Beating the Blaugrana – three of the best

We take a look at three of our most recent victories over Barcelona

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Facing Barcelona is always a game that could go one of two ways: Atleti plays phenomenally and wins or Barcelona gives Atlético a proper beating.

In light of the league fixture this coming Sunday in the Camp Nou, we want to relive some of our best moments against the Catalan club in the past five years.

Back in the 90s, Atleti came back from 0-3 at the Calderón to win 4-3. Atletico Barça matches are just plain crazy.

However, the matches seemed to have turned slightly in our favour recently. In the past six matches we have won one and drawn the other five. In other words, Barcelona hasn’t been able to beat us.

February 14, 2010 – Atlético 2 – 1 Barcelona – Liga BBVA

Atleti were ready to host the league leaders. Barcelona had not lost a match so far this season, and they had promptly defeated Atleti 5-2 at the Camp Nou earlier in the year. Nobody believed the Colchoneros could defeat this unbeatable Blaugrana side. Days before the match, Real Madrid players were asking Atleti to “help” them out by beating Barcelona.

8th minute. 1-0. Forlán.
22nd minute. 2-0. Simao.

Ibrahimovic got a goal back for Barcelona from a set piece! Yes! Barcelona actually scored off of a set piece. Quite obvious we weren’t the set piece kings back then. But Atleti had managed to do what no other team had managed so far in the 2009/10 season, Atlético was the only team to defeat Barcelona in the league. The match ended 2-1; and even more fortunately, Atleti’s win did not help Real Madrid as Barcelona still ran away with the league title.

April 9, 2014 – Atlético 1 – 0 Barcelona – UEFA Champions League 

The second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.The first leg ended 1-1 at the Camp Nou and Atleti was 90 minutes away from progressing to the semi-finals. The party began early on. Atleti struck the post twice, before Koke smashed the ball in the net in the 6th minute. Arguably the greatest opening thirty minutes by an Atleti team in the past few years. Barcelona were stopped in their tracks and only had two shots on target the whole match. Atleti had 12 and Barcelona were lucky to not have conceded three or more.

The Calderón was a party and the Culés that had come to the match contributed to the fun; Barcelona fans applauded and cheered the Atlético players as they passed on to the next round. What Atleti was doing was incredible and even the diehard Culés could recognize and admire it. Something they would do again on a beautiful May day.

May 17, 2014 – Barcelona 1 – 1 Atlético – Liga BBVA

A day no Atlético should ever forget. And for us, this counts as a win!

May 17 2013. Atlético defeats Real Madrid at the Bernabéu for the Copa del Rey. May 17 2014, Atlético wins La Liga at the Camp Nou.

There were 400 colchoneros in the stands singing their hearts out for the team. 400 colchoneros crammed into a small area watching the match in agony waiting for it to end.

It couldn’t have started any worse; Diego Costa and Arda had to leave the pitch through injury after 20 minutes. The Barcelona fans were booing and whistling when Arda fell to the floor; they claimed he was time-wasting.

It was hot. I was nauseous. We lost two star players in 20 minutes. Alexis scored.
For a while, the Camp Nou was hell and I was trapped in it. Barcelona fans in front of us were taunting us and every time we would begin to stand up to sing, the Mossos would make us sit down. It really was hell.

Diego Godín! Diego Godín! Dieeeeeeeeegooooooooo Godííííííííííííííín! Gol! Gol! Gol! We had escaped from hell and dragged the 99,000 culés down into it. The Camp Nou was eerily silent and at last you could hear the Colchoneros chanting their hearts out. 40 minutes of anxiety and agony awaited the players and the fans. What felt like an hour was actually a minute… and what felt like a minute was actually a millisecond.

ALIRÓN ALIRÓN EL ATLETI ES CAMPEÓN! They had done it! Atleti had won the league in the Camp Nou. The Culés kept up with the tradition of the cheering they had done in the Calderón and applauded the league champions.

Will the tradition continue on Sunday with either a draw or win for Atlético? Is Barcelona actually in a crisis or will a victory over them send them into a downward spiral?

What are your favourite moments against FC Barcelona?

  • Hussein Abubakr

    Diego Ribas’ missile in the first leg of the quarter final of the champions league. Stunning!

  • Certainly over the last 5 years! Remember the 4-3 in 2009?

  • BlasiusMagnus

    that was one of the best football match i’ve seen in my entire life. it was like an emotional rollercoaster. i remember i almost turned off the tv when messi scored barca’s 2nd goal. 0-2. and then forlan with that rocket… epic.
    but when aguero scored our 4th goal… man… that was the first match when i cried from happiness. actually cried and screamed like a nutjob. 🙂

  • 4-3 in 2009 wasn’t just the best in the last 5 years, or one of the best football match I’ve seen .. it was THE BEST football match I’ve ever seen in my entire life
    I literally watched it more than 10 times, back then Al-Jazeera Sports only had the rights of La Liga and some games of Serie A, so they kept re-airing it over and over, and I kept watching

    Beside the greatness of the game, there was an extra reason for me to watch it too many times, the commentator, he was Ayman Jadah, one of my favorite Arab commentators who made the game even more interesting
    Sadly, Ayman stopped commentating the games anymore after