The AtléticoFans Transfer Wishlist

We worked with Onefootball to present our very own list of hopefuls

Vietto debuted under Simeone at Racing

Vietto debuted under Simeone at Racing

We were asked by the guys over at Onefootball to put together a list of what we thought should have been our top ten transfer targets going into the Summer transfer window.

Let us know what you think about our choices, or check out the full selection of wish lists.

  • Koke

    Names I’d like to add to the wishlist:

    Ricardo Rodriguez – Left Back – Wolfsburg (may be expensive but young and worth it)

    Jonathas – Striker – Elche (very cheap)

    Nolito – Winger – Celta Vigo (would be a great rotational player)

    Morgan Schneiderlin – Defensive Mid – Southampton (I know he wasn’t really ever seriously linked to Atleti, but I think he’d be a great, though maybe pricey, signing. He’s big, tall, a great tackler, AND a great short/long passer, and good with his feet. Imagine him partnering Koke in the two holding midfield spots… brawn, brains, and plenty courage.

    Tevez – Juventus – Striker (he’d be perfect for Atleti and for Simeone… veteran experience is always very helpful and he’s definitely still got it. Whether as a starter or a bench player, he’d be welcome and I think cheap.)

  • best Xi

    camacho is the best choice as the replacement for the tiago for DM… hope koke will move to more central role and atleti will buy cuadrado and jonothas

  • Billy Edwards

    This was originally written a few weeks back, for those wondering why Tevez/Nolito etc. aren’t there.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    You’ve mentioned Ricardo Rodriguez several times, and I totally agree with you, he is a good LB and can be a great LB in short time, he is 22, so he is much better choice than Filipe who will turn 30 next August, and he spent the last year of those 30 on the bench
    I would pay 20 or 25 million for Rodriguez, and we have the money, the CL money which won’t be less than 30 million (20.5 prize money + the market pool which will be announced in the next few days and it should be between 10 and 15 million, if not even more), at least 50 million from selling the 3 Ms : Mandzukic-Miranda-Mario, and more couple of millions from selling some of the 15 loanees we have, players like Insua, Baptistao, Cebolla, Yassine Bono, Roben Perez & Silvio should be sold immediately, they don’t have any future with us, plus some of the Chinese money
    Cheap smart signings feel good, but expensive ones always pay-off, the 30 million we payed for Grizi are what insured us the 30 million at minimum that we will get from the CL next season

    Jonathas is a cheap smart signing, and he will be even cheaper after Elche -very sadly- have been relegated few days ago due to their debts

    I dream about Tevez, he should be another David Villa, who was a key for winning La Liga title in 2014

  • ToHaJu

    not talking about ur defense !!
    u forgot Oliver and Correa 😉

  • ToHaJu

    if u r talking about Silvio the young Argentinian winger with the big nose who played with us few years ago ,,
    he is not Atleti anymore ,,

  • BlasiusMagnus

    dude, that is salvio you talkin about. silvio is the injury prone portugusese right back, who is loan at benfica.

  • ToHaJu

    thank u man , its my bad 😉
    i knew there is something wrong with the name hehehe

  • Mrtn

    My dream signing would be James Milner for free.
    He’s above avarage in every aspect of the game, has speed, strength, skills, good tackle and positioning and unlimited stamina. He literally can play any position in midfield.
    Plus a very good mentality as he doesn’t mind to be benched still gives 100% in every minute he plays.
    My other target would be Roberto Firmino, to replace Arda. Firmino is a much better attacking midfielder, way more dangerous, can be decisive, and he also has the mentality of a warrior. He tackles much better than Arda, but mainly, he can provide assists and score goals like an attacking midfileder should.
    Nolito is an amazing player too, plus I think he can be used in central position too. (again, to replace Arda)
    Actually I see no chance of signing Tevez, as I think he will return home or stay at Juve, but if this transfer could go through, I would be the happiest. He also is an extremly compact player, you can hardly find such a hardworking striker. Skills, finishing, speed, passing, pressing… this guy is amazing. Also, he has an extremly good attitude, he always wanted to leave England still gave 100% in City for years.
    With these 3 players our play could be way more dynamic, which I think Cholo prefers instead of possession play.
    Camacho or Xhaka could be great for DM, both defend good and are better technically than Gabi, Tiago or Mario.
    The key for next year’s success is to replace Arda as the “creative” midfielder, to strenghten the central positions, and to replace Mandzukic. Another season gone, still no sign of developement in Arda’s play, no goals, no assist, he is just not dangerous enough, also, he sucks at defending, slows down our play and throws his shoe at referees…
    For Mandzukic Jonathas could be a cheap replacement, but I believe Torres could raise his game to the good old level and score much more goals with the right support.
    Although I think Griezmann is a great player I feel he doesn’t really fit into Cholo’s plans. If Tevez (or Vietto) comes in, we could sell him for the highest bidder.
    I hope to see some action from Correa and Oliver too.
    Vamos Atleti

  • mithras asscheek

    arda sucks at defending? lol what a joke, he showed so many motm performances this season, he was literally everywhere in the leverkusen matches defending left and right. the reason he doesnt have that many assists is because he prefers to start the attack, not end it. he nearly plays every game, no wonder he faded out at the end of the season. arda is a vital part in atleti, esp. when hes in form i cant see him leaving anysoon. he loves the club, the club loves him. also no development? he scored 9 goals last season, a few were in very crucial matches. the thing is, since filipe left hes been much less dangerous. they had great linkup play, shame he left

  • mithras asscheek

    also liverpool just signed james, theres no way we can sign him

  • Adnan Khan

    I agree, Mrtn has never been a fan of Arda so there is no surprise this is coming from him. But the thing that do surprise me is his desire to sell Griezmann. I was almost 100% sure no one would say anything like that about Griezmann because he has had a very good first season.

    Honestly i was saying the same about griezmann the first month griezmann played with us. I said things like “he will never score as much goals with us as he did with sociedad” but he actually did better. No point selling the player who have been scoring most of our goals.

  • Mrtn

    Sorry guys, I know many of you are in love with Arda, believe me, my biggest problem with him is that I expected so much more from him.
    Be realistic, last year he made 7 canadien points the whole season in a team which won the champioship. This year he made it to 8…
    That’s way too less for an attacking midfielder of a top side.
    You can’t tell me that you are satisfied with those numbers, honestly.
    The thing about Griezman is not that I want to sell him, but the fact that we WILL sell him, this year or the next one… This is Atleti, this is how we do it 🙂
    Griezman is a great player, you can see that’s what I said, but he will leave, sooner or later, and that’s no problem for Atletico.
    Aupa Atleti!