Previewing the Champions League quarter-final draw

Atleti one of eight teams in the hat for tomorrow's event in Nyon

Griezmann signed one year contract renewal on Tuesday

For the second year in a row, Atlético have made it the last eight of Europe’s elite club competition, and go into tomorrow’s Champions League quarter-final draw as a team others will very much be looking to avoid.

The unpredictability of Simeone’s team this season means that Atleti are an unknown quantity. They can quite literally go from beating top of the table Real Madrid 4-0, to losing convincingly the following week at mid-table opposition.

The draw gets underway at 12:00 CET on Friday.

It’s the quarter-finals, which means that the protection from being drawn against teams from the same country is gone. This also means that Atleti could be drawn against Barcelona again – just like last season – or even be given the opportunity for Champions League revenge against Real Madrid.

With three sides present, La Liga has the most representation in the draw. There are two French sides left, in the form of PSG, who knocked out Chelsea in the last 16, as well as Monaco, who knocked out Arsenal.

Rounding out the draw are Bayern Munich, Porto and the team we played in the group stage, Juventus.

For me, a draw against Monaco or Porto has got to be seen as a win. Monaco are perhaps the weakest of the sides, whilst we’ve proven we can beat Porto after last season’s meetings with them in the group stages.

We’re currently seen as fifth favourites to win the competition with a lot of bookmakers, with Juventus just behind us in sixth.

I’m trying to decide if a meeting with Bayern is the worst case scenario, or if a trip to the Camp Nou will be equally as bad.

Here is our European record against the teams in tomorrow’s draw.

Barcelona – Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 0 – 2 goals scored – 1 goal conceded
Bayern Munich – Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 1 – 1 goal scored – 5 goals conceded
Juventus – Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost – 1 goal scored – 0 goals conceded
Monaco – Never played against in Europe
PSG – Never played against in Europe
Porto – Won 2 Drawn 2 Lost 2 – 6 goal scored – 8 goals conceded
Real Madrid – Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 3 – 4 goals scored – 8 goals conceded

There’s no easy draws at this stage, but when it comes down to it, we all have our preferences on who we would rather end up playing. I’m keen to know yours.

  • You’ve said it all Nick in the first few lines
    The real Atleti can beat Bayern, while the fake Atleti could lose against Porto and Monaco

    But I wish we don’t get Barca or Bayern though, those are absolutely the strongest two teams out there
    And I don’t want Madrid either, because it’s very difficult to beat Malaga or Villarreal 5 times in one season rather than Real Madrid, beside, we all have seen what happens to us after each game against them this season, so, no, thank you

    I hate to use the word “weakest” to describe any side, even if it’s true, because that what Muntari said about us last season, and most of us were upset

    I feel that we gonna have Porto, we always do, we faced them in all of the last 3 editions we participated in
    It will be nice to have Adrian back in the Calderon, and to see Oliver trying to convince Simeone to have him back next season

  • Hussein Abubakr

    This is who i would rather be drawn agains:
    1. Porto
    2. Monaco
    3. PSG
    4. Juventus (they might be looking for revenge from the group stage)
    5. Real Madrid (Last season’s final evenge plus we’re on a winning streak against them)
    6. Bayern Munich
    7. Barcelona (they looked scary against Man City on both legs)

  • After Juventus game in Italy I said to some friends that we should have tried harder to beat them and get rid of them, because they are really a strong team, despite their slow start in the CL
    If we got Juve and were knocked out by them, it would be my biggest upset

  • Koke6

    A game against porto, monaco or juve should be favourable. A lot of people are saying that juve are a really strong team now but now that our midfield is all sorted out and with our defensive stability and organisation back, for any team to beat us they need a really good creative player who has amazing vision and who can pick a killer pass to break our really organised lines. Juve don’t have such a player other than Pirlo and now with their midfield engine pogba ruled out till may it will be really difficult for them to defeat us. A draw against PSG would also be good as they are a really attacking team but not as strong as barca or real or bayern. Against PSG we can do just what we did last season all season long, sit back and counter. Griezmann’s pace will be crucial and so will David luiz’s decision making in leaving his defensive partner and commiting himself in attack leaving really exposed on the counter. A draw against these four teams should definitely see us come out on top with the way in which our team is currently set up. A draw against the other three would be a test of simeone’s tactical ability and his ability to inspire his players and make them give more than a 100%.

  • Chewie

    Not sure about Bayern but I surely don’t want a clash with Barclelona, they would rip Siqueira/Gamez into pieces and force lots of yellows so we’d play the second leg with a semi-reserve squad.

  • Kris

    *Messi looked scary against Man City in both legs. This guy is such a beast… I don’t think there’s a very bright Barcelona without Messi. It’s no wonder he is the best player in the world..

  • I want to see Atletico play Monaco or PSG. Only because I never get to see them play against a French team. I am going to say this, and it is totally conspiracy theory, but if we get drawn with either Real Madrid or Barcelona, then I am convinced the drawing is rigged. Though it is a great game to watch, I am actually tired of seeing Atletico play these two teams.
    On the other hand, if Barcelona and Real Madrid get chosen to play against each other in the quarter finals, then I will believe that it isn’t rigged. Why, because “no one” wants to see them out so early in the CL.

  • Thank you for making me laugh every now and then !

    But seriously, we do have 5 players under threat of suspension, but only Gabi is the regular starter, the other 4 are :
    Mario, Ansaldi, Gamez, & Torres
    (I said before that they are 6, I mistakenly counted Gimenez who has just 1 booking, but no one corrected me, maybe because they didn’t read it or didn’t care or you trust me too much in statistics, don’t)

    I don’t think suspensions will be a big problem for us, unless they are accompanied with injuries
    But I have to agree with the ripping into pieces part though !

  • I can’t agree or disagree with the draw being rigged, but if some people say that it’s a live draw and impossible to be rigged, there are other people who have an interesting theory :
    using cooled or heated balls, or heavier and lighter ones

  • Pogba ruled out for 2 months with a hamstring injury. Hate to see players getting injured but he’s one of their best

  • Too bad for Pogba, but I still think they are a very difficult team even without him, they have been playing very good lately, although my compatriot Mohammad Salah tore them apart, but they played with many changes that day, especially at the back

  • It’s March 20th .. Feliz Cumpleaños Fernando
    El Niño is 31 .. but still looks like a niño

  • Waltteri Turunen

    I’d love it if we would draw our old UCL opponent Porto again.

    If not that then beating Real Madrid is always a pleasure and we also have a score to settle with them regarding last year’s final.

    Barca or Bayern I’d save up for the final.

  • Ringo

    so, what do you think lol

  • Dircil

    wow, we have real for the quarter final. I dont know how i should react to this draw.

  • Chewie

    Let’s see if the winning streak continues. Maybe it’s Real who’ll have psychological problems playing against us, not the other way around. Simeone said that he would enjoy playing Real and Barcelona every week. Well, Diego, that’s your chance once more. I’m sure the players on both sides would be super-motivated so at least we’ll witness two epic matches.