Is Filipe Luis the solution to our left-back problem?

Arthur looks at the signings made and if there could still be one more

Is resigning the ex-Atlético such a crazy idea?

Is resigning the ex-Atlético such a crazy idea?

This season, Simeone has used four players at the left-back position. Last season, without counting the forced substitution of Alderweireld for Filipe Luis in the Champions League final, Cholo has used only two. But are any of them up to the standard of last season?

Guilherme Siqueira was signed from Granada this past summer and he was meant to help Atlético fans worldwide forget Filipe Luis. However, the Brazilian has been struggling defensively and has yet to show some consistency in the red and white jersey. So far, Siqueira has played 30 matches this season, with 19 appearances in the league.

Not only did Filipe Luis leave Atlético last season, but so did back-up Insúa.

The Argentine Cristian Ansaldi was signed on loan from Zenit as his replacement. The new arrival did have his slip ups in certain matches, but his superb crossing abilities and sound defensive work made some fans prefer him to Siqueira.

His good form allowed him to be called up for the Argentina squad. However, injuries have kept Ansaldi off of the pitch since November, and it is unknown when he will play again in the red and white of Atlético.

During Ansaldi’s injury absence and Siqueira’s occasional loss in concentration from matches, Cholo has had to experiment with other players for the left back position.

Youngster Lucas Hernandez was put to the test in the Copa del Rey matchup against Real Madrid. The 19-year-old put in an incredible performance, but has yet to appear in the left-back position again.

Next in line was new signing Jesús Gámez, a right back who can also play at centre-back if necessary. Cholo put him to the test and asked him to play left-back as well.

The first experiment, a match against Barcelona, was a complete disaster. Gámez had difficulties playing on the left side of the pitch. However, since then the Spaniard has put in stellar performances.

Atlético’s last match against Bayer Leverkusen was arguably the most important match of the season so far. Siqueira, after recovering from a hamstring injury, sat the match out, with Cholo preferring the out-of-position Gámez at left-back.

Whether this was tactical, or careful from Simeone, it’s still not known.

Meanwhile in London, Filipe Luis has been struggling to find minutes on the pitch. The ex-Atlético player has only played 1,613 minutes spread through 22 matches so far, the majority of these minutes in cup competitions.

In the league, Jose Mourinho prefers Cesar Azpilicueta. Filipe Luis has only played 90 minutes in the league five time this season.

Mourinho trusted the Brazilian left back in the Champions League group stage, but once they reached the knockout stages, Filipe Luis was left on the bench. The same fate awaited Filipe in the League Cup. He played all the matches possible except for the final.

With the Atlético identity ‘crisis’ in the left-back position and Filipe Luis struggling in his new home in London, is it wild to even think about re-signing Filipe Luis?

The English press has been running stories all week about Atlético’s interest in wanting to take Filipe Luis back.

Filipe spent four magnificent years with Atlético Madrid and surely Simeone would welcome him back, but would the fans?

He shocked Atlético fans when he submitted his transfer request in the summer transfer window.

Would it be wise to re-sign Filipe Luis or to find other options in the squad or in the transfer window?

  • I would take him back, because we’re a mess sometimes at left-back. But I know some other fans wouldn’t take him back so easily!

  • TommyNestor7

    No!!! He decided to leave and that is his choice!! We wanted so badly for him to stay but he insisted to leave us and now he must accept that he is sub for Azpilicueta… That what life is!! Altough he is great gay and great player i dont want him no more with us. Also i would never want to see El Rata again in red and white, neither Costa they betrayed us.

    Who i wanna see is that boy from Bayer, Wendell, he will kick the ground!! Or maybe Gaya from Valencia but i think he isnt realistic option. One other player i think will fit i our sistem is Dybala or Vietto… And target number one for next season in my opinion should be Felipe Anderson. The boy is enormous talent and will be world class very soon. But all of them would cost us very much i think.

