Player ratings: Another ‘final’ won for Atleti

Atlético inch closer to securing third place with another important win


Atlético tightened their grip on third place on Wednesday evening as a special goal from Fernando Torres secured all three points at El Madrigal.

Here is our take on how our players performed on the night.

Jan Oblak – 8 (Man of the Match)

An incredible match from the Slovenian keeper as he made a terrific save in the first half to keep the match level. Jan commanded his box very well catching everything that came his way.

Juanfran – 6

A quiet match from the Spaniard as we didn’t see him race down the wings as he usually does. His crosses were a bit poor tonight, but his defensive presence was solid.

Diego Godín – 8

The Uruguayan giant was incredible once again. He made an impressive goal-line clearance and made crucial tackles and blocks in the second half. The Madrigal was whistling him all night, but it only made him play better.

Miranda – 7

Great work as usual from the Brazilian as he made several key interceptions and tackles.

Jesús Gámez – 8

What a match by the Spaniard. He was involved in the attacking aspect of the match and made great plays with Koke, Arda and Gabi.

Gabi – 7

Our captain kept his composure and made several recoveries in the midfield. He took one for the team when he committed a tactical foul in the first half and received a yellow card. He provided good defensive and attacking contributions until he was subbed off.

Tiago – 6

The veteran Portuguese midfielder was a bit slow today and had a couple of sloppy passes. However, his aerial work was impeccable and his clearances were effective.

Koke – 7

An eager match from the midfielder as he was trying to do it all, but sadly not much came from his boots today. He had a chance to score in the first half, but his shot just grazed the post. In the second half he dropped deeper in the pitch to replace Gabi.

Arda – 6

The Turk had some incredible dribbles and almost scored in the first half, but he did not do much else. Arda seemed tired and lacked creativity with the ball and was subbed off in the second half.

Antoine Griezmann – 5

A disappointing match from the Frenchman as he seemed a bit out of it. He had a good chance to double the lead, but placed his shot directly at Asenjo.

Mandzukic – 6

The Croat was very active in this match and played well. He had a few headed opportunities, but they were too weak or off target. His hold up play was excellent and he defended when needed.


Fernando Torres – 8

Torres came on and it seemed like there were two of him; he was everywhere. His constant pressuring allowed him to score the only goal of the match after capitalizing in a defensive mistake and dribbling past three Villarreal players.

Saúl – 5

Saúl still seems a bit out of it and he didn’t add much to the game. He had initiative when he first came on as he tried to score off a volley, but his shot went wide. After that, the youngster disappeared and didn’t do much on the pitch.

Raúl García – 6

An away match just isn’t the same without Raúl García and it was strange not seeing him on the pitch until he came on for Gabi. He was active and constantly pressuring and trying to force the Villarreal players into making mistakes.

  • Sam Kouzeili

    Mandzukic is usless and very slow. I wish we can sell him , we cant play on the counter because of his big ass. El nino was fast like a horse and he is the saver . Raul Garcia is the best wrestler Atleti can have I enjoy watching him beating the opponent. Siqueira should play he is not that bad as a left back . I wonder when correa oliver will start playing with us!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wish Mandzukic had a big ass, then I would understand why he is very slow !
    He is tall, thin and strong, so why the hell he is that slow ?!

    Gamez instead of Siqueira & Ansaldi is another mystery, at least for me, because it seems that some people like him as a left back, Arthur gave him an 8 tonight, but for me, he doesn’t deserve more than 4

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Mandzukic with a higher rating than Griezmann? Gamez with an 8? For real? Smh if Mandzukic never plays for Atleti again it would be too soon

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    And Gamez wastes the ball A LOT. Some of the guys watched the game with me today and even they saw it

  • Luis

    Gamez had a solid game and he’ll be a great back up defender for next year. Mandzukic’s hold up play was good but if he wasn’t able to do that then he might as well go play another sport. The Croat needs to go.

  • AaX

    Mandzukic is a finisher. Good in box positioning, strength and aerial abilities. His only attribute which is fitted in the current Atletico’s game set up is as the physical target man and to then provide passing to upcoming attacking players. In this tactical set-up he’s not nor could be played to his true strength which is as a world class in box striker/finisher. That’s why he’s being partnered and complimented with a pacy and sharp player in the likes of Griezmann, but in my opinion the problem is that Mandzukic isn’t a great passer and most of the attacking moves from mid opposition half onwards went wasted or fail to reach its maximum potential.

    In my oppinion the best forward partnership in this tactical set-up, would be Torres and Griezmann because Torres does have a considerable physical presence and he’s a better passer. Plus both of them are quick players but must be implemented consistently enough to help improve their attacking combinations.
    If 4-2-3-1 system is being played, then Arda, Torres and Griezmann would play behind Mandzukic but Atletico’s tactical gameplay or shape isn’t based on that,well at least not just yet, So currently we are playing with a 4-2-2-2 Wing Back System.

    Aupa Atleti ! P E A C E

  • AaX

    Atletico is adjusting from last year’s Diego Costa attacking based formation system, so the nearest player I could in the like of Costa are either Raul Jimenez or Torres, but I have never regarded Torres as a striker. To me he’s a World Class Centre Forward.

  • Chewie

    8 for the effort and 5 for the result to Gamez. I think he plays instead of Siqueira because of the attitude – he’s a kind of a blend of Juanfran (thinning hair, speed, work rate, beard) and Raul Garcia (toughness, strength, beard, work rate), a tireless and more or less consistent fellow who would keep running and battling until he drops dead. Moya, Raul, Juanfran, Gabi, Gamez – to me they are all specimens of one specie. Of course, each with a unique number if characteristics of which hard work is the top one.

    The problem with Mandzukic is that he’s naturally strong yet not athletic like Torres or other guys who have great explosive speed.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Gamez-Siqueira is the same story as Moya-Oblak
    Gamez & Moya are definitely less than Siqueira & Oblak, and Simeone -as a great coach- is the first one to know that, but he also sees them as a safer choice than Siqueira & Oblak who could be much better than the other two but also could be a risk, and Simeone showed us this season that he is very reluctant to taking risks, even if that risk was just from his imagination

    Simeone was the one who thanked the mothers of his players for giving birth to them with “huevos grandes” , so he should show much bigger “hueves” than what we have seen this season, hueves grandes is the only thing we needed to knock out RM from the CL, and if he had them he would have played with Siqueira that day, and I’m very sure that the result would have been different

  • Chewie

    Not so sure about Siqueira. Moya had his Karmic punishment – 1 mistake that cost as a win, then injury out of nowhere and inevitable descend to the bench. Siqueira had all the chances in the world but apart from a couple of inspired performances he showed nothing. While Gamez, though inferior in talent, keeps growing and producing the same result. He’s predictable, and I think Simeone likes it very much. He loves to play it safe, the boss, and with Real it was a disastrous decision. But hey, it’s hist first trophy-less season. And there’s hope that the team will get better even with the players we have so the best is yet to come, hopefully.