Player ratings: Torres rescues a point at Levante

Few MOTM candidates in under-par performance from Simeone's men


Atleti twice fought back through goals from Guilherme Siqueira and Fernando Torres to salvage a 2-2 draw at Levante this afternoon, but will come away disappointed it wasn’t more in a frustrating game on the east coast.

Our winless run at the Ciutat de Valencia continues, but the point does keep us just a win away from securing third place after Valencia’s draw in the capital last night.

See how we ranked each player below:

Jan Oblak – 6

Not really a great deal that the big goalkeeper could’ve done about either goal, the second of which was particularly unfortunate. Made a few good catches, although wasn’t called into action too much.

Juanfran – 6

The engine on the right side, who we have to give credit to for always giving 100%, even if the same can’t be said for others. Saw a lot of the ball in the second half, but couldn’t really make the telling contribution.

João Miranda – 4

We are staunch defenders of Miranda, but today really was a game to forget for him. At fault for the first goal with a careless header, and didn’t look convincing at all from then on. Late pass straight to opponent when Atleti were chasing the game summed up his performance.

José Giménez – 6

The leader in defence today, although he doesn’t look quite as assured without Godín alongside him. His diagonal balls were a useful tactic and lead to Siqueira’s goal, and he almost got one himself if not for a good save from Mariño.

Guilherme Siqueira – 7 (Man of the Match)

Was caught out of position for the first two goals, although we’ll let him off for the second as he was the one smashing it into the net. Credit where it’s due, he has stepped up his game lately but still leaves a lot to be desired defensively.

Tiago – 7

Impressive first half, with a good display of passing and fantastic assist for Siqueira’s goal. We were a little surprised when Cholo opted to replace him, but it paid off in the end. Yellow card means he’ll miss Barça match, should it go ahead.

Gabi – 6

We speak about the Gabi situation every week, and despite a decent first half, the midfield was not as good in the second and he was ultimately sacrificed. Would think that he will be replaced in the starting line-up from next season.

Koke – 6

Given the high standards that he has set himself, lately we’ve not been seeing the best version of Koke. Having not had a proper rest, well, ever, perhaps fatigue is taking it’s toll. Still, got himself an assist with the corner for Torres’ goal.

Arda Turan – 6

Like many others, good first half, faded during the second. Drifted in and out of the game, and although he produced a few moments of magic, again he wasn’t at the level we’ve come to expect. Not ending the season in great fashion.

Antoine Griezmann – 5

More or less absent today, but for a late miscue when he was in a good position behind the Levante defence. He too is looking a little tired, and just didn’t seem at all sharp today. Will need him back on his game against Barça, as a win would secure third place.

Mario Mandzukic – 7

Despite only playing an hour, this was probably the best Mandzukic has looked in over two months. With no goal since February, he’s not looking confident with his finishing, but was causing problems and getting into good positions today. Just missing the goal.


Fernando Torres – 7

Like at Villarreal the other week, he came on and scored what could be a vital goal for Atleti if they are to get that last automatic Champions League place. Looked motivated and in good shape, and really got up well to head home the equaliser. Promising.

Saúl Ñíguez – 6

We’ve been asking to see Saúl in the middle for a while, and he made a positive impact by adding strength and guile to the midfield. Having signed a new contract this week, today’s cameo could be a glimpse into his future with the club.

Raúl García – 5

No real impact from Raúl, who was mainly brought on as a target man when chasing the equaliser. Did play a part in forcing the corner for Torres’ goal, so it worked to an extent.

Do you agree with our ratings? Who was your Man of the Match?

  • atleti10

    Not too sure about Mandzukic’s rating, It’s all well and good getting in the right positions but as a striker earning over 100,000 euro a week and costing over 20 million euro if you cant finish your chances your useless.

  • Chewie

    Absolutely agree. In a game that has to be won, a striker can’t serve as another defender.

  • BlasiusMagnus
  • AaX

    EL CHOLO, The Champion of Spain is FIGHTING to secure 3rd Place. POR FAVOR, Figure this once Out For Us! We have done Ok in the UCL, but this Should be the least of our Standard. AUPA Atleti !!

  • atleti10

    Haha, as one of the few native English speakers on here I should be ashamed.

  • aileen

    And that`s me as third with the same opinion.In fact don`t know why Mandzukic simply has to be Cholo`s first choice ?!

