Player of the Month – March

Recognition for the Calderón's favourite son as he stands out last month

Torres our top man for March (Guardian)

Torres our top man for March (Guardian)

March wasn’t a particularly memorable month for Atlético fans, as three successive draws saw us lose ground in our title defence and temporarily lose third place in La Liga to Valencia.

However, we did cement a place in the Champions League quarter-finals with a pulsating penalty shoot-out win against Bayer Leverkusen, and wrapped up the month with a 2-0 home win against Getafe to spur the recent good run of form.

Few players really stood out, although returning hero Fernando Torres played an integral part in those two triumphs, and proven that he is still capable of leading the line for a top team like Atleti.

After an impressive cameo away at Sevilla, he put in a good shift against Valencia a week late, before being sacrificed at half-time in the following match at Espanyol with Miranda having been sent off.

Three days later, he came on to great affect against Leverkusen, and swept home the decisive penalty in style to secure a 3-2 spot-kick win. Then, to round things off he opened the scoring with the first league goal of his second spell against Getafe before the International break.

Simply having Torres back at the club is enough to put a smile on to the face of any Atlético fan, but El Niño will have an important part to play in the crucial end of season run in given Mario Mandzukic’s ankle problems.

Koke also had a good month, having spent three weeks on the sidelines during February. His presence in the team no doubt has a huge impact, and he is now taking a more responsible role, including the captaincy on occasion.

Honourable mentions also for Arda and Mario Suárez, who were amongst the other more impressive performers.

Do you agree with our choice? Have you been impressed by Torres since his return?

  • I wasn’t impressed by Torres, but I wasn’t disappointed either
    He gave us some moments of great joy, especially in that night at the Bernabeu, but he is still far from his true self

    3 draws and an easy, unimpressive win vs Getafe in La Liga force me to choose the hero of Leverkusen game as player of March .. don’t worry, I won’t say Mario Suarez, I’m not that crazy ! .. but if you asked anybody about their most significant moment of that match I think they all will say : the penalty Oblak saved
    He is my player of the month, he waited for too long, and when he got his second chance he didn’t waste it, many people said that he is just another Asenjo, but he proved them all wrong, at least until now
    When the little Madridista, Granero took that free-kick I said :
    “Come on asshole, give him a hard one, let the world see what he is worth”
    and he did shoot a great free-kick, and Oblak made a greater save

    Almost everybody in Spanish media says that Moya is not number 1 choice anymore, and Oblak will stay in the goal until the end of the season
    I don’t know anybody who will be happier about this than you Jeronamo !

    Obi, Oblak, cada día te quiero más

  • Kris

    It really doesn’t matter what the media says. It only matters what Simeone says. If Simeone says, Moya is number one, then he is number 1. But, I really like Oblak and I want him to stay number one. Moya is all right, but Oblak can be world class. You can see the way he keeps his goal area safe with very precise punches and clearances in corners and shots. He’s not the biggest, but when he is standing behind a huddle of players in corners and freekicks, he still manages to somehow be the first one to the ball. That’s good goalkeeping. Oblak is very energetic.

  • Kris

    I don’t like these individual awards being given out to a team that plays only for the team. These awards are for Cristianos and Messis.

  • When the media says that Oblak will stay in the goal then they must have heard it from Simeone or Mono or somebody else inside the club, and I wish their sources are reliable

  • Chewie

    Even though I like Moya, I have to confess that it seems like he’s destined to become a back-up keeper. It’ll be fair if he plays in the Cup and the CL group stage next year. At the moment he and Oblak are on about the same level, the Spaniard being more experienced and the Slovenian more talented. But Oblak is young and potentially unstoppable.

    Anyway, healthy competition is always a good thing. I’m just happy we have two great ‘keepers, and when we lose one we don’t get an Aranzubia between the sticks.

  • I think the mistake against Valencia was a turning point for Moya, because as you repeated many times : his best quality was that he does not make mistakes, while Oblak the more talented and the more promising made a couple of them this season, and maybe that what made El Cholo pick Moya as 1st choice GK, but now after he has seen him make mistakes too and cost us important points against our direct rival, things have changed

    But Moya is still a GK, and if del Bosque was fair, he would have called him to La Roja instead of Casilla and Asenjo
    And I think if Oblak became our 1st GK, it’s gonna be difficult to keep Moya, he surly can find some offers from the EPL, and after selling their league for 7 billion, both him and Atleti can get a big amounts of money that they can’t refuse

  • Chewie

    Indeed, after playing for the obscure Getafe, he showed that he can handle the pressure of playing for a top club. And we bought him for what – 3 million? He’s worth at least twice more. So if he goes to EPL, it would be a good deal for all sides involved.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Lol I like how my name was mentioned. I’ve been trying my best to avoid showing how happy I am about Oblak in between the sticks but well said. I really don’t mind Moya being our second choice