The only choice for Coach of the Year

Diego Simeone up against Carlo Ancelotti and Joachim Loew

Diego Simeone up against Ancelotti and Loew

Diego Simeone up against Ancelotti and Loew

While the race between Cristiano, Messi and Neuer goes on for the Ballon d’Or, Diego Simeone is facing off against Joachim Loew and Carlo Ancelotti at the same event for the 2014 FIFA Coach of the Year award.

The Argentine led an Atlético de Madrid, with a smaller wage budget than Queen Park Rangers, to the finals of the Champions League, Copa del Rey semifinals (after eliminating teams like Athletic Club de Bilbao and Valencia) and winning La Liga.

Simeone, with the guidance of his coaching staff, conquered stadium after stadium until he could conquer no more. The final stadium was a fortress, one that is nearly impossible to conquer, the Camp Nou. The ex-Atlético-turned-coach however managed to conquer the Camp Nou and the Liga title at the same time. Atlético did not lose once against the other teams in the top four: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Club.

In the Champions League, Atlético topped their group and eliminated Milan, Barcelona and Chelsea until the dream ended after losing the final to Real Madrid.

Ancelotti too did an incredible job with Real Madrid in his first season in charge for Real Madrid after winning the Copa del Rey against FC Barcelona and claiming the Champions League in extra time against Atlético.

His team’s league form, however, was quite disappointing. Ancelotti’s side had difficulties defeating the top teams in the league. He failed to best Atlético and Barcelona and also lost once to Athletic Club. Out of the top three in Spain last season, his Madrid had the worst record against the top sides.

Loew is the coach with the weakest argument as to why he should win the Ballon d’Or. He may have won the most prestigious trophy of them all, the World Cup, but the tournament only lasted two months and since then his team has been disappointing in the EURO qualification round.

The squad at his disposal was one of the best ever and Germany was widely seen as one of the favourites to win the cup.

Also, Loew seemed like a coach who didn’t have a solid game plan. He seemed to copy what Guardiola did with Bayern Munich by moving Lahm to the midfield and playing with three at the back at times. Loew wanted Germany to play like Bayern, but at times it seemed too forced and Germany were underwhelming in many matches.

Algeria, for instance, was very close to knocking out the champions and Neuer was forced to save the team with an array of stops. It has to be said though that winning the World Cup is not an easy feat and Joachim Loew definitely deserves his fair share of plaudits for winning the cup for Germany.

All three coaches have arguments as to why they should walk always with the Ballon d’Or; however, Diego Pablo Simeone achieved the impossible – or what was thought of as impossible.

At the beginning of the season, you could win 99 euros for every one-euro bet on Atlético winning the league. The press kept spouting the same old “el Atleti caerá”  – Atleti will fall – but Atleti never did fall.

Atleti, thanks to Simeone, won La Liga in incredible fashion, a league title that hadn’t been won by a team other than Real Madrid and Barcelona in 10 years.

Simeone won the league as a player with Atlético back in 1996 and since then Atlético hadn’t won a league title.

Simeone built a foundation and it prospered under his philosophy of game by game, every match a final.

“Si se cree y se trabaja se puede,” If you believe and you work for it, it’s possible.
-Diego Simeone

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  • BlasiusMagnus

    joachim löw is the coach of the year…
    its a disgrace… its a fuckin disgrace

  • Mohammed Basith

    FIFA is like No money,No honey.

  • Parsa

    What is more than disgrase is the Fifa XI of the year … We don’t have a single player even in the reserve teams. Everyone knows this system doesn’t work and it’s not working based on perfomance, It’s just about reputation. But Fifa is just watching and laughing at all of us … What a jok and filthy people they are

  • Rowly

    These awards are nothing more than a popularity contest and doesn’t deserve the coverage that it gets.

  • FIFA awards will be always ridiculous because the system is ridiculous, the votes of each coach and each captain of every national team who are members in FIFA
    beside the votes of few journalists and some “experts” like Florentino Perez and Ali Bin Al Hussein !!

