Atlético counting on Óliver and Alderweireld return

Caminero expects the two to return after promising loan spells


Atlético Madrid currently has 15 players out on loan. Some of these players we may see wear the red and white jersey again, while others aren’t likely to come back.

“Óliver and Alderweireld, for example, are finishing an excellent season with Porto and Southampton and we count on them for the following season,” said Atlético’s sporting director José Luis Pérez Caminero.

Óliver Torres has struggled through some injuries during his time in Portugal, however his season has been nothing short of spectacular. In 19 league matches, ‘Oli’ has scored six and assisted another six. Porto’s play nearly always goes through Oliver’s boots.

Whilst over in England, Toby Alderweireld has been an integral player for Southampton this season. The Saints have the best defensive record in the Premier League and Alderweireld has played 18 matches. The Belgian centre-back has only missed games through injury.

With the lack of creativity displayed on the pitch when Koke and Arda are absent, Atleti fans have been crying out for Óliver to return, to dictate the flow of the ball for Simeone’s men.

Jose María Giménez has stepped up his game this season and filled the void whenever Miranda or Godín were not present. However, it would be nice to have another quality centre-half like Alderweireld especially if Miranda does decide to leave at the end of the season.

Caminero also spoke about how other players have been progressing nicely due to the amount of minutes they’ve had, such as Insúa, Leo Baptistao and Thomas.

Along with the players returning from loan, Atlético also has other plans for pre-season.

“Our preseason tour will take place in Asia,” said Caminero. “The team will enjoy the best facilities during this tour in order to prepare themselves for the tough competition that will await us at the beginning of the season.”

  • iamfaried

    Regarding Oliver, I think the team will be quite promising in midfield. Imagine an inverse triangle of Saul, Koke and Oliver. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.
    Alderweireld’s case will be complicated if Simeone decides not to rotate his defenders. Unless, like this season, we face a number of suspensions and injuries. But the great thing about Toby is his versatility and ability to initiate fast counter attacks from the back. He also poses a threat in the final third. Our problem will remain to be across either flanks. We need a backup for Juanfran, and a first team left back,
    However, Insua and Baptistao’s futures in Atléti do not look bright to me. Sure they were decent backups a year or two ago, but right now they’re only good as benchwarmers. I say we cut all losses and invest in first team players.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    It’s refreshing to hear that about our loanees, especially Oliver and Baptistao, I also think Toby should be brought back. On the case of Insua, he was never really given a fair chance here and I don’t know which players would flourish and which players wouldn’t unless their given a fair chance. I actually think certain players will boost the team and when I see some “fans” calling players bench warmers it angers me because if Mario Suarez has been given oportunities then these players should be considered

  • iamfaried

    I don’t see why me calling Baptistao and Insua benchwarmers calls for your “fans” insult.
    Mario Suarez is a big game player, he seems to lack the motivation is small games but flourishes in big ones. Hence why he barely features then suddenly is in the starting line up vs Barca Juve and Madrid.
    Same goes to Raul Jimenez and Cerci, both didn’t receive as much chances yet cerci was loaned out but Raul stayed. Simeone obviously sees something both you and I don’t, hence why he’s at the helm and we’re just mere “fans”.
    When I say benchwarmers I’m not belittling anyone, I’m merely stating the obvious. Sure everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, but we must understand that Atléti is now competing at the top level and they cannot afford to throw chances here and there. Gimenez has been performing at top level every chance he got, which is why he deserves to feature so often. All I’m saying if a player isn’t performing well from the start, the club shouldn’t be burdened with having to give out complimentary chances as charity. Hence why they’re loaned out, if they preform well, as in the case of Oliver and Toby then sure bring them back, other wise keep them on loan or sell them. That’s what the elite do. As we can see from Madrid selling Callejon, Granero, Pedro Leon,Negredo, Soldado to other clubs with buyback clauses incase they improve. It’s called economic intelligence. Google it.
    So yeah I’m not going to be traumatized by your passive aggressive behavior.
    *drops mic*

