Official: Juventus confirm Mandzukic signing

Croatian striker agrees move to Champions League finalists

'Mandzu' to leave Atleti after one season

'Mandzu' to leave Atleti after one season

A deal has been struck between Atlético Madrid and Juventus for the transfer of Mario Mandzukic, according to reports tonight from press in Spain in Italy.

UPDATE: Both clubs have now confirmed the transfer, and Mandzukic is officially a Juventus player. He bid farewell to Atleti fans with the following message:

“I want to thank all of the teammates I’ve shared a dressing room with at Atlético, as well as the coaching staff and all of the people who work for the club. It’s been a pleasure for me to be a part of this team and play with so many great players during the last season.

“I would also like to thank all of the fans for such special support in every game. It has been incredible to experience this atmosphere. Now that it’s confirmed that I am leaving, I am receiving many affectionate messages from the fans which shows that I did my job well.

“The moment to face another challenge in a new league has arrived, but I will always support the club and wherever I am there will be one Atlético more.”

The Croatian international is set to leave the Vicente Calderón after just one season for a deal worth an estimated €19million, plus €2m more in variables.

Sky Italia journalist Gianluca di Marzio broke the story on Thursday evening, and revealed that Mandzukic will sign a contract with the Bianconeri until 2019 worth around €4m a season.

In July of last year, Atleti paid around €22m for the striker’s signature, but things haven’t gone quite to plan for the former Bayern Munich man despite a good start.

He was reportedly not Simeone’s personal choice to replace the outgoing Diego Costa, and more often than not failed to offer the all-action type of game his predecessor offered.

However, he still managed 20 goals in all competitions, including the winner in the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid back in August.

Mandzukic also netted in the historic derby win back in February, heading home a cross from Fernando Torres in the last minute to complete a 4-0 humiliation.

As it turned out, that was to be his last goal in open play for Atleti, an ankle injury blighting his season from March onwards as he struggled to find form when needed most.

Should the deal be confirmed, he will join fellow strikers Paulo Dybala and Domenico Berardi in Turin next season, as they prepare for the likely departure of Carlos Tévez to Boca Juniors.

The Argentine frontman supposedly turned down Atleti for a return to his homeland, although the red and whites are poised to confirm the signing of Luciano Vietto from Villarreal before July 1st.

What do you make of Mandzukic’s sale? Other than Vietto, who would you like to see replace him?

  • starvs

    I like him, he’s a battler, but simply not what we need ideally, so I am happy to see him go (if true, I ain’t trust shit till a team announces it themselves).

    Now, not the greatest business if we are losing 4m on the sale, so not thrilled about that, but we probably paid a bit much for him to begin with, so likely just gotta eat it. Hopefully he was on a high salary we can at least get rid of.

    We need someone faster.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Good riddance but thank you for your effort

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It was inevitable, most of Atleti fans have been asking for his departure since March, some of them even since January, but just like Starvs, I don’t trust any transfer news until I see the player’s presentation
    However, if it’s true, then it’s a bad business, or at least not a good one, we lost 4 million while we need every penny, yes, it’s true that at Mandzukic’s age his price gets a little lower every year, and that we probably have gotten rid of a high salary like Starvs said (great point man) -by the way, according to rumors, Vietto’s salary in the first 2 seasons will be just one million- but I just can’t stop thinking that Sevilla or Napoli for example could have sold him for much more, and that’s what I talked about few days ago :
    we don’t know how to sell

    Anyway, thank you Mandzu for your goals, your effort, your broken nose, all that blood you shed, and for your hat-trick vs Olympiacos, only the second in our history in UCL

    Ramadan Mubarak

  • Luis

    Personally I think 18m for Mandzukic is a good bit of business. We bought him for a stupid amount to begin with and after last season and his age I honestly thought we’d have trouble selling him for 15m.

  • Atleti need nolito

    Vietto already there and grizi and torres too.. i think it’s time to sell jimenez too and bring rondon (who is great player for headers and physical plays) and nolito from celta
    –juanfran—–godin——gimenez—fillipe luiz—


  • aileen

    Thanks God if it`s true.And in my opinion we don`t need anybody special : maybe some young player like Nolito, or Vietto who will be gradually getting knowledge about Atletico and our style of football. In any case another ` star` who will be destroying atmosphere and make scenes about the starting eleven every match.We have Griezmann, Torres (what about Jimenez ?) they are strong, fast, motivated and experienced enough to win.Sometimes we can change for somebody younger or even Garcia. We`d better concentrate on midfield .Koke is brillant but NOT enough

  • Ringo

    is that thiago motta? lol
    If so, I don’t think I’d pick him myself.

