Could Carlos Tevez be the answer for Atleti?

The Juventus man is reportedly a target for Simeone

Hellas Verona FC v Juventus FC - Serie A

Atlético Madrid have had a ‘tigre’ and a ‘bestia’ and now they’re reportedly after an ‘apache’.

Carlos Tevez will reportedly play his last match for Juventus on Saturday as his side face off against Barcelona in the Champions League Final.

The rumour began after Spanish journalist, Manolo Lama, said that a player playing in the Champions League Final would end up playing for Atleti.

Eyes were immediately fixed on Fernando Llorente, the Spanish international, who has not impressed so far in Turin. Curiously, Llorente began to follow Atleti on Twitter shortly after the rumour broke out.

However, COPE came out and said that the chosen one wasn’t Llorente but Tevez instead.

The Argentine has had a sublime season for Juventus this season, scoring 29 goals this season most notably seven goals in 12 Champions League matches.

His great form has caused Argentina coach, Tata Martino to call him up for the Copa America; he hadn’t played for Argentina since the last Copa America in 2011.

Since ‘el Apache’ is on his last year of contract, rumours have it that his price would be around 10 million euros. The price is low, but it’s important to keep in mind that the Juve star is 31 years old.

If Tevez were to come, Mandzukic would surely be on his way out as there would be an overbooking in the forward department at the squad.

If Atleti do end up signing Tevez, that doesn’t stop the Vietto transfer from happening, according to AS and other Spanish outlets.

Cholo wants an Argentine revolution at Atleti: Tevez, Correa, Vietto and River Plate’s Matias Kranevitter and Emanuel Mammana.

What do you think of the prospect of Tevez joining? Or is this all just hear’say?

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  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, I want him .. and yes, I think we can sign him

    This is a very similar case to David Villa’s
    Tevez is not old, 31 and 4 months, Villa was 31 and 8 months when we signed him, and no one can deny that we wouldn’t have won La Liga without him, his 2 goals in the 2-0 win in Vigo, his goal and assist in the 2-1 win in San Sebastian, the 2 penalties he provoked (and scored one of them) in the 2-1 win in Granada and his goal in the 1-1 draw vs Sevilla in the Calderon .. those are 10 points Villa added for us
    (9 points to be accurate, because if he didn’t score vs Celta we would still get a point, but who knows, maybe if he didn’t score the 2 goals and kill the game we would have conceded and lost)

    Villa wanted to leave Europe in 2013-14 but we were able to convince him to stay for one more season and even take a big cut from his salary for a promising project and interesting challenge, and we can do the same with Tevez who is thinking about a “premature” return to Boca, we can allure him with life in Spain, challenging Real & Barca and playing under Simeone
    I just read an article about him in Marca under the headline : “12 million or Simeone”
    referring to the 12 million per season PSG offering him, and we know for a fact that Tevez does not find happiness in money, he hated England too much and he never hidden that and he accepted less salary in Italy, a more comfortable country for him

    With only one season left in his contract and with the promise from Juve to facilitate his exit when he decides to leave, I think we can sign him for much less than 10 million, just like Villa, and we can afford his big salary (big for us) which reportedly is about 4.5 million after taxes for one or two seasons, and this is what I think how long he will stay with us, and that’s why we will still sign another striker if we got Tevez, maybe Vietto
    But Tevez or no Tevez, there is no way Mandzukic is gonna stay

    I think Tevez is a perfect answer for Atleti, not a long term one, maybe just one season like Villa, but he can win us trophies like Villa did, in fact, if we had someone like Tevez this season we could have achieved at least 10 more points, just one goal in each of the five 0-0 draws we had .. one of his dribbles or one of his insane shots from open play or free-kicks would have done it
    That was our real problem, the lack of goals, just 67 in La Liga, less than Valencia and Sevilla who scored 70 & 71 respectively, while despite losing Filipe and Courtois and the drop of form of Gabi & Tiago, we kept our defensive solidity, conceding just 29 goals in La Liga, only behind Barca

    I definitely will be happy with Tevez .

  • BlasiusMagnus

    “Cholo wants an Argentine revolution at Atleti”

    i would love that. i’m not a big fan of the recent argentine players, but i really like the ones who played for us in the last 13 years. cholo, agüero, maxi, salvio, even leo franco

  • Urban

    Griezmann, Vietto, Teves and their subs Torres, Correa and RG8. This looks great, considerting our financial situation. I hope this comes true.

    I was always fond of Argentines and I would have nothing against signing Kranevitter, Mammana, Vietto and Tevez to the team.

    The problem is Mandzukic, as selling him is a prerequisite for serious transfer activity. Firsty, he bought a house in Madrid he loves it here and he does not want to move. Secondly, our club wants approx. 25 mln for him, which is even a higher amount than what we paid for him (while now he is a year older and has a poor season behind him).

    Only a very good offer for him could change this and the one Galliani brought was not good enough. I hope Wolfsburg will step up their interest as they really value him and have all the money in the world, or maybe someone from EPL – he would fit just right in there.

  • exempt

    I know they want to sell Mandžukić at a profit (which is actually unlikely to happen), but Caminero & co. should even consider bids at €18-20m. Whether the Croat loves it there or not, he’s not a benchwarmer and unless he’s guaranteed a starting berth next season, I feel he’ll leave.

  • Teves coming in would be a great signing. After this season, Atleti fans realized that we need a striker who can press high and get that counter attack going.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    I’d say go for it and since he is getting older Correa would be the perfect sub in the upcomming campaign