  • Ringo

    feel like the consistency is a little lost at the moment, hopefully it’ll return next season. I haven’t seen much improvement in the creative offensive teamplay department the past few months. Griezmann has shown he’ll probably do pretty great next season, but I’m not too sure if the others will be better, too… Torres might improve, but with him you cannot be certain.
    Simeone stuck to Gabi and Tiago pretty much the entire season. Today we’ve seen Koke and Saúl together for a bit, but Gabi is worsening and Tiago is getting older, of course.
    I know partido a partido is the motto, but if this is a crossing year, the next one has to be in the back of the mind a little… right?
    Hope the preseason, with Óliver and maybe Correa as “real” additions to the first team to take away some of Arda and Koke’s responsibilities… two creative forces aren’t enough, will be very beneficial. Saúl and Raúl can rotate with those beforementioned players, in addition to Mario and Gabi (I have no idea what Tiago’s gonna do) and the midfield might be all right… but what about the rest? Miranda might be leaving. Giménez is ready, but I’m not too sure about Alderweireld and Lucas (yet). Toby was pretty good at Southampton, but Atleti asks for a little more. Soton was majestic as a second placed team but it’s still accepted for them to end up 7th place, with us that’s not the case (anymore). I know they’re different leagues, but I don’t think Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham are better than Valencia, Sevilla, Athletic and Villarreal, at all.
    So… a new central defender to be bought? What about the possible transfer ban… any updates?

    Too many thoughts for one post… central question: how ready are we for next season? Maybe if we won this game, Cholo was more free to test out some different formations in the last two games (if they go through, of course).

    I’m scared, I don’t want us to drop again. Prove me wrong Atleti!

  • Lubo

    Gimenez is ready, Toby should and will probably be sold. His style is similar to Johnny Heitinga. Rock-solid defender who also wasn’t meant for Atleti and made a solid career in England. But you also forgot another young centre-back – Velazquez, who is arguably the best player in Getafe this season.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I love long comments with too many thoughts, I guess you all know that !

    Torres already improved, and I’m sure that he will improve more next season, and I’m sorry, but I find the phrase “with him you can not be certain” a little insulting
    Torres has 2 problems in my opinion :
    1- He set the bar very high for himself
    2- The media was very harsh with him, since he played in EPL, probably the most widely covered sport competition on the planet, those too many “sport jokes” accounts on social media found him a rich material for their taunting

    But let’s look at some numbers and facts from his “bad era” with Chelsea :
    in his first half season when he was still adapting he scored 1 goal and made 2 assists, but in his 3 full seasons he scored 44 goals and made 18 assists, 15 goals and 6 assists per season in a very difficult circumstances with huge pressure upon him from everybody and everywhere, with coaches keeping changed and with being benched for long time
    In 2012-13 when he had a great coach who gave him support & confidence, Rafa Benitez, he had his best season with Chelsea, 22 goals & 7 assists, and he made a record that I don’t think it will be ever broken, he scored in 7 different competitions in one season : EPL, FA Cup, League Cup, Com. Shield, UCL, Europa League & Club World Cup
    With Chelsea he was always the man of big games, he scored in UCL 1/2 final twice, in Europa League Final & in UEFA Super Cup

    And let’s look at his numbers with Spain when he was playing with Chelsea :
    He played 21 games, started 13 of them, and scored 13 goals
    He was the top scorer of Euro 2012 and The Confederations Cup 2013

    Clearly Chelsea was Torres’ problem, not that Torres was Chelsea’s problem, but yet, he had good numbers, not as good as his numbers with Liverpool, but not as bad as those jokers on the media made us believe, I bet many of them don’t have any idea about all those numbers above

    I don’t think that Torres can repeat Falcao’s or Costa’s numbers next season, but I think he can repeat his average with Chelsea, 15 goals per season, and I guess everybody will be happy with that number, Villa also scored 15 goals, and Torres will turn 32 next season, same age of Villa last season
    In few months Torres became more important than Mandzukic, and we owe our 4 points gap with Valencia to him, but we don’t hear or read a lot about that, in contrary, instead of taunting Mandzukic who haven’t scored in 3 months they keep taunting Torres, even when he scores, “Torres scored, this is the end of the world” and stuff like that, pathetic stupid losers, just like those in Stamford Bridge yesterday who were making fun of the Legend Gerrad because of his famous slip, and forgot about the other slip of Terry

    What I’m trying to say is this :
    In my opinion, Chelsea’s Torres was not as bad as many people think, and it’s the media fault, and as I repeated many times : I believe we live in the worst era ever for sports media, football media in particular, not talking about social media, but about giant sports stations and papers, and I gave many examples before

    What will happen to Tiago in my opinion is that he will have less minutes and will be a wild card in big games for his experience, and will be a great substitute when the injuries and suspensions hit us
    Next season will probably be the last one for Tiago in the elite leagues, then he will leave to a “retirement league” in the middle east or in USA, but I’m more concerned about the retired Tiago, I see a great future coach in him with his huge and different experiences in 5 of the top 6 leagues in Europe, and with his position in the pitch (I always thought that midfielders make better coaches) and he must be ours, he could succeed Simeone one day
    The center midfield next season will be for Gabi, Koke & a young new signing, maybe Kranevitter or Tielemans, but you have to forget about Mario, I don’t think there is a slightest chance for him to stay next season, especially after what he said last week