    I think Griezmann will keep his more central role, his goals are too essential. Vietto, Torres and García battling for the other striking position seem enough for me.

    Having Óliver and Correa as additions will be very useful, but maybe another offensive midfielder or winger to complete the squad, García can be fourth attacking midfielder, but he’s fourth striker too, on my list. Saúl could be there as well, but I’ll have him as third or fourth central defensive midfielder. Maybe both Saúl and Raúl as extra offensive midfielder just in case are enough, though. But I think a pacy offensive midfielder will give the team more and in some cases (read: against certain opponents) better options.

    Koke, Saúl and Gabi, along with a physically strong defensive midfielder to be bought would be my central midfield for the coming season. On some occasions García and Óliver could play in those positions, the latter could be useful there against more defensive opponents. I’m not sure who I want as new defensive midfielder, to play next to Koke, but I think it’s the most important transfer to make this summer.

    In defense the left back position is most insecure, Gimenez seems to be taking over Miranda and a new CB will be necessary, but for the bench. I think an experienced defender would be best, with Alderweireld and Lucas as other reserves. Left back Filipe and Siqueira? Ansaldi probably won’t stay and neither do I think Insúa will. Right back position is for Juanfran and Gámez. Hopefully Manquillo is ready the following season… is he staying at Liverpool?

    Goalkeepers are good enough for me. Oblak has room to grow and Moyá as second goalie.

    I really hope our midfield is more solid and fluid next season, this season had some awful moments to watch. I think Koke, after a good summer’s rest, will be vital in central midfield and we might have to rely less on Arda, which might help him be more consistent. I just hope the new central midfielder will fit in well and be good enough for this team to grow. I don’t want Gabi as first choice anymore. He was arguably our most important player in the 13-14 season, but this season he was among the worst, in my opinion. I’d rather keep Tiago, but I think chances are higher Gabi will stay and I only want one experienced reserve.

    All in all I don’t think Mandzukic will be missed too much, but as I said before, he wasn’t to blame for the amount of goals being too low. At least far from entirely. If we can’t get a ball to our striker, we can’t blame that striker for not kicking that ball in the net.
    I won’t miss him, though. I was far from a fan, but I don’t blame him for the bad play our midfielders showed in offense.

  • Kris

    We struggled with wingers. We had none. The most natural wingers were playing left back and right back. The wing positions, along with the central midfield were the problems for us.

    Wings, we had nobody taking the ball up field, dribbling past defenders, and running straight down the flanks to make crosses. Those tasks were performed by Juanfran and Siqueira. Arda is NOT a winger, he’s an attacking midfielder. Koke is NOT a winger, he’s a central midfielder, the position he’s going back to next season(thank the gods!!!).

    Central midfield h ad no box-to-box midfielder. I don’t think that problem will be solved next season, if it’s only Koke being added to that position, along with one of the other veteran CMs. Saul looks like somebody that can essentially play as a box-to-box MF, because of his physique and his pace, but he hasn’t got the vision for passes that Koke has. But, of course them playing the double pivot together in the midfield would be a HUGE PLUS from last season.

    I don’t know how good Correa can be in the wings. And I don’t know who is a great player to play alongside Koke. These decisions are on Simeone’s hands. Hopefully, he’s thought it out well. I would love to see Atleti win the Champions League next year.

  • I’m glad he’s leaving too. Hope we get someone faster. We were very less dangerous in counters than the season before. I’m crossing my fingers for Jackson Martinez now. I really think he will be a better Costa.

  • AaX

    His Heart is Atleti, but for His Own Sake I’m Happy that he goes to a team that needed him and will utilize him well to his Strength. Atletico will not switch to 4-3-3 under Simeone because we have and will be defending at least with 2 lined 8 men of 4-4-2 (unless with a 4-5-1). So what is needed for the Attacking Break originally are Fast, Powerful and Sharp Forwards hopefully as spirited as Mandzukic has. Not many Finishers can adopt into current Atletico’s style but Mario is one of those top Finishers in the World.(Just hoped that Atleti would play a 3 attacking Griezmann, Mandzukic and Torres but it isn’t yet). However I Salute and Thanked to Mandzukic. Whatever it is, you Helped Brought us the Supercopa de Espana, Forza Atleti !!

  • Ringo

    I’m considering us playing with two attacking midfielders, I consider Óliver, Arda and Correa attacking midfielders and they’ll have half-free roles between central midfield and the strikers. In some games they’ll have to play in more wide roles and in those games a winger-type player could be useful.
    But our regular play is one with two attacking midfielders behind Griezmann and Mandzukic/Torres. Arda can fill those positions, showing up on both wings AND the center, aiding wherever possible or necessary.

