Atlético B go ahead but lose again

New signing José Collado scored the first goal of our season

josé collado

Atlético B threw away a golden opportunity to get their first win of the season away to Leganés on Sunday night. Our second team went one up, but lost again after two second half strikes from the home side.

Rivas’ men were superior in the first half and took the lead through on-loan striker José Collado. It was Atlético B’s first goal of the season, in their third game.

We then tried to double their lead, but José Collado was controversially denied a second goal.

In the second half Leganés turned the score around with goals by Zazo and Arruabarrena, leaving Atlético B with just one point after three league matches.

Alberto Perea wasn’t available, but coach Antonio Rivas was able to welcome back Sebastián Gallegos, after the Uruguayan forward had missed the first two matches due to injury.

Line-up: Iago; Benítez, Regalón, Atienza, Cantero; Miramón, Koke, Sergio Marcos, Mínguez; Saúl and Collado
Subs: Fer (“62), Abel (“83) and Gallegos (“83).

Goals: 0-1 Collado; 1-1 Zazo; 2-1 Arruabarrena

Next week Atlético B will try to get its first win in the home match against Guadalajara.

  • NiñoTorres

    Well, at least they have their first goal 🙂 It’s great that Saúl is playing regularly with 3 starts from 3 games, and I really hope that now Gallegos is back from injury he gets more time on the pitch than last year. I wonder why Alberto Perea and Pulido didn’t play? Both may be on the verge of the first team, but I don’t think either travelled to Bilbao on Saturday so it seems strange that they weren’t involved here.

  • Arjit

    I think pulido and alberto perea will probably start against aris. Ahead of the barca match i think it’ll be a more reserved side:

    de gea/joel

    forlan will probably come off in the second half and will be replaced by a central mid 🙂

  • Independencia atletica

    Well, i think pplyers as valera will not play much during the season. Against athletic was Perea who quique puts on the pitch. On the other hand, i don´t know what we do with three players for one site: Assunçao, Camacho and Mario Suarez. Camacho is going to pay this situation with a minor contribution on the team, i think. Anyway we cuoldn´t underestimate the match against Aris, an we´d put on the pitch all the key players. The season has barely begun

  • Ringo Schut

    Arjit, Perea and Pulido will certainly not play, they’re not selected.

    I think we’ll see enough of our starters. Biggest questions will be in CM, 5 players selected for two positions.

  • k14

    Eventhough they were not listed in the competition squad list, they still qualify as they are both under 20 and were with atleti for 3 years at least (or at least i think so).

  • Ringo Schut

    I mean not selected for the match in Aris 😉