Atlético close to €22m Vietto deal

COPE is reporting that Vietto is on the verge of joining Atleti


Luciano Vietto is close to reuniting with his former boss for €22 million, according to radio station COPE.

Atletico Madrid have decided to buy Vietto from Villarreal for 22 million euros and not the 20 million clause. Why?

If Atleti were to purchase Vietto via the buyout clause, the club would have to pay roughly 40 percent in taxes, elevating the price to €28 million.

Instead, the club has made a bid higher than the release clause, 22 million, in order to avoid the taxes, pay a lower fee, and pay Villarreal a bit more. Everyone wins.

The Argentine has been on Cholo’s shortlist the whole season and now it seems like this transfer will soon become a reality.

Reports have it that the 21-year-old will sign a five year contract with the rojiblancos.

A week ago, Vietto said that it would be best for all parties if Atleti paid his release clause. Now it looks like Atleti will make their move and the Argentine will be the first signing of the season.

Even though he was born in Argentina, Vietto holds an Italian passport which means he will not take up a non-EU spot on the team.

The club currently has Miranda, Jimenez, Correa and Gimenez as non EU players. Spanish rules only allow three non EU players per squad and if rumors are to be believed, both Miranda and Jimenez will not be in Madrid for the coming season.

We expect more on Vietto soon.

What do you make of the news – and is Vietto the player we were hoping for this summer?

  • madwriter


  • urban

    Lets wait until this is official, but would be good news indeed.

    Do you think there is a place for MM9 if Vietto comes? Doesn’t trio Griezmann – MM9 – Vietto look even better than Griezmann – Tevez – Vietto?

    Tevez probably has higher football quality than MM9 but MM9 gives us more tactical options IMHO.

  • Ringo

    Don’t forget Torres and Correa
    But yeah i agree but maybe not the best tactical options

    I’ll just wait and see on that one

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    We could have paid a little less than the clause to avoid the high taxes instead of paying 2 millions more, and I read last summer that we did that with Filipe when we sold him to Chelsea so they don’t have to pay a high tax, although it could be just a rumor, but with the relationship between Gil Marin & Jorge Mendes and between Mandes & Mourinho I tend to believe it

    19.5 million would have been a fair price and a great deal for Villarreal, but it’s still a good deal for us (if it’s true) AS LONG AS there is no 3rd party that own some of Vietto’s rights, and as long as he is not represented by Mendes, and I know he isn’t, I read his agent’s name couple of times, I forgot it, but it’s not Mendes, but I’m not sure about the 3rd party thing

  • Arjit Barua

    Maybe Griezmann will go wide again? I’d love to see him in the ball more even if it means he scores 5-10 goals less because his play would create a lot more chances IMO.