even stronger that way so let’s hope he leaves for England.
    Now this gives us an opportunity to play with 3 strong central midfielders, all strong at defending, and 2 wingers, with less defensive duty, which would be great. All we have to do is to sign a versatile centrel mf with good passing, positioning, tackling and stamina, like Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Motta, Biglia, Gundogan, Inler . That way Cholo could leave the wingers and the striker do the magic without much defending, also we could press higher up this way. If we keep Grizi this year, and do 2 smart signigs we can win the leage again, considering Barca can’t field new players until January, and Real got Benitez on the bench.
    Now let’s go for a left back and a central midfielder!
    Aupa Atleti

  • Rowly

    Sad to see him go but I think the time is right as 1) I think the team may change shape & struggle to see him fitting in and 2) it’s probably the last chance to get good money for him.

    With Jackson Martinez & Vietto signing I could see a 4-3-3 formation.


    Now that’s a dangerous looking team.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i really like him too, i remember that i’ve always signed him in PES, but damn… he played 46 games last season he scored 3 times and gave 6 assist, that’s just weak as hell. especially for an attacking midfielder.
    if he goes, its gonna be a win-win-win for all parties.

  • atleti10

    Dangerous front 3. I think go with that lineup against the big teams and swap Oliver for Gabi/Saul in the games we should be winning. The great thing is that Correa has a real role in the squad as he can cover pretty much any of the front 3 positions.. exciting times ahead.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    It would be very unfortunate if he misses out on a big trophy but at the same time he might as well win another trophy with the club he is going to. If it is chelsea, barca (I hope not), psg (Dont think they’ll buy him) or United.

  • Luis

    What a pleasure it’s been watching Arda play for Atleti these past few years. He’s been a key member of a squad that will go down in history and he has fully deserved the right to be part of that. I hold no grudges against him and although it will hurt not seeing him next season I feel it’s best for both parties involved here. Suerte crack!

  • Chewie

    Konoplyanka’s transfer to a big club is already a meme in Russia and Ukraine – the guy just can’t make a decision, so I wouldn’t count on him.

    As for the line-up, I like how we it becomes smarter. Now we have Koke, Tiago, Oliver, Correa as excellent passers and creative minds, Raul, Saul, Torres and Vietto as finishers and the athletic Jackson. I’m worried about the flanks though – Gamez can surely play as a CB, RB or LB but we shouldn’t count on that. I believe that our success next year depends on who we buy in the positions that you marked. With just three more quality transfers we will be able to compete with anyone.

  • Kris

    Stats don’t mean everything for a player like him. His influence in the game is what matters. Just look at Xavi, Iniesta.

  • Kris

    Yes and factor that in with the talent gap. Arda is simply a fantastic player who will add value to any team. Jackson,,,? We’ve gotta wait and see.


    let chelsea to take alderwrld and sign apzi from them.. for Dm sign camacho who is from atletico academy

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    So you agree that we don’t need a replacement for Arda ?!

  • Chewie

    I’m pretty sure Oliver will have better statistics (goals&assists) and Correa could score even more. I don’t think we don’t need a replacement – I think we already have it. Even though they are both not quite experienced.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i know that stats are not everything, but still. an AM must scores goals and give assists.

  • atleti10

    Couldnt agree more. I have a feeling the board knew about Ardas plan to leave earlier than we’re lead to believe. If we bring in a quality left back and cm I think we can have a great season, we should get 10 million for Mario so the money is there.

    My preference would be

    LB – buy Jordan Amavi from Nice or loan Felipe

    CM – Kraneivtter (long term as hes non EU? Or Wijnaldum who I think is awesome

  • atleti10

    Correction, Kranevitter has an Italian passport. Buy him asap

  • timmy

    He is going to Barcelona!

  • timmy

    He is signing with Barcelona

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    I think I’ll cry if he leaves :'( Arda’s work rate when he was on the field was phenomenal. May not have scored a million goals or provide an abundance of assists but he always gave 120% when he was out there. I think he’ll be a nearly irreplaceable asset to our team. I would probably try to get brahimi from porto or maybe xhaka from gladbach but i don’t think they’ll be the same as arda.

  • AaX

    WELL Lets Not Have any Atletis missing out THAT DAY.

  • AaX

    The thing about Arda is even though he didn’t contributed as much as expected to, he has A RARE Quality of Rising Up to Occasion and He Gave Out His Heart Everytime he Battles for Atletico de Madrid! So to me with this kind of commitment is a Player Vital to getting the Match Winning Goal but not necessarily playing as a Main Eleven. I’ll Keep Him for THAT Vitally Important Quality. Aupa Atleti

  • Hannu

    If he is going to Barcelona one can think what happened to that dream of playing in Premier league.:D It leaves a bit bitter taste!

  • Boba Fett

    For me Arda is one of the most exponential players for Atleti lately.

    Learning his magic tricks from one of the best footballers in history (Hagi) and developed into a fearless warrior by the great Cholo, I was devastated to hear about his leaving.

    Nevertheless, watching gives me the confort of saying that we will have even a better player next year.

    Wow, what a refreshing feeling 🙂