    We had a great and respectful award called ” France Football Ballon d’Or ” beside the very ridiculous FIFA player of the year award, until 2010 when France Football gave up its historical award to FIFA, for some millions of dollars, I guess

    With FIFA system, players like Nedved, Weah, Owen, Cannavaro would have NEVER won the trophy, it would have been between Zidane, Ronaldo (the real one) and Ronaldinho every year

    Since 2010 when Messi won it while Sneijder who deserve it by very far wasn’t even in the last 3 I decided to boycott it these awards and never watch them again, and I did, despite that Kate Abdo was very stunning tonight, as usual
    and I really believe that clubs like us and BVB and others who are not so “cool” and
    mainstream should consider boycotting them until the they change the system

    give the votes to a respectful and large group of journalist and retired coaches instead
    of giving them to the captains of American Samoa, Andorra, Bahamas, Brunei, Cook Islands, Faroe Islands, Malta, Nepal, Tahiti, Dominican, San Marino ……… etc (with all due respect to them as nations)
    and even to Messi and Ronaldo themselves as they are the captains of their national teams, and few years ago they actually were allowed to vote for themselves !!!

    Last thing :
    Löw wining is justified and deserved, Simeone was unlucky to achieve what he had achieved in a world cup year, the world cup winner is always the obvious choice, and it seems fair since it only come every 4 years, while winning 7-1 against Brazil in the semifinal and in their home only happens once in the lifetime

    Cholo will have many more chances, and I think we should be thankful because the captains of Neverland and Easter Island didn’t pick Ancelotti !

    BUT choosing David Luiz, the hero of 1-7 Maracanazo in the XI is new low .. even for FIFA .

  • pahas

    Can anyone tell me what was our budget last year that we won the league?I think that is lower than many teams like QPR or even Olympiacos..the achievements of our team are incredible..fifa and the awards are ridiculous..not even a single player in the best least a defender..we had the best defence of europe last year I think from the top 5 leagues of the world..thiago silva and david luiz? Wtf? And joachim low the best coach? But how? He has won the world cup just because he had the best team..el cholo won what he won with our team by not having the best team but by CREATING the best team with the minimum budget possible and a lot of pashion and trying..unfair

  • starvs


  • Kris

    Popularity contest. A total joke. No relevance whatsoever to football and its greats. It’s a money-making scheme and it works very well for the rich. Don’t let this get to your head, Simeone.

  • Since The Oscars are in 5 weeks, imagine if the votes were for the actors and actresses, not for the experts in The Academy, then maybe Clooney, Cruise and Brad have won several Oscars, and maybe Daniel Day-Lewis haven’t won any !
    This is simply FIFA Awards

    Simeone wasn’t even second FFS !!

  • You can use the People’s Choice Award in US as a comparison. Robert Downey Jr. and The Big Bang Theory are always the winners no matter what. Fairness is not the main point, publicity and money is.

  • Yeah, I just read an article few days ago about this year’s awards which was last Wednesday, and its headline was :
    “People’s Choice Awards, why we should not let people vote” !
    But beside People’s Choice Awards & Teen’s Choice Awards there are the real awards, The Emmys, The Globes and The Oscars

    And that was the case in football, there was FIFA Player of the year, and there was the real award, France Football’s Ballon d’Or
    but that wasn’t enough for FIFA, so they “canceled” Ballon d’Or and made it only one award, this is FIFA player of the year even if it had the name and the trophy of Ballon d’Or .. The last edition of Ballon d’Or was in 2009

    But the one to blame is the great France Football, they should have kept their system, and if FIFA said no then they should have refused the merge

    And by the way : I’m a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, it maybe wins People’s Choice, but it does win at least one Emmy every year as well 😉

  • Let’s take a look at some of the players who have won Ballon d’Or BUT didn’t win FIFA award in the same year (before the damned merge)

    1991 : Ballon d’Or : Jean-Pierre Papin / FIFA : Matthaus

    1994 : Ballon d’Or : Stoichkov / FIFA : Romario

    1996 : Ballon d’Or : Matthias Sammer / FIFA : Ronaldo

    2001 : Ballon d’Or : Michael Owen / FIFA : Luis Figo

    2003 : Ballon d’Or : Pavel Nedvěd / FIFA : Zidane

    2004 : Ballon d’Or : Shevchenko / FIFA : Ronaldinho

    Just compare between the names on the right and those on the left, the pattern is very obvious, if you are not a commercial face, you have no chance with FIFA
    But again, the ones to blame are France Football who gave up their majestic award for a bunch of mercenaries whatever was the price

    Sneijder & Ribery should have joined those names on the left, and I will never forgive who robbed them of what they worked very freakin hard to deserve .

  • AaX

    Most Likely There are no awards could be imaginable from ‘them’ for the kind of achievement a club like Atletico has and will Attain. …Over ‘Them’. This makes this team kind of Unique and More Special.