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Are you crazy? You consider that an insult? And you dare to say something like “passive aggressive” towards me? Idk where you’re from but don’t you dare insult my intelligence, especially with slick remarks like that. I’m talking football and my view on it, the same way you did and if you don’t respect it you should find a better way of saying it instead of replying to my comment. That passive aggressive line has really angered me tho and I won’t hide that fact and also don’t mention googling things like it’s the be all and end all of an argument because everything you find on the net isn’t true

  • iamfaried

    With all due respect to your own opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. I won’t argue that. But when you insult me by basically calling me “fake fan” or a “wannabe fan” I will defend my views.
    I was not attacking your opinion but rather how you conveyed it by insulting me.
    It is hypocritical of you to call me out on attacking your “opinion” when you basically insulted my own.

    Just how your were angered by my comment, how do you not expect others to be mad at yours.

    So please do keep your threats and insults to yourself.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I didn’t threaten or insult you, that’s the way you took it. Personally I couldn’t care less how you feel and I didn’t reply to your comment it was you who replied to mine.
    With that said if you felt insulted I apologise and when I said “fanS” I was not even referring to you but to those who say similar things that I’ve heard, now look at who has been attacking who

  • Kris

    Oliver Torres is fantastic. Great reader of the game at such a young age. Oliver is gonna establish his own name by the time he retires, whether it be at Atletico(I am hoping it is) or another club. Amazing talent.

  • Kris

    Alderwiereld, I don’t see going in to the first team. Gimenez obviously has that spot booked and Toby is too good to be on the bench for a very long time.He isn’t a great right-back either. In my opinion, it would be best for all parties to sell Toby to Southampton.

  • That’s exactly what I wanted to say about Toby, and despite Caminero’s words,
    I think selling him to Southampton is what going to happen
    Toby himself has been pushing on that way for a while

  • Lubo

    One another player who is fighting well for his survival is Borja Bastón. He is leading the Pichichi race in Segunda. Not sure whether Cholo would want to try him or not, but I got this feeling in my guts, that the kid will make a career. Despite the horrible injury on his A-team debut.

  • Godin-Gimenez in center back, and Velazquez (according to our non-Eu quota status) and/or Lucas as backups (CB is the original position of Lucas)

    No one can take Juanfran’s spot right now, while Gamez is a very good backup for him, and there is where he should play, on the right, not the left, to give the 30-year-old Juanfran some rest from time to time

    I wouldn’t make a bid for Ansaldi because of his injuries problems and relatively old age,
    I would keep Siqueira as a backup LB (unless Simeone has lost faith in him, which I think he shouldn’t) and I would sell Miranda, Toby, Insua & Silvio (remember him) and use some or all of their money to sign one of the top left backs in the world

    That’s how I see our defense next season .

    Oliver should not just return, but we also should renew his contract -which I believe expires in 2018- and put a “scary” buyout clause in it

    After leading the Pichichi table in Segunda until this moment, I think many Primeira’s sides would be interested in Borja next season, and that’s where he should go, but also on loan
    Leo also should have another loan spell, but with a much bigger team than Betis & Rayo, inside or outside Spain, and Thomas should have another loan spell too
    While Josuha has already signed a 2-seasons loan contract with Wolfsburg, and I wish they made a bid for him, because he is owned by a 3rd party (one of Jorge Mendez companies) and he will eventually leave after a short time, so let’s just do it now

    And I think that’s enough for Cebolla, and we all are grateful for what he did for us, I just wish that he could complete 100 games with Atleti, just 2 games short, 98 !
    And that’s also enough for Cerci & Ruben Perez

    The only unclear case for me is Manquillo, since 2015 his minutes have been very little, actually, in many games he doesn’t even make it to the bench, and I’m not sure if this will keep happening next season, and if it did, then what’s the point from his loan ?!

  • Chewie

    And from a personal perspective, I’m completely with the guy – let him play in England for he won’t get any time in Madrid.