José Callejón linked with return to Madrid

Real Madrid youth product could be set for an Atlético move

FC Internazionale Milano v SSC Napoli - Serie A

Atlético Madrid have been linked with a serious interest in Napoli’s José Callejón this afternoon, with some outlets reporting that the player has even told his team mates that he will play at the Vicente Calderón next season.

SER Deportivos, a Spanish radio programme on Cadena SER, is saying that the 28-year-old Real Madrid youth product is closing in on a return to the Spanish capital.

Callejón left the Bernabeu in 2013 to move to Serie A for €10 million, after his first team chances came few and far between under manager Jose Mourinho.

Atleti are allegedly in discussions with Napoli over Callejón’s return to La Liga, however the player’s agent, Manuel Garcia Quilon, has denied that there is an agreement, or that talks are even happening over the forward’s future.

The Spaniard was on Atleti’s radar last July as they hunted around for a strike partner for Mario Mandzukic, but a €20 million offer wasn’t enough to convince Napoli to let him go.

It looks like Atleti could be set to test the water once again, with concerns over Mandzukic’s future continuing.

Callejón has 29 goals in 78 appearances for Napoli since moving two seasons ago.

The radio station are convinced that Callejón is an old desire of Cholo Simeone, and after signing a new contract, our coach is beginning to outline the players he wants to sign for next season.

Callejón wouldn’t be the first player to feature for both Real Madrid and Atleti in recent seasons. Juanfran came through the Real Madrid youth set-up, and is now a much loved staple in Atleti’s defence. José Antonio Reyes also played for Real Madrid for a year before joining Atlético in 2007.

Would Callejón be a good fit for Atlético? Is he what we need after Cerci turned out to be a flop?

  • Let me start with this statement on Napoli’s official website
    It says :
    ” Following the news released today by the Spanish radio station “Cadena Ser” concerning alleged statements attributed to José María Callejón, and then picked up by other media, Napoli communicates that this news is completely unfounded .
    Callejon himself when this alleged statement has been made public has categorically denied it and expressed his disbelief at how they can invent similar news ”

    About my opinion :
    Maybe many fans on this website will have no problem with Callejon, while the Spanish fans are making a campaign against him in social networks under the hashtag that was used before in similar cases : #VikingosNo
    I am definitely with the Spanish

    And it’s not fair to compare Callejon to Juanfran or Reyes
    Juanfran played for the youth teams and for B team of Real Madrid, and played only 6 games for the first team, Manquillo and Saul also started at the academy of Real Madrid, jut like Raul Gonzalez started at the academy of Atletico
    While Reyes was never a Madridista (although he was a Sevillista, a typical one, with a very bad behavior like most of their players & fans, he saw the red card 5 times with us in just 154 games, 4 of them were direct, plus 26 yellows, for an attacker !) and many people were against him before and after we signed him, and we signed him from Arsenal by the way, not Madrid where he played 1 season on loan before joining us
    Callejon is a pure Madridista

    I know what many of you will say : Club Interest & Professionalism
    Well, We can talk about club interest if he was Cristiano or Messi, but there are many players as good as Callejon or better who could cost the same or even less, and keep in mind that De Laurentiis is one hell of a president, and when it comes to selling players, he is probably the best club president in Europe, maybe even better than Porto’s de Costa
    And we can talk about professionalism when Madrid earn just 5 or 10 million more than us from TV broadcasting, like what happens in all Europe, but not while they are earning 140 million and we are earning 40 million because their people in the government and the parliament are obstructing the collective bargaining law
    We can talk about professionalism when Marca & AS treat us the same

    And this is not just about Callejon, it’s more than that :
    If we showed that we don’t have any problem of signing an ex-Madridisat then we can’t ask our ex-players not to join Real Madrid, De Gea for example
    Please don’t say that it won’t hurt you to see him playing for them .

  • iamfaried

    It won’t hurt me to see de gea, Aguero, Falcao and co play for Madrid. They played their part in Atleti, some went down in our history but that’s where it ends.
    I mean even liverpool fans chanted Torres’ name during the friendly match.
    Just as I don’t mind seeing Callejon join. Hell if by some miracle we got to sign Ramos, Casillas and co them damn straight id take them.
    I’m a fan of Atléti but above all I’m a fan of football. Same goes to recognizing that Ronaldo or Messi are THE best talents. I’m not going to be sour and say they suck just because they play for direct rivals.