    I agree with Lubo about Toby, and I think many Atelti fans do too, I can’t find him a place with us, next season Godin-Gimenez will be our undisputed CB pair, and
    I don’t think Toby can be our first choice RB either, only 3 or 4 players in the world can remove Juanfran from that spot, and Toby is not one of them
    And if Velazquez has a European passport then he will probably be our backup CB, and if not then maybe we will sign a new center back and loan Velazquez for another season and maybe loan Lucas as well, especially after Atleti B have been relegated to Tercera
    (I speak about new signings in spite of the anticipated FIFA sanction because if it happened we will appeal and at least get it delayed for one window, like Barca)

    I think the two key words for next season are : Oliver & Correa
    Can Simeone blend them into the team ?! can he change our system and improve our creativity, possession and passing game ?! can he play a beautiful attacking football ?!
    That’s the biggest question for me, and I have no answer, must wait and see

  • Chewie

    A coaching pair of Tiago and Gabi I’d like to see some day. Tiago with all the experience in the world and Gabi a home-grown authority.

    I don’t think SImeone will play a beautiful attacking football. If he finds a way to implement both Correa and Oliver, and let other youngsters play more often, what we’ll get is a flexible team playing mostly counter-attacking football with equal and superior opponents or in bad times, and letting the boys enjoy the game when all goes well.

    It depends to a huge extent on how the full-backs will perform. Suqiera is showing signs of progress attack-wise but he’s still quite bad in defense. Gamez just hasn’t got the class and Juanfran can’t play all the time, and he’s also not as good as he used to be.

    Plus, I’d like to see more of Jimenez.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Tiago & Gabi as a coaching pair would be great, but I don’t think it will happen, I see both of them as first men, both are Simeones and none of them is Mono

    Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t think that Siqueira is that bad at defense, plus : the fact that he attacks a lot means that he makes his opponent right back very busy, so it’s actually good defending

    Gamez is not a world-class right back, but that doesn’t mean he can’t rotate with Juanfran next season, especially against small teams, at the age of 30 -which will become 31 next January- it’s not right and not fair that Juanfran keeps ending every season as the most used outfield player (this season he is the most used player without the word “outfield” since we used 2 goalkeepers)
    And after all, Gamez already achieved the most difficult thing in football : gaining Simeone’s trust !

    Jimenez’s biggest problem is his passport, especially after Gil & Berta traveled to Argentina last week to make some shopping, and if they brought at least one player who doesn’t have a European passport then Jimenez is out, on loan at least, because the other 2 non-European spots are for Gimenez & Correa

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    Have you read the rumors about Griezman? According to el confidencial Simeone doesn’t think he is vital for our team and will say yes to sell him!

  • atleti10

    If it sounds like bullshit it is bullshit. Griezmann is going nowhere.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Last summer, according to Marca, Miranda signed for Barca, while according to AS, he was seen in a school in Manchester signing up his 2 sons before joining Man Utd
    Few months ago, everybody was saying that 2016 is the last year for Simeone with Atleti (although his previous contract was until 2017 !) then he will take a year off to learn English then he will go to EPL
    Few weeks ago, France Football reported that Atleti will sign Cavani, and in order to cover his big transfer fee and his high salary they will sell Koke & Arda, so we will sign one of the best strikers in the world but he will have to assist himself !
    They can’t even make a good lie ! .. look at the one you have mentioned : they could have said that Griezmann will leave because he wants a different challenge or bigger salary or more trophies, or that we need the money, but no, he will leave because he is not “vital” for the team .. then who is ?! Mario Suarez !!

    This is just an example about “the worst era of football journalism”
    I talked about in my first comment above

    I don’t give a shit about the rumors, in the summer I don’t visit sports websites, I unfollow their accounts on twitter then follow them again when the transfer window closes, and I already have blocked many transfer rumors accounts, and whenever I see another one on my timeline I block it as well
    There is a section for rumors in this website, and I rarely comment on them because I don’t read them
    Why do I have to torture myself for 3 months ?!

    I am very calm, none of those who could have left last season but didn’t will leave this season, not after Simeone’s renewal, not after the Chinese money, not after the Royal Decree for collective bargaining for TV rights, and most importantly : not with the possible transfer ban we could get
    Koke, Arda, Godin & Juanfran are not going anywhere
    and I’m not sure about Grizi, but he seems more like those four than Filipe & Costa
    Some big names will leave, but because we want them to leave, Miranda, Mario, and maybe Mandzukic .. but that’s it

    But I have to say : when the rumor is about us signing a new player then it may have a little credibility, because we don’t have our own media who makes propaganda for us, but also we have to be reasonable, we can’t easily believe that we will sign Reus or Vidal or Cavani, but we can believe that we will sign a young talent, like Correa who we kept reading rumors about signing him for several months

    This is my way for dealing with rumors .

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    I had the same opinions, but look! First that was “el confidencial” article and second i was thinking!
    Cholo wants to change the system to 4-3-3 and 4-5-1! With one striker, Griezman can’t be that guy… Summer is coming, we will see! Aupa Atleti!

  • Chewie

    That sweet taste of your arch enemy’s defeat. Sometimes what one needs is a little gloating over the others’ misfortunes. Bravo, Juventus.