Rojiblancos steal Madrid Fashion Week spotlight

The hottest accessory in town won't be found at this week's event

Strike a pose! Mandzukic sporting the hottest headgear in town

Strike a pose! Mandzukic sporting the hottest headgear in town

It was a 4-0 victory, and one of the most important victories in recent years for Atlético. However, supporters of one of Madrid’s biggest clubs can be forgiven for not knowing that this week, they are not the only ones celebrating a huge event in the capital.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Madrid Fashion Week, an event that celebrates designers and brands from all over the country. It’s Spain’s premier showcase, and models come from all over to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

But this year’s most sought-after fashion accessory won’t be making an appearance at the six-day event. Instead, the ‘must-wear’ mask has been on display all season at the Vicente Calderón.

We are of course talking about the infamous protective face-mask.

Mario Mandzukic was the first player to break his nose for Atlético Madrid this season and sport the designer-piece. Fans saw it to be a one-time thing and didn’t expect to see the nose mask return again and again.

The Croatian’s broken nose didn’t stop him from playing and he sported his mask for a few weeks until it was time to pass it on.

Unlike some other expensive headwear, you don’t choose to wear the mask – the mask chooses you. Jesús Gámez found this out the hard way when he broke his nose in a training session in November. He too sported the mask for a few weeks, and brought a touch of style to Majadahonda.

All good things must come to an end, and after Gámez’ time with the mask was up, it was only a matter of time before one of our superstar’s sported the accessory.

Fearing the mask to be too ‘mainstream’, one of our stars almost avoided the mask altogether. In December, José María Giménez left Diego Godin’s nose gushing blood. Godín managed to avoid needing the hottest fashion accessory in town.

That is, until he actually broke his nose just a month later during the derby clash at the Calderón. Diego finally succumbed to the peer-pressure and could be seen embracing the latest trend during his recovery from injury.

It is unclear who the mask’s next advocate will be. Gabi? Juanfran? Raúl García?

Many called it ‘last season’, but Atlético players are showing the world what’s hot. And the mask is hot.

Raúl García broke his nose during an Atlético match back in 2007. Does he plan to dust it off for one final night on the town?

Perhaps it will be Fernando Torres, or should I say Fernando Zorres.

Always one to be ahead of the trend, Atlético’s number 19 sported a nose mask during his Chelsea days and was given the name, Fernando ‘Zorro’ Torres. ‘Zorres’.

It seems that the mask is becoming a part of Atlético’s uniform this season. The club should seriously consider selling masks at the official club store.

Atlético Madrid is earning a title of one of the hottest football teams in recent times and a reference for fashion.

Seriously, who knew masks went so well with red and white?!

Who will be the next player to appear wearing the hottest accessory of 2014/15?

  • Nice article Arthur, just like these tweets

  • Michel Munger

    LOL! You nailed it! The black mask is football fashion’s hottest trend!