    All I’m saying is that this is football, and recently it’s all been about business. The fact of the matter is it is inevitable for our star players to be sought by the elite, and until Atléti is recognized as one of the Elites I cannot complain when our players leave to face a bigger challenge in their career. Same goes to any profession. Because after all being a football player IS a job and a professional career.

    That being said, I’d rather sign Juan Quintero from Porto than sign Callejon purely because Juan is younger and posses raw talent that will prosper under Simeone.

  • Ringo

    Well, we’re getting Óliver back, so I don’t think Quintero will be necessary.
    We’ve also got Correa and the players who are in the squad right now.
    And I agree about the rival thing.
    I decided a few years back to not hate clubs anymore, especially if it’s just because I’m a fan of another club. I just love supporting Atleti.
    I was a fan of those players, too, and I still am. Well, not so much Falcao, but never had outstanding feelings about him (although he was terrific in the second half of his first season and the first half of his second one).
    I am still a Kun fan, a De Gea fan, a Domínguez fan, a Perea fan, a Filipe fan, a Diego Costa fan (although he can be a bit… ehhh… sometimes, as we all know).

    – Also with the timing of De Gea and Kun’s departures, I will never believe it was fully their own doing, creating the negative feelings around them. Cerezo and Gíl Marin were still Cerezo and Gíl Marin. I think they still are like that, but with the successes of recent seasons, corruption won’t be necessary to earn their “livings”. Just speculating though, never met them in person. –

    That being said, I love the rivalry and the derbis and barca games are extra sweet (although the latter not so much this season haha).

    Adios and keep up the nice words.

  • Adnan Khan

    Callejon is a good player, but to pay 10-20 million for a 28 years old madrista who is not even so special is stupid. Let’s get Vietto instead. He is doing great in his first la liga season. I think Vietto is exactly what we need. He will fit in as a second striker with Mandzukic or any other powerful attacker Simeone decide to get. He is a great finisher and we will get a player who can finish our attacks.

  • Arnold Mark

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  • Chewie

    November, 13th, 2014. Callejon speaks to the press: “Links with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid? I’ve never received any offers or heard from them, and I’d never accept their offers because I’m a Madridista.”

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I wouldn’t go so far as calling Cerci a flop but whatever.
    I really don’t care if he comes or not but just let me say thst I’d be pissed to say the least if one of our ex players were to play for RM, doesn’t matter who it was so if he doesn’t come I wouldn’t care less. If this was a Barcelona player then my feelings would be different but least some of you forgot about that guy who disrespected that youngster for being an Atleti fan two years ago before our Copa victory in that Madrid Derby then let me remind you…. Real Madrid didn’t respect us until recently and that can change again in a heart beat, I won’t let go of that and it’s not that I hate them but yeah I hate them (in a football sense)

  • But yet many people ask the fans to be “professional” and don’t ask the same from the players, who are the professional ones here !
    They ask us to forget that Callejon said that and didn’t ask him to not say such things in the first place

  • There is nothing wrong with hate in football, as you said
    because it doesn’t mean we wish others harm or anything like that, but it simply means we don’t want a player who didn’t respect us to play for us

    And I don’t know the incident of the Copa derby you mentioned, or maybe I do but I forgot, tell me about it please

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    It was when an adult male Madridista told some kid to stop wearing an Atletico jersey because there’s only one real Madrid blah blah blah

  • Since Chewie & Jeronamo are trying to refresh your memories, let me join them
    remember when Callejon did this in the Calderon :
    (and by the way, he was looking to our fans, while Real Madrid fans as any other visiting fans were in the north stands, behind the left goal)

    and yes, our players also point to Atleti crest when they score in the Bernabeu, but :
    one : they celebrate with Atleti fans,
    and two : Real Madrid fans will never accept Raul Garcia -for example- to play for them after doing that, so why should we welcome Callejon with open arms ?!!!