Jackson Martínez signs for Atleti, claims agent

Colombian striker supposedly signs 4-year deal with the rojiblancos

Jackson scored against Atleti back in 2013

Jackson scored against Atleti back in 2013

For a while, it looked like the future of striker Jackson Martínez was going to turn into one of the transfer sagas of the summer.

Just last week AC Milan confirmed his signing from Porto on their TV channel, but it was revealed soon after that he hadn’t actually put pen to paper and wouldn’t officially sign until after the Copa América.

The 28 year-old supposedly agreed terms with the Rossoneri on a verbal basis, but due to a lack of available facilities in Chile – where he is currently based with the Colombia team – he was unable to undertake a medical and seal the deal.

All of a sudden, reports then surfaced that Atleti had hijacked the deal, and that the player preferred a move to the Spanish capital. Today, it looks as if they may gotten their man.

Despite both player and representatives remaining tight-lipped when asked about possible destinations earlier in the week, CalcioMercato have exclusive quotes from his agent Luiz Henrique Pompeo this evening confirming the move.

“We’ve completed the transfer today,” he told the Italian site.

“Atlético are a big club, one that have achieved a lot domestically and in Europe recently, and Jackson goes there wanting to do great things and improve himself as a player.”

“We would like to than Milan, they tried until the end and we are honoured by the interest, but [Jackson] can’t be in two places at once. He is very happy and convinced with his decision.”

Both AS and Marca had already confirmed the deal, so now it looks as if all we are waiting for is the official announcement from the two clubs.

Atleti will pay his €35m release clause, which would make him our second most expensive signing of all time after compatriot Radamel Falcao, also from Porto back in 2011.

Reports say that Andrea Berta is in Chile and the contract is already signed, and will keep Jackson at the Vicente Calderón until for the next four years.

He scored 32 goals in all competitions last year and has 92 in three seasons at the Estádio Dragão, after moving from Mexican outfit Chiapas back in 2012.

The news comes the day after Mario Mandzukic’s departure, and after missing out on Carlos Tévez, it looks as if the red and whites have settled on Jackson and Villarreal’s Luciano Vietto as replacements.

Hopefully we will get official confirmation on both deals by the time the transfer window opens on July 1st.

What do you make of Jackson? Can he and Vietto help Atleti challenge for titles again next year?

  • Faried

    Yes! Now we can revert back to Main and Secondary striking partnerships that kind of dissolved when Falcao left and Diego Costa was alone.
    This last season Simeone tried to revive that philosophy by converting Grizzi to a secondary striking role, however Mandzu wasn’t really cutting it.

    Whether Cholo fields Jackson and Grizzi or Jackson and Vieto, I think it will be a deadly partnership. Reminds me of Forlan and Aguero.

    If he fields Vietto up front, then Grizzi and Arda can take the flanks while Koke and Saul drop in the middle of the park.
    This of course is only if Gabi’s form declines. But leaves us with a question, and perhaps an important one. What happens to Raul Garcia?

  • Faried

    In the case of Correa stepping up, I see Raul being left with two choices; a) to revert back to a box-to-box role or b) e transferred to Liverpool or such.

    Maybe he would be used as leverage for the rumored Nolito transfer.

  • atleti10

    Juanfran – Godin – Gimenez – Siquera
    Arda – Gabi – Koke
    Vietto Griezmann

    That is an exciting team and means Correa and Oliver will be able to rotate into positions they’re best suited to.

  • Ringo sin wake

    Maybe we’ll see a rotation system.
    Up front Torres, Vietto,
    Griezmann, Jackson, Correa, García and possibly even Jiménez (although I
    expect him to leave) will give us a lot of options, where I expect
    Jackmann to be the primary partnership, with Torres as Jackson’s
    sub/competitor and Vietto Grizi’s.

    Also: Oli and Jackson are used to eachother now, might be very useful for us to start them both 😀 Correa and García will be the primary subs for Arda and our youngest Torres, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Correa leave temporarily on a loan basis and us getting Nolito or something to fill the gap. I think both Koke and Saúl drop back to center midfield, with the occasional aid to attacking midfield for injuries or defensive tactics, next season, so I don’t count them there, just like I’m not counting Grizi among them, but among the strikers.

    I think Jackson might also free Griezmann more. Opponents were pretty safe when mostly guarding our blonder-every-game-guy. Jackson charging in between will give a lot of space to the guy.

    Good buy. I’m not gonna talk about the financial aspects.

  • Ringo con hapi

    I think we’ll stick to the 4-2-2-2 formation, but who knows, maybe some games or eventually all games, you’re right. But I don’t see Simeone playing all three forwards at once.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – Oblak
    Juanfran – Giménez – Godín – Siqueira/buy
    – – – – – – – Koke – Gabi/buy/Saúl
    – – – – – Arda – – – – – – – Óliver
    – – – – – – Jackson – Griezmann

  • atleti10

    I think you’re right, I would just be suprised if we send 20 mil on a backup. I think Simeone sees vietto as a starter.

    Perhaps Griezmann will play on the left.

  • Arjit Barua

    I think jonathas for $5-10 million would have been a better investment. Jackson Martinez is 28. If we pay 35 mil for him, I really hope the big offers for Toby are true and we’re getting decent offers for Mario Suarez and the other fringe players. This is one transfer where I do hope 3rd party investment is involved.

  • ToHaJu

    u forgot Correa and Vietto

  • ToHaJu

    we cant have Jimenez if we want to keep Correa and Jackson

  • Ringo a la cornetto

    I think they’ll mostly be on the bench in the early parts of the season.
    Or a rotation system, perhaps

  • Ringo esta muy

    or maybe a rotation system, to not have players as tired as they were the end of this season.
    I’m curious as to what their actual plans are for the coming season

  • ToHaJu

    even thought ,, believe me at the end of the season they will be the most wanted starter and top 11 at the liga

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Griezmann was believed to be an instant starter and guess what? Not until the famous Bilbao game at San Mamés has he completed full 90. Not even once! Then, whereas Jackson seems to be a starter right from the word go (we truly need that physical presence upfront), I believe Vietto’s path into the first team will be far more complicated and more akin to that of Griezmann’s.

    I also reckon Óliver will start the season off the bench but as the season progresses will get more gametime. Firstly, he’s played a season with Martínez so he knows how to play him. Secondly, the young Torres will add that creative spark we lacked so visibly during either Koke’s or Arda’s absence or even in several matches when both played.

    Correa is a big question mark. A true leader of U-20 Albicelestes but yet to play his first official minutes on European soil. As there are already Grizi, Torres, Jackson and Vietto (presumably), I believe Ángel might be deployed on the “wing” in 4-4-2 or even as a “10” in a more vertical 4-3-1-2 formation (has all the attributes for it). Seems to be the sub though and Cholo might look to farm him out somewhere for a loan spell (Rayo, Getafe, etc.).

    Jiménez is the biggest loser of Jackson’s arrival as the Mexican’s departure (either permanent or for a loan) seems inevitable now. Didn’t get a true chance for us, never got to start a string of games but I think he’ll come good for us after a loan spell playing week in week out.

    Get a holding midfielder in the mould of Schneiderlin or Gonalons, a solid left-back to compete with Siqueira, a solid replacement for Moyà (should he depart that is), sell them fringe players (Miranda, Mario, Cebolla, etc.) and we’re ready to go!

  • Ringo y dos hermanos

    Maybe one will play instead of Óliver, but this is just what I expect of early season Atleti

    I hope they’ll be, but we’ll have to wait and see…

  • atletico- palestine

    So i see the signings of jackson and vietto are high quality and perfect choices BUT i feel that we will lose Arda and/or Greizman!!
    I hope am wrong

  • Ringo mana mura

    Apparently Arda wants to play in the English competition… according to his agent.

  • AaX

    Simeone won’t abandon the 4 mid and 4 def double line defense. It has been the foundation of our the team. It means BOTH the RMid and the LMid have or must acquire DEFENSIVE and ATTACKING Abilities not just as offensives. Currently, I see only Griezmann, Arda, Saul and R Garcia have these Capabilities, not in the two new signings well not expectedly. They are Forwards. So the replacements for the R and L Midfielders are kind for kind.

  • Kris

    His agent has been pouting a lot of shit for a long time , so I don’t listen to anything he says, but this year,I have a feeling, Arda may as well leave.
    I see we want to get everything done before preseason with the signings. Hopefully, a good CDM, and a winger,or a left back if we move Siqueira upfield.(We should.)

  • AaX

    Maybe is ideal time to bring back Correa in. I see W CLASS written All Over Him and I HAVE Seen quite a Few. I can say now for certain that he has the Vision of the Classic Maestros (Att. MidField) which what the team currently is sorely in need. FORZA Atleti !

  • Lubo

    IMO, Simeone is reverting to a 4-3-3 system. With Jackson/Torres up front and Griezmann/RG8/Vietto/Correa as false wingers/2nd strikers.
    That’s why Koke is moving back to the midfield. But for this system we need a first class defensive midfielder. Koke and Tiago are more like Pirlo-typed playmakers, Saul/Oli will have more advanced tasks and Gabi can act as a DM. But I got a feeling Nacho will come back from Malaga. And his transfer will be financed with the money from selling Arda. Although I wouldn’t want to lose our Turkish wizard, there are some rumours again. Simeone also said he expected more of him. Arda is the only real wide player we have, but he is slow to play in the attack trio, and in 4-3-3, he is more or less unusable. Let’s see what the next 2 weeks bring.

  • Ringo money maker

    True, but he’s 28/29 now, it wouldn’t surprise me that much if he wants the BPL experience while still in top shape.
    But who knows…

    Also Arda has been our best player in quite some games, but he’s also kind of inconsistent, in my opinion. He works hard, but some games I feel he doesn’t add much. I don’t want to lose him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we wouldn’t worsen much in attacking midfield if he were to leave. Óliver and Correa might surprise us very positively.

    But once again I am speculating way too much

  • Ringo met Slasaus

    I don’t know, Simeone did say he wanted to keep the style pretty much the same… but your formation might be great. Except I think Jackson vs Torres and Vietto vs García as deepest strikers, Griezmann vs Correa behind them would be my choice. But maybe Griezmann is better for our team when having room to run behind the defenders.

    Maybe switch Griezmann and García in that case, but I prefer García in a role where trying score is a bigger aspect of his game than passing. I guess you’ll understand haha.

    Gabi vs Nacho – Koke vs Tiago – Saúl vs Óliver does sound pretty good.

    Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I agree with Aax & Ringo, I don’t think Simeone will abandon the 4-4-2

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I really hope Oliver will stay, because I started to hear rumors about another loan spell with Porto
    Simeone must learn from the game at Vigo last season, 3 attacking midfielder are not enough, because you could lose all of them like what happened that day when we lost Koke, Arda & Raul, we need Oliver even if we kept Arda, and even if we kept Gizi & Correa, because -in my opinion- they are more striker than midfielders .. there is also Saul, but it’s still not too much, 22 players is the minimum number of players for a team fighting on 3 difficult fronts, and Simeone MUST figure out how to use them all, especially that this season there will be no Cebolla or Jimenez or Sosa or Adrian or the young Oliver, Saul & Gimenez who can set on the bench for a long time, no, this season we will have a whole team of great players, and Cholo will have two options :
    use them or lose them

    Simeone and his sporting management must also learn from the game in Almeria in 2013-14 and fight very hard to keep Moya, it won’t be easy, in fact, I think having two good GKs is the most difficult thing in building a football team, if Porto really want Moya, it will be very hard (and maybe unfair) to convince him to stay, but we must do whatever we can, even promising him frequent rotation

    Vietto has an Italian passport, but Jackson doesn’t have a European one, so if he came then Jimenez is definitely out, since the other Gimenez is definitely staying and Correa is most likely so
    But I would never sell him now, just loan him, I really believe he has much more to give and will either return to us a better player or be sold for much more than we have been offered right now
    And I would loan him inside Spain, to get La Liga experience, and to a get a step closer from acquiring a Spanish citizenship
    I wish our sports management are considering all those things, because while most of the times they seem like geniuses, some other times they look like a bunch of idiots, and they will absolutely be idiots if the rumors about Miranda are true, renewing his contract then loaning him to Inter for two seasons for 1.5M per season, with a purchase option of 12M in the 3rd season, when he is 34 !!
    I wish this is just a wild imagination from the press .

  • AaX

    Understood your concern and actually I think it’s similar to most others. At the highest level, most of all of us surely want to see The Atletico de Madrid tearing down Barca, Real and others with our devastating and lethal speed Attacking Trio and living up our Name. But being just realistic, Simeone is the classic Def. Mid mindset and mould that has given much due stability to the much offensive Instinct yet defensively vulnerable of Atleti . Like it was pointed out before, we used to have scored 3 but end up conceding 4 Losing! However, somehow I think an Advance 4-5-1 could do the trick converting to a 4-3-3 at any given advantageous moment. Hope this could be because somehow our quest also now is to REGAIN BACK our Famous Attacking Prowess while maintaining our newly found Solidity which I think is One of the Best in The World. GOD Willing, VAMOS ATLETI !!