  • We have discussed this about 2 months ago and I was the only one who was against having him back, because of what you said Arthur, he shocked us
    And I was shocked again when nobody shared my opinion, maybe if there ware Spanish fans visiting this website I would have had many to back me up, because they never hid their joy about his bad situation with Chelsea, in fact, after passing Bayer there were many jokes about him and Costa who were knocked out from the round of 16

    But let’s put the emotions away, for me, there are three big reasons to NOT bring him back :
    1- His Age
    He will turn 30 next August, and we already have a lot of old players, in fact, if we kept Gamez & Siqueira, all our 4 fullbacks will be over 29

    2- His price
    We all know that Chelsea are very good in selling their players, David Luiz is the best example, and I don’t think they will sell him to us for too much less than what they paid for him, which I think was 22 million
    I guess they will ask for at least 20 million .. very expensive for his age

    3- Coming back to your old club after being benched in the new one didn’t work for many players, Kaka wasn’t the same player after returning to Milan, the same thing could be said about Nori Sahin and Kagawa in Dortmund, and there are many other examples

    I think the market is full of left backs who are better or at least as good as Filipe but much younger, and would also cost 20 million or little more

    And I think that Simeone should send a loud and clear message to all the players who are with him right now and who will come later :
    If you left Atletico Madrid, there is no way back

    (We all know that Torres is a completely different story)

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    Allways forget me mate! I agree with you! Even he was my favorite player until last year, i would never accept him back

  • Thank you man .. but where have you been 2 months ago !
    The people here drove me crazy, they made me feel that I’m a hateful and ungrateful person !

    I believe that it’s not a good feature to be super nice and to not get angry and to forget the bad things people have done to you, but maybe this is my culture and my background, and I respect the other cultures
    But what I can’t understand is that some people would take Filipe back but would never take Aguero back, what’s the difference ?! because El Kun fought very hard to move to Real Madrid ?! well, Chelsea and Mourinho are not angels, and Mou has disrespected our club in several occasions

    If you are being honest with yourselves you would hate Filipe more, because El Kun left a club that was struggling to finish 4th and failed to achieve that more than it succeeded in his spell with us, while Filipe has left the champions of La Liga and the runner-ups of Europe to -according to him- seek another challenge, so he should keep seeking away from us

    And by the way Tommy, I believe you meant “guy” not “gay” 🙂

  • I don’t remember you being a part of that discussion, did you ?

  • TommyNestor7

    sorry for by bad english 🙂
    guy definitly

  • iamfaried

    I mean sure some fans hold grudges, but that just makes us fans with a small mentality. Atléti has always been bigger than any player.
    If we could have the likes of Aguero and Luis back, Id take them back in a heartbeat.
    I mean sure, the way they left was questionable; but if we stop at that then how are we any different than the ungrateful chelsea fans? And how they booed David Luiz though he was sold by Mourinho’s orders to a completely different league.
    Had Luis or Aguero left directly to Real, sure Id understand the fans’ discomfort, but however in this case it’s uncalled for.

    As a true Atléti fan I want what is best for the club. Which means getting Felipe should solely depend on transfer agenda and economic aspects, not pure emotions.

    Otherwise we should turn our focus to Ricardo Rodrigues of Wolfsburg. Young, talented and solid.

    *drops mic*

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    I’ve been the first one here that i told i would never accept Costa and Felipe back!

  • Adnan Khan

    I don’t know about Dybala, but Vietto would be a perfect fit for atletico. And his past with simeone makes it even better. We can get him if we really want.

    Wendell is good, but i don’t believe he is good enough for us. His physique is not that good either. Gaya has been impressing and i would rather have him instead of Filipe. No point taking Filipe back. He made his choice and i don’t want atleti to look that desperate.

  • SL FAN

    atletico need a play maker.. Mata is the best option! atletico is not creating enough goal scoring opportunities in open play

  • Billy

    I’d welcome back Filipe with open arms.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    You changed your name no wonder

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Even though I’ve been disagreeing with u on some points I definetly agree with you on this. Before Filipe left he was among my 3 favorite players in the squad because he was so freaking good in defending and attacking. Unfortunately after he left he became the past to me and wanting to come back because he is struggling to adapt just makes it worse. It’s like your ex girlfriend wanting to come back. It’s tempting but there was a reason for the seperation to begin with. Even though we have been strugling on the left back position I’d rather not want him back because our club isn’t a playground you can leave and come back to as you want.

  • Arthur


    There are only a few players whom I would take back. I’m still iffy on if I’d welcome Filipe Luis back though. I’ve had the pleasue of interviewing him once and he truly is a stellar guy. I understand why he wanted to leave because, hey people like change. BUT, there’s still the football fan in me and you know how irrational football fans are. I’d love to have him back because he is an incredible footballer, but he really broke my heart and I wouldn’t know how to feel if he were back. I do miss his pug posts on Instagram though, haha.

  • The real question here is will Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Enrique Cerezo let Filipe Luis back in if Cholo wants him? Does Simeone hold that much influence?
    I don’t think Luis will return, but since we are speculating, maybe there is a reason he is not on the pitch. Look at Gabi and Tiago lately. They are not what they were last year. Maybe Filipe Luis is the same.

  • I agree with the fact that unless you leave for Real Madrid, you are probably always welcome to return.

  • If I met him in person too maybe I would’ve welcomed him back, he is a nice guy indeed, but as I said, even if we put the emotions aside, it’s still not a great deal for me for the reasons I’ve mentioned

    I really loved Filipe’s posts on both Twitter & Instagram, I think he was the most active one of our players on those two websites, but I had to unfollow him on both, not because of him, but because of Chelsea whom I hate very much and can’t bear to see anything about them on my own page

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    except aguero

  • I don’t call it influence, I call it authority
    Simeone has almost an absolute authority (according to many journalists who are very close to the club), and Cerezo & Gil did not give it to him because it was the right thing to do, but they did it so if Simeone failed the fans won’t blame them
    And according to those journalists, one of the most important terms in Cholo’s new contract negotiations is to have more authorities, especially in the transfer market

    If Simeone agreed on an new contract, and with the money that is starting to flow into the club, he will start to build a long-term project, and he will ask for a couple of young world-class players, and I don’t Filipe will fit in that project
    There is so much talking about Miranda being sold at the end of the season, and it doesn’t make any sense to sell the 30-year-old Miranda and bring back the 30-year-old Filipe

    If there is an opportunity to sign a young world-class LB, I don’t think that Simeone would wan’t Filipe back

  • juanito

    There’s your reason. You just hate chelsea so much that it blinds you completely.
    Driven by hate, just like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • I usually don’t reply to this kind of comments and this kind of people, but I wonder, what made you think that I’m from Muslim Brotherhood, or do you believe that every Muslim is a member of MB

    I’m not saying that they are good or bad, it’s just that I don’t belong to them, but I’m a very proud Muslim though

    And by the way, too many people hate Chelsea, and they are fans of many different clubs, and followers of many different religions .

  • juanito

    Simple. Because you love Morsi and hate Siisi and the military. 4<?

    Why don't you save us the effort and stop talking. You barely know anything about Atletico and can't even speak the language. And anything Spanish you post is copy pasted off of google. You just like all new Atléti fans are glory hunters who jumped on the bandwagon during the team celebrations.

    You're better off as an Ahly fan.

  • Ringo

    Would say he might be too old, but I forgot Siquera is pretty much the same age.
    Always considered him a oungster for some reason.
    In that case, getting rid of Ansaldi and Siquera and get Filipe and a highly talented youngster in return, I would welcome.
    Or perhaps try and get Alex Sandro and leave one of the other LBs as his sub, because in such a scenario a Filipe-qualified LB won’t be as necessary.

