Matchday LIVE: Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid

The most important Madrid derby of the season is upon us


Kick-off is finally here! Join us as Atlético make the short trip north across the capital to take on arch rivals Real Madrid for a place in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Confidence is high for Atleti, and Los Rojiblancos will be looking to record their fifth win over Real Madrid this season. A score draw will do!

Use the comments to post your thoughts, reactions and (hopefully) celebrations. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Real Madrid: 



  • t2team

    please sub out mandzkic and put torres

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Oblak you just can hate that guy man, he seems so confident and the actions he has taken so far has been spot on!

    Miranda is back with his shirt grabbing manner, I just hope he doesn’t screw up in the second half or even overtime

    In general though it looks very difficult for us and we knew that before the match. It isn’t easy to defend and score at the same time, so the best way to get a goal would be a deadball situation. Who knows Gamez’s long throw-ins might make the difference between winning and losing even though I dont like the idea.

  • Max Huber

    I think it´s tactic to play defensively and change the game immidiately if there is the opportunity. Real always goes worse in the second half, so then Atletico has to change their style and attack! The problem is our passing play and we have to be faster in the counter attacks! Now it´s time to bring Raul and Torres and hopefully they can make it faster! Griezmann is a lonely ranger up front and Mandzukic is invisible!

  • Abdil Egriøz

    I dont know… we need a big headstrong person to receive the long passes and Mandzukic is just the man for that + The only way I see us scoring is from a corner or freekick and again Mandzukic is better than Torres in that area

  • Abdil Egriøz

    I’ve never really liked Mandzukic in the counter attacking phase but I think Tactically he is the best person if we have to win. A cross in or a corner to Mandzukic is extremely deadly and that is the most likely way we will get a goal if we can get a goal.

  • Max Huber

    I don´t think Mandzukic is in good form yet, he seems so clumsy – well Torres neither – but I know that Torres can be fast – the defence of Real is struggling and I´m sure they really would get chances if they just opens up the game!

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Man it’s so difficult to keep your hear rate down during these games, I try to sit as calm as possible not to get a heart attack.

  • Chewie

    Well, I feel calm about that. To be honest, both legs were Real all the way. We didn’t do anything to win but we did fall prey to our biggest vice – stupid and unnecessary fouling. Arda, man, you’ve got a yellow card, why the hell would you challenge a player on his side of the pitch? And Garcia who gets a yellow every game he plays. Lousy Tiago whose slow thinking almost caused us a couple of goals.

    I get it, Simeone, you have to suffer sometimes but suffering alone doesn’t win matches. And, anyway, I don’t think we would’ve gone through extra time either with or without Arda.

    I believe SImeone subbed Griezmann to get ready for the league game, plus Real played really well tonight all across the pitch so the Frenchman had very little space.

    On a positive note – the score is still in our favour, one loss in 8 matches against Real is something I can live with. Reaching the 1/4 of the Champions League too. And securing the third place in the League. Isn’t it what we all wanted considering all the changes in the squad?

    Last year we were an underdog who jumped up and almost grabbed the belt from a world-class heavyweight. This season we are a clever seasoned fighter trying to regain his form.

    Not yet.

  • aileen

    Typical game of “if”
    if only Arda Turan/raul Garcia were not so interested in kicking everybody and everything apart from a ball..
    if only Griezmann didn`t dissappear in each really important match
    if only Mandzukic was even a little interested in scoring
    if only Cholo was not so delighted with two above and didn`t play for a draw counting on penalties
    and if…we could learn from mistakes
    Aupa Atleti!

  • Max Huber

    I have to admit that we didn´t play well, but I really can´t understand Simeone tactics and subs tonight – first I couldn´t understand, why he changed Saul with Gabi after the first half – I think it was a wasted change – he should have demand a more offensive game in the second half with Torres instead of a tired and clumsy Mandzukic – then he should have changed Arda instead of Griezmann, because he already had a yellow – well and he should have known our Turkish player who can´t control himself. Raul was important but a risk because of his yellow cards, so I really can´t understand Simeones decisions – I really feel sorry for that because I think we had a real chance to go through, although if it wouldn´t have been a fair result.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Arda is my fav player, been a fan of him for the past 5 years and he was also he reason I became an atleti fan. I wanna say that under normal circumstances that was a yellow card because of high foot but because he already had a yellow and didn’t actually hit Ramos it shouldn’t have a been a red. Not an excuse just my opinion. On the other hand Arda has been comitting these kinds of fauls too often and he obviously had it comming. It surely will be a big lesson for him. Was is Arda’s fault that we lost? I cant tell with certainty but it obviously affected the whole team.

    In general could we have gone through?
    Real certainly had the chances to score before the incident and Oblak’s sharpness in goal also played a part. Miranda didn’t look the sharpest and Godin also let real win some dangerous headers. For me the biggest problem during the whole match was our left side. Gamez or Siqueira it doesn’t matter they’re no Filipe Luiz and real took advantage of that several times in the attacking phase.

    But not matter the loss Im stil satisfied with our season so far we had an amazing record against Real which probably wont happen in a long time to come. We managed to kick them out of Copa Del Rey and could have reached somewhere near the finals if we didn’t meet barca just after. We came a long way in the chl and it had to stop somewhere but we still could have gone through today. Now we can’t focus on other things but the league where we need to secure the third place for a chl placement!

  • aileen

    I can`t understand them also.Something happened to Cholo`s trust to experienced players, really should change as first completely ineffective Mandzukic

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Considering the squad changes we’ve had a very good year. Our focus is of course to secure the third place completely and look forward.

  • Max Huber

    When Atletico won against Real they played a completely different game than tonight – much more offensive and the midfield cooperated much better with the frontmen! Remember the 4 – 0 in January or even the 2-2 in the Copa! I really hoped they would have tried the same tonight from the beginning but at least from the beginning of the second half – they just needed one goal (Torres in the first minute?!) and then they could have parked a bus, but – it was an “if”-game – right!
    Regarding to Arda – well it wasn´t his fault that we lost, and Ramos made a very clever dive, but you are not allowed to go into a fight in that way Arda did when you already have a yellow card – but all in all he is maybe the most important player for Atletico in the moment (together with Griezmann)!

  • t2team

    atletico need to buy David silva or Juan mata. they really lack of creativity in the mid! also a replacement for Tiago…
    many may not agree but i think atletico need to replace mandzkic with a pacy striker like Icardi!!!
    finally oblak proved his worth! going to be a amzing keeper. my team for atletico next season
    –juanfran—-godin——gimenez—fillipe luiz—-
    ——david silva——————–turan———–