Spanish radio claims Atleti face transfer ban

Both Madrid clubs in hot water according to El Larguero

Club Atletico de Madrid Present New Signing Fernando Torres

Late last night, Cadena SER and Cadena COPE revealed that both Atlético and Real Madrid are to be banned from making transfers for the next two windows.

According to journalist José Ramón de la Morena, FIFA will hit the two Madrid clubs with sanctions for breaking the rules on signing players under the age of eighteen.

This comes a year after Barcelona were hit with the same ban, which begins this summer after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected their appeal and upheld the suspension.

Details are still not fully clear, although Atlético were supposedly the first of the two clubs informed after a recent investigation along with Spain’s governing body, the RFEF.

If outside the EU, youth transfers between international clubs are only permitted if the player’s parents have moved country for their own non-related reasons, or the player’s home is less than 50 kilometres from the national border being crossed.

Atleti say that they co-operated fully with FIFA during the investigation, and have always acted properly with approval from the relevant footballing federations.

Club officials also stated that no information has been received about a potential ban, and that they hold the correct licenses for all non-EU players within the cantera.

FIFA declined to comment, but according to the report on El Larguero, they hold a zero tolerance policy and are keen to make an example in both cases similar to the one with Barcelona.

Should the ban go through, Simeone will be unable to strengthen his squad during the upcoming off-season or in January 2016, although this could be frozen for the summer at least with an appeal.

Not only would players be unable to register for the first team, outgoings would also be forbidden when still under contract.

With Atlético B on the verge of relegation – most likely pushing the C-team to extinction – this would be another nail in the coffin for our already struggling cantera.

Again, nothing is confirmed for now, but official clarification is expected in the coming days.

What do you make of the allegations? Could the current squad survive with a transfer ban?

  • urban

    I’m pretty calm.

    1. the ban has not been confirmed yet, it is just a rumour, and from what I read even if we are penalised it might just be a fine (although I personally still believe it is likely we will receive a transfer ban)

    2. even if the ban is in place it most likely will not happen this summer so we will still be able to get this window the team ready for the next two years

    3. I am 100% sure that if we get the ban it will be no suprise to our management, Cholo and the team. after barca got their ban if there were any irregularities in our club then they must have known what is coming. I think this may partially explain why do we keep basically an entire team loaned out or why did we sign tiago again

    4. we really do have a great team loaned out and waiting to return

    5. our current squad does not need much bolstering, for the next few years we need like two or three transfers that can be made this summer

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Some great points from Urban, and the most important two are that (if) the ban happened we probably will appeal to CAS and at least get it postponed for one window, which will allow us to sign who we need next summer, who are -and that’s the second point- not too many, just 3 or 4 players, in case of Filipe being one of them, but if not then we will need 7 players : a striker, a midfielder, a playmaker and 4 left backs, just in case Simeone did’t trust 3 of them !

    The biggest challenge will be keeping all our players the summer after that, and who knows, maybe the ban will be a good news as it could force the management to work harder to keep our key players, and it could convince some players to stay at least for one more season until the ban ends if they are loyal, and I’m sure they are, all the disloyal ones have left in the big exodus in 2014