    I won’t hold a grudge at all. I love Filipe, I feel like he’s the most genuine player I’ve ever seen play and I believe in working where you want to.
    I’m not even sure if I could stay for 4 years, while Atleti is by far my favorite club in football and has been for so long.
    Also wouldn’t hold a grudge against Agüero, seeing some people mention the lad.
    He wanted to leave and chose a few bad words. I feel like they weren’t even entirely his own words and that he was pushed. It was in the Quique period and I can’t imagine non-Reyeses being happy under Quique. The board was at its most corrupt in years, too.
    Remember them probably pushing out De Gea?
    But oh well, whatcha gonna do

  • Lubo

    I don’t think it might hurt someone to get Filipe back. But if only Chelsea gave him for a fair amount (which they won’t).
    He is better than Siqueira, Ansaldi and Gamez combined (besides Luis’ ridiculous crossing, where Ansaldi clearly has the upper hand). He’s 30? So what? It’s just a number, especially with physios & condition coaches of Simeone’s team. Just look at Tiago, running the show just like 10 years ago, maybe even better.
    He left us? So what? He wanted to leave at his peak and try something different to the corrupted RFEF. He is not Madrid born, he’s just a professional athlete. And he always gave his best. I remember Ahmad writing that Filipe should have given us another year and that he owed us another year. And then what? If he’d left after another season, you’d still call him traitor a year later. Sure, Atleti bought him after his horrendous injury and gave him a chance to become what he is now. But the fact is, he was a way better player for Deportivo before he broke his leg. Before Simeone, he wasn’t that much of a class. So if Cholo will want to have him back, I agree. He will make him class again.
    The only condition is money. Hope we aren’t considering +/- the same amount as we received. I wouldn’t pay that much for Maldini benched for one year.

  • I don’t remember that I ever called him a traitor before, and you didn’t read the word in my comment now .. it was other people who called him that
    I just think that we are a great club and should not take the leftovers of other clubs

    There are many other great left backs out there, and if there are not and Filipe is the best left back in Europe, so surly we will have a strong competition from other clubs, and since Filipe wants a new challenge -according to him- and something different to the corrupted RFEF -according to you- then I don’t think that he will choose us

  • Lubo

    Sorry for misunderstanding, I’m not saying you called him like that. It was meant more in general, English makes no difference in you (sg) vs. you (pl).
    Atletico was a “jokes” club not so long ago. We made just small steps inside the company of Europe’s finest clubs again.
    We are still considered underdogs more than heavyweights in terms of winning trophies. What we need is stability and consistency. And I think Filipe suits in this.
    For the right amount of money, he is a safe bet. But because he’s in Chelsea and he also might have other suitors, Mourinho and Luis’ agent might ask a lot. And then there are alternatives for sure.

  • I don’t agree on calling Atleti a “joke”, yes, we had a rough patch from relegation in 2000 until going back to CL in 2008, or until 2010 when we started to win trophies again, but those were just 8 or 10 years in our 111 years history where we used to win at least 3 trophies every decade since the 1940s
    I know you used “joke” as a figure of speech, but it’s still harsh

    Of course Mou and Filipe’s agent will ask for a lot of money, especially that his agent is Jorge Mendez, and beside his transfer fee there is also his salary which I think it should be less than what we paid him before he left or at least the same since he will be 30 years old, and I don’t think he will accept that, because I truly believe that he left for more money, not for “new challenge”, because we played against Madrid & Barca 11 times last season and will play 12 times against them this season, no sane person could look for a different challenge than this

  • Carpetano

    “And I think that Simeone should send a loud and clear message to all the
    players who are with him right now and who will come later :
    If you left Atletico Madrid, there is no way back”

    Say that to Tiago when he left us for Chelsea in this season but immediately return to us…

  • Tiago never left for Chelsea, his contract has expired and it took him too long to choose the best option for him especially that he was 32
    Nobody knows the complete truth about his case, some sources say he wanted to go to Chelsea, while others say he was considering a move to UAE or USA

    And he did lose his vice captain position, that’s a message too, despite that Godin was chosen before Tiago signed his new contract, because at that time Simeone was talking to him to convince him to stay

  • Carpetano

    That’s very true!