Siqueira heading for early Atlético exit?

Our summer signing could be a target for AC Milan

Siqueira - one of Atleti's only options at left-back

Siqueira - one of Atleti's only options at left-back

Over the last few days, reports have been circulating that AC Milan are eyeing up Siqueira of Atlético as a potential re-enforcement to their depleted defensive ranks. However the Brazilian is one of few defensive options available to Simeone this season – so is there any chance he could leave?

Back in 2006, Guilherme Siqueira made his debut for Serie A side Udinese. The Brazilian left-back stayed in Italy until 2010 where he was “signed” by Spanish league side, Granada.

Signed is in quotation marks because Udinese and Granada are owned by the same person, Giampaolo Pozzo. After four years in the Andalucian side and one year spent at Benfica on loan, Siqueira joined Atlético Madrid for a fee of €10 million at the beginning of this season.

Siqueira’s time at Atlético Madrid has not been as good as expected. Atlético’s number 3 is a ‘traditional’ Brazilian full-back. Meaning that his attacking capabilities greatly surpass his defensive ones. For some teams that’s okay; just look at Marcelo at Real Madrid – sometimes you forget Marcelo is actually a left back. However, Atlético de Madrid plays a game where a solid defence is a must at all times.

Back in December, Simeone praised Siqueira’s offensive ability, but also explained his desire for Siqueira to grow defensively. “Offensively he is a very important player for the team and I hope he can keep growing defensively because he has been working very hard to improve.”

After the international friendly between Brazil and Colombia in September, Miranda was full of praise for his compatriot. “Siqueira is a very good player, a high quality one. Definitely on the same level as Filipe Luis.”

After some not so solid matches by Siqueira – most notably against Athletic Club – rumours have been strong stating that the Brazilian will return to Italy to sign for struggling AC Milan. However, after a solid performance against Real Madrid in the Bernabéu, will Siqueira stay?

If Siqueira ends up leaving, Atlético would have to find a replacement immediately. On-loan Ansaldi is constantly injured and owned by Zenit, while Gámez seemed lost while playing on the opposite end of the pitch against Barcelona.

Siqueira has made 15 appearances for Atlético so far this season.

Will Siqueira be able to grow defensively or has he reached his peak already?

Would it be a viable option to get rid of the Brazilian after just half of a season and without a backup in mind?

What are your thoughts on Siqueira? Should he stay, should he go, can he improve?

  • Shesar Andriawan

    I don’t the club will let him go. We only have Ansaldi and him as LB. Lucas is good, but he naturally is a CB. And I don’t think AC Milan could pay 10 ME or more

  • Urban

    It is clear he struggles in defence and we all know how important solid defending is for Cholo.

    Having said that, I must admit he seems to make remarkable progress in this depratment. If he continues to grow he may become an imporant asset. If he doesnt, he may end up in other team if there is someone who wants to buy him for decent money.

  • Lago

    I think Ansaldi is better at both ends of the field. Id say keep Siqueira until the end of the season and evaluate him then. If he steps up, let him stay, if he fails to improve, try to find another one who can compete with Ansaldi (who should be made permanent in my opinion).

  • atleti10

    Lets not forget the progress Felipe Luis made under cholo. Granted Atleti are a bigger team now and Siquera will have a steeper learning curve thanFelipe in terms of reaching the expected level but anything is possible. Agree with the guys, make ansaldi permanent and if Siquera hasn’t improved by the end of the season bring in someone (Hopefully our new Chinese stakeholder will front a move for Ricardo Rodriguez…. one can hope)

  • Rowly

    He needs to improve but I think he’ll get there and make the LB spot his own.

  • starvs

    Sure, whatever, but we gonna need someone there; can we bring someone better in during this same window? For a reasonable price? I would presume no, which makes this whole thing a non-starter.