Matchday LIVE: Bayer Leverkusen vs. Atlético

Follow the game live as Atleti return to Champions League action

Bayer 04 Leverkusen v AS Monaco FC - UEFA Champions League

The Champions League returns on Wednesday evening as Atlético travel to Germany to take on Bayer Leverkusen in the Last 16!

Despite a disappointing loss to Celta last weekend, Atleti bounced back on Saturday with a 3-0 win against Almería, and will want to continue the good form with a victory at the BayArena.

Use the comments to post your thoughts, reactions and (hopefully) celebrations. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Bayer Leverkusen: Leno; Hilbert, Spahic, Papadopoulos, Wendell; Castro, Bender; Bellarabi, Calhanoglu, Son; Drmic

Atlético: Moyá; Juanfran, Godín, Miranda, Siqueira; Tiago, Gabi; Saúl, Arda; Griezmann and Mandzukic


  • Kris

    Smh at the Stupidity of our players..

  • Wow.. couldn’t follow the match but I’ll keep with some @AtleticoFans tweets: “Looks like the 2-0 is closer than the 1-1” and “What a night to forget for Atleti.”.

    A not bad result then?

  • Adnan Khan

    A lot of people here were underestimating bayer leverkusen. It looks like they proved them wrong. I was fearing calhanouglu would score and he did. Honestly i think the second leg will be very difficult now. We are conceding alot of goals this season and now without godin in the next leg it will not only be difficult to score a goal, but also to prevent them scoring a goal.

  • 1-0 is a great result, if it was a stronger team than Bayer, the tie would have been over tonight

    We need Koke, and we need our players to calm the fuck down, our captains are the ones who were involved in the fights, Godin, Raul and Torres
    But the players will never be calm unless their coach become calm first

  • Chewie

    Miserable losers. In the last year’s CL run there wasn’t a single game as bad as this one. Leverkusen owned the game and deserved the victory. The ref’s call to cancel the goal was debatable, though. Even so, this was almost the Celta game 2.0, considering the increased class of the opposition.

    And the most worrying thing – we lost Koke the creative mind and stopped scoring from set pieces, so another solution is needed. The three strikers scheme just doesn’t work, they don’t receive the ball, and those long passes are wasteful.

    Midfield is a mess. Tiago with the stupidest of fouls, Arda thinking too much and wasting precious momentum, Mario will step in and be of not much help, injured Saul.

    Siqueira owned, Gamez no better. Juanfran not in the best shape as well.

    On the bright side, Moya looked solid, and the strikers did their best.

    Another tactical battle lost. WIth a big help of undisciplined players. However, there’s still a chance, and if the team will play like this in Calderon, I will be the first to throw an imaginary tomato in them.

  • I don’t want to sound as a sore loser, but I still believe that Bayer aren’t that good, they won because we were very bad
    They seemed more convinced than us with the 1-0 despite that we were playing with 10 men

    For me, that was Celta Vigo all over again

    I hope Koke will be back for the second leg

  • Manuel Staxx

    Bayer have a tendency of shooting themselves in the foot. They aren’t called “Neverkusen” for nothing. An early goal at Calderon could see them buckle under the pressure and crowd but what are the chances of a clean sheet. They attack regardless and relentlessly plus Calha FK expertise.

    You guys have a real cluster f*** of matches before the 2nd leg. Some tough fixtures and with the thin squad getting injury hit, not too rosy. A fully fit Atleti 11 easily qualifies. Now, and after these games, not so sure.

  • atleti10

    That was pathetic. We have no one to link the midfield to the strikers. We need a world class winger who can beat people, someone who can offer an outlet when the rest of the team is playing this shit, no Koke no Tiago no Godin and possibly no Saul. We wont go through if Cani Gabi and Mario are in the midfield.

    Does anyone know if Correa can play in the champions league? I think under 21s dont have to be registered right? Id have him in the squad he’d do a better job than Cani.

