Simeone pens contract extension until 2020

Atlético officially announce that Cholo has renewed for five more seasons

Simeone with the directors in the VIP room (pic:

Simeone with the directors in the VIP room (pic:

Atlético Madrid have announced the renewal of Diego Simeone’s contract until 2020, which will see the Argentinian remain at the club for a further five seasons.

At a press conference at the Vicente Calderón attended by Simeone, President of Atletico Madrid Enrique Cerezo, the club’s Chief Executive Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, the club’s sporting director Jose Luis Perez Caminero and several board members, the new deal was announced which puts to bed any rumours of a move for Simeone by other top clubs in Europe.

Simeone has been the manager of the club since December 2011 and has been at the heart of one of Atletico Madrid’s most successful periods as a club.

Along with the unlikeliest of La Liga titles last year, Simeone has won one Europe League, one UEFA Supercup, one Copa del Rey and one Supercopa de Espana.

The former Atletico Madrid player also masterminded one of the greatest runs in the Champions League in recent memory as his side came agonisingly close to winning the final before being beaten 4-1 in extra time by arch rivals Real Madrid.

“Nobody embodies the values of our club like Simeone,” said Cerezo.

“Passion, effort, nobility, work, solidarity, courage, heart … he showed this in his years of playing with us, where he gave himself body and soul in the defense of Atletico colors,” the President finished.

“The club has entrusted me again in working with a group that is doing very well and it allows the stability that gives us a chance to grow,” said a delighted Diego Simeone.

“Thanks to those who have started this job with us, and those who remain because without the cooperation, effort, credibility and knowledge then we would not be here today.”

“This club is in a period of absolute growth and I choose to be where I am. In life it is sometimes difficult to choose because you do not know or can not decide.”

“I am here because I am convinced that the club will continue to grow,” Cholo finished.

  • Mohammed Basith

    Did anyone knows the full details about the contract?

  • Sierra Godfrey

    It was mentioned that he has a buyout clause..13m?.. And each trophy he wins adds 6m. And he’s now in the top 4 or 5 paid managers in Europe. Details will come soon… These are just what I saw in different places.

  • Urban

    Best news Atletico supporters could hope for.

  • Mohammed Basith

    Will he get full transfer control?

  • In many of his speeches, Simeone talked about that what he and Atleti are doing is not just football, but it’s life itself, love, passion, sacrifice, hard work, fighting against the odds, loyalty, family values …
    That was very clear in his Neptuno Speech :
    “Esto no es solamente una liga muchachos, esto no es solamente una liga mujeres, es algo más importante, si se cree y se trabaja, se puede, arriba todos”
    [This is not just a league title boys, this is not just a league title girls, this is something more important, if you believe and work, you can, above all]

    This extension is another life lesson, you can choose money, a ridiculous amount of it, or you can be crazy and choose love, loyalty and family, the bigger family,
    and Simeone -who made it very clear long time ago that he has no problem of being called crazy- has made the right choice
    And it’s not just about money, he could have decided to leave for a “different experience” and a “new challenge”, or for more success and more trophies, like Guardiola who “escaped” after the first sign that he won’t be able to repeat his great success, but El Cholo is honest with himself and knows very well that it can’t really be called a “challenge” if you don’t play 11 or 12 times in the season vs Madrid & Barca
    “New Challenge” is just an excuse used by cowards, and Simeone is not a coward, he is very brave .

    But while we are talking about Simeone’s loyalty to the club, we should never ignore that the club was loyal to him as well, they started the renewal negotiations with him while we were suffering in La Liga and about to lose the 3rd place -which we eventually did- and while we were about to get out of the CL by Bayer, whom we only passed by penalties
    Atleti trust and believe in Simoene, Madrid didn’t do the same with del Bosque or Mourinho, and won’t do it with Ancelotti, and Man City didn’t do it with Mancini and won’t do it with Pellegrini
    Gil & Cerezo have been doing a very great job, but I will never say thank you to them, because it’s still not enough atonement for ruining the club for more than 20 years
    But who we all should thank very much are El Frente Atletico who were singing Someone’s name while Manzano was the one on the bench and El Cholo was thousands of miles away
    Those -with Caminero- were the real reason we signed with Simeone in 2011

    One last thing :
    This not only about Simeone, he is just the head of a very great team :
    Mono, Vizcaino, El Profe, Vercellone, Menedez, Diaz & Pasques, and all have renewed today as well
    And I’m not sure about Caminero & Berta, but if they don’t have a long contract too then we should renew for them immediately .

    This week is for joy and celebrations, but from the next game vs Cordoba -which is very important and very difficult- I will start to criticize Simoene again if I saw something wrong, because it’s my duty towards the club and towards him .

  • Ringo

    By calling “new challenge” something for cowards, you are diminishing people with different views to life as you, though.
    Loyalty isn’t everything (just like success isn’t) and change can be a beautiful thing.

    Guardiola took a sabbatical after leaving Barca, so I would believe him. I don’t know about ulterior motives because I’m not inside Pep’s head and I don’t care. He might’ve even said he wouldn’t be good for Barcelona anymore to make it easier for the fans to see him leave (do I remember it correctly, that it was he himself who said Barcelona would become worse if he stayed longer?). And then there are the rumours about him and the director not getting along, etc etc. I don’t think it’s right to judge the situation from our position with such little information about the whole picture.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves Bayern after about 4 years, too. Except, it’s a different situation now and perhaps this is a “vibe” he’ll see himself being satisfied with for a longer period than the Barcelona “vibe.”