    And yes, we’ll have to wait and see what we’ll get to to see in midfield next year. I hope it’ll turn out well.

  • Chewie

    Jimenez just scored a wonderful penalty last night. And he’s got another one to his name, a pity Mexico will probably not make it past group stage. The guy’s got some skills.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Nolito is not young, he will be 29 next October,
    He has nice skills and he scored league goals in double figures in the last 2 seasons, but I can’t find him a place with us, not even on the bench, if our attack is formed of Arda-Grizi-Oliver with Vietto in front of them, our bench will have RG8, Correa, Torres, Saul and maybe Jimenez
    Knowing that Simeone is not so great in rotation, Nolito will be a waste of money, especially that in the press they say his price won’t be less than 10 M

    But I agree with you about that we don’t need any special striker, and I actually don’t see any special one right now that we can sign, the 3 I consider special are Suarez, Aguero & Costa, and there is no way we can sign any of them
    For me, the more important than the special strikers are the special attacking midfielders, and we already have 2 of those, Arda & Grizi, and will have 2 more this season : Oliver & Correa, and if we can afford to sign a superstar I would go for an AM rather than a striker, I will take Hazard over Luis Suarez any time

    Vietto is a good choice, and according to many sources, we already sealed the deal for him

    I would definitely keep Jimenez and give him more chances, especially if the rumors about Miranda going to Inter are true, since he is one of the 4 who are fighting for the 3 non-Eu spots .

  • Chewie

    The most important thing is what happens on the left wing and with our midfield veterans. I’m sure Griezmann, VIetto, Arda, Koke and Oliver, plus Correa, RG8, Torres, Saul and Jimenez will be able to score no less than what we did last year. Let’s say the Frenchman scores 20+, Vietto 15+, Arda and Koke 10 together, and the other six 30 more goals in the league. It’ll be 75 goals which is 10 more than last season. And at least 5, maybe 10 will be scored by defenders and DMs. I’d like that 🙂

    But who will stop the strengthened opponents such as Valencia or Sevilla? And find a solution for the Barcelona problem? That is the question.

  • aileen

    I wish I could see it !Obviously he is a gifted guy but without `something` special what enables scoring important goles in difficult circumstances ( I mean unfriendly and distracting behaviour in the stands or pressure of time or crowded penalty area or even very fast decision to attack )

  • aileen

    Hmm;) I was convinced he is not 25, my mistake.
    Was thinking he could be a good choice if we sell any striker apart from Mandzukic. However it`s not right decision to buy new players at the same time not using or misusing those who are really good.As it comes to Aguero and Costa – especially a BIG no for Costa – as somebody told a good player is a player who wants to work for a club. Another no for Hazard -who looks to be `starring `as much as Mourinho allows him -no cooperation with other players, no culture of a hard work, no acceptance for being number two not one.He does not match Atletico at all…

  • Chewie

    Here he is.

  • Chewie

    I agree. He’s not a leader. Here’s the penalty:

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Valencia & Sevilla will be weakened next season,

    Sevilla already lost Aleix Vidal and probably will lose Bacca, and the most important man, Emery was seriously considering leaving this summer and he only stayed because the offers he got wasn’t so much better than Sevilla

    While Valencia -just like Monaco- is an “exhibition” for Jorge Mendes’ players, Falcao & James left Monaco after just one season, and just few days ago Konogobia left as well, also after only one season .. I believe the same thing will happen in Valencia, starting with Otamendi, who is in my opinion was their best player last season

    Meneds is the real ruler of those two clubs, while Rybolovlev & Lim are like toys in his hand, he was actually who convinced them to buy Monaco & Valencia, they have no idea about football and they gave him full control of their clubs

    He brought them 2 Portuguese coaches -his compatriots- who are fine but not so great, and filled the 2 teams with his players, many of them are over-priced just like the 29-year-old 25-million Enzo Perez, and -as I mentioned with examples- his players only stay for one or two seasons (just like Falcao with us)

    Another important point : UCL is stronger than UEL and Sevilla will suffer more, and Valencia will return to play in Europe again
    (I have a feeling that they will fail to qualify to UCL and will play in UEL) and they won’t have the advantage of the more rest they had last season

    Anyway, even if they kept strong squads, if we did our homework then we have nothing to worry about, 80 to 85 points will be enough to finish 3rd, and we really should have reached 80+ points last season if we didn’t drop so many easy points, wining the all 6 pts vs RM and only one vs Celta, being unable to beat Levante at their stadium since Simeone took charge, scoring only 67 goals, less than Sevilla & Valencia, in a league that have many teams with ridiculous defenses .. this is what I really worry about

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I respect your opinion, but I really don’t see the things you said about Hazard

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I also don’t see these things he speaks of