    Ugh shit night

  • The 2nd leg is in March 15th, 18 days from today, so Koke, Saul & Siqueira will be recovered from their injuries, and -unless they get other injuries- will be available

    About Correa :
    Even the under 21 must be registered, and with maximum 15 players + 25 from the first team to make a list of 40 players
    BUT the under 21 players must be all homegrowns, who UEFA define them as :
    “Players -nationals or foreigners- who spent at least 3 seasons with the club before they reached 15”
    Obviously that doesn’t apply to Correa, like it didn’t apply last season to The Moroccan GK Yassine Bounou and he wasn’t registered in our CL list
    So, Correa can’t play

  • atleti10

    Ah ok I thought there was something. Pity

    And hopefully Ansaldi too because Siquera is not good enough in my opinion.

  • Kris

    I will be the first to defend Torres’ fight against the Asian guy, Son, or whoever he is. He was holding Torres back and Torres was just trying to get to his place. Even though, he could have easily handled the situation by falling back at where Son was restraining Torres, he chose to push him off like a man. I would easily have been a girl in that situation and fall back and not get the yellow for myself, though.

  • Adnan Khan

    Bayer 04 is not amongst the top teams indeed. They have not been doing that well in the Bundesliga either. But it does not mean that they won’t be giving their all in the champions league. Dortmund is a good example too. When the factor of playing in the champions league comes in, the teams gets a notch better.

    What i am trying to say is that maybe we should not have underestimated them when we showed up with a team without Koke and a Arda Turan in a bad shape. We lost against celta. I am pretty sure bayer 04 is better than them. But it makes no difference if we fans underestimate then or not as long as simeone and co doesn’t

    I must say bayer 04 have many exciting players. Calhanouglu is for me maybe the best freekick taker in the world right now. Heung min son is very promising too, and leno reminds me of courtois. Huge talent. I would have loved to have these 3 in the atleti squad.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Moya looked solid to u????? Did we watch different games?

  • Kris


  • the 2nd leg is actually on March 17th, not 15th
    even better

  • Chewie

    What’s not solid about his performance? Don’t tell me about the goal, saving a shot like this in a one-on-one situation happens almost never. He was in control when Spahic shot from long range and also when Mandzukic cleared the ball by the post etc. I didn’t say he was brilliant, just solid.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    We obviously have different standards set and it’s that simple. As someone who both plays and watches this sport, I agree with the commentators for once, he just isn’t good enough

  • I really was waiting for this discussion between you two since I read Chewie’s comment !
    After every game Chewie always praises Moya either we won, drawn or lost, while Jeronamo always criticizes him even if he made one or two great saves
    I have an in-between opinion :
    He really surprised me with his relatively old age and low price and poor CV, and I think right now he is at the level of Casillas, Bravo and ter Stegen, if not better, but he obviously isn’t Courtois or de Gea
    And here is the thing :
    Madrid & Barca don’t need Courtois or de Gea since they dominate their games and their GKs receive just one or two shots on target each game, and sometimes none, and if they conceded a goal that could have been saved by Courtois or de Gea, they (usually) respond by scoring 2 or 3 goals
    But we do need a world-class GK, and Moya is not
    For example : the 2 goals in Anoeta were very difficult, but Courtois saved more difficult shot in the same stadium last season from Granero, and he saved much difficult header in New San Mames than the one Xabi Prieto scored against Moya

    Against Leverkusen, no GK could have saved that goal, and Moya did make a couple of good saves and prevented a heavy defeat, but he also was suffering in all the corner kicks while on the other side Leno was dominating in the air

    Moya is very good for a team that wants to finish 3rd in the league and reach 1/4 or 1/2 finals of UCL, but not for a team that wants to win both

    We really should try to bring de Gea back, but I have a feeling that he wants to go to Real Madrid .. but I dare him to do that

  • Carlos

    Hello guys, new poster here. I’ve long been looking for an Atletico blog/website about Atletico.
    Anyways, what concerned me the most was the lack of link up play from the midfield to the forwards. There was no creative plays ( Koke missing) and Turan had a lackluster day. I still believe we can win at the Calderon.