    Simeone wants to stay longer than 4 years, apparently. For one, he’s a different person than Guardiola is. He has different wishes in life. He likes his job right now and I’m pretty sure he feels like he’s just at the beginning of a (new) project. He want to grow along with the relatively new group at hand now, I think.
    Maybe we’ll win the Champions League in 2016 and he feels this era is at an end. That might make him look for a new challenge, and I wouldn’t mind. I will be sad to see the great Cholo leave, but even though no one is bigger than the club, abolishing your own dreams and wishes, is extremely idiotic to me. Especially in football.

    You won’t kill anyone, so follow your dreams, is a corny message I am willing to spread.

    Looks like great news to me. The team is in a little slump at the moment, form wise, but I see some parts of the game improving and I think they’re working on a slightly altered style of play. All we can do is watch and see what happens. Partido a partido.
    If I weren’t paranoid about tattoo picks (if any), I might have tattood that line on my arm haha. A lot of hope in if you look at it from multiple perspectives. Fight your battles, one by one, and succeed.

    aupa Diego “partido a partido” Simeone

    that’s all I have to say for now.

  • Ringo

    with people like Mancini, Benitez and Capello existing, clubs like Real, PSG and City existing, him being top 5 paid in Europe… that might be a worry to our finances hahaha
    but things are going well so far, so nothing to complain about so far, I think.

    crazy prices in football, everywhere

  • “coward” wasn’t meant for Guardiola, I think I was clear,
    I said : some people [leave for a “different experience” and a “new challenge”, or for more success and more trophies, like Guardiola]

    Pep used to win 3 or 4 and sometimes 6 trophies in one season, but when he felt that he can’t keep doing that he left
    Maybe there is a bigger chance for Simeone to win more trophies if he left Atletico, but he refused to leave for the more trophies just like he refused to leave for the more money, and that doubles my appreciation for him
    That’s what I wanted to say

    Though, I do think that Pep should have stayed with Barca and fought, and that’s why I said he “escaped”, but I didn’t mean that he is a coward, (and maybe that what caused the confusion) I meant that he escaped from the problems in Barcelona that you talked about some of them, while
    I thought -since he belongs to Barca, like Cholo belongs to Atleti- that he should have fought harder
    but that’s none of my business anyway

    But there are many people who accuse him of being coward for going to Bayern instead of Man Utd or Man City, but they are just assumptions

    The cowards I meant are the players and coaches who leave one of the biggest clubs in one of the biggest leagues in Europe while they are still in their prime to the middle east or Asia or USA to earn a much bigger salary but say they want a “new challenge”
    They are not cowards for choosing the money, but for lying, for not being brave to say the truth, for being afraid of being judged

    Some of those who left to Dagestan and China and UAE came back again to Europe’s biggest leagues when they didn’t find the money they were promised after their clubs had financial problems, and they didn’t seek another “different experience” and another “new challenge”

    We offered David Villa one more season, and he had some offers from the EPL as well, but he choose NY City and went out and said :
    ” I got an offer I can not refuse, I owe that to my family ”
    He was honest and confessed that he preferred the money, and there is no shame in that, and this is a person I respect because he respected me
    But I do not respect the coward Eto’o for example because he disrespected me when he said ” I didn’t go to Anzhi for the money, but for a new challenge in a promising project ”
    I am not a fool, of course you went for the 20 million per season
    That what I meant by “cowards”

    Change is not bad, and sometimes it’s necessary, but I can believe Guardiola if he said he wants a change and a new challenge (he didn’t say it by the way) because he earns at Bayern almost the same or just little more than what he used to earn with Barca, and Bayern is a great club like Barca, while I wouldn’t believe him if he had left to Anzhi (when they were still super rich) or a club in China or UAE or Qatar or their national teams and talked about “new challenge” .. then I will call him a coward

    I wish you haven’t forced me to write that long reply, especially that I wrote something similar some time ago
    Maybe I shouldn’t have said “escaped”

  • Ringo

    Haha sorry for forcing you, I’m too reactive to certain terminologies I think.

    But, when I take something as simple as fifa (the game) as an example, in career mode or manager mode or whatever, it’s fun to pick a club with a lot of money, because it’s easier to set up a project in a shorter term.
    I know that’s just a game but perhaps some coaches feel like that in real life. And maybe some players see it that way, too.
    I agree on not believing Eto’o, though, but mostly because that’s Eto’o and I feel like he never really tells the full truth.

    I don’t know, I feel like it’s too easy to judge transfer motives based on speculations. Maybe for some players football isn’t their no.1 priority in life and the new challenge lies in the surroundings.
    In that case I could definitely understand an earlier adventure in another continent.

    Who knows, you’re probably right in most cases, I just like to put too much trust in people.

    Feel free to NOT give a long reply to this post, doesn’t matter what people think of you or me 🙂

  • There are some people who I don’t reply to them at all because they just want to argue or even fight
    But there are other people like yourself who I respect and love to have intelligent and fruitful discussions with them and hate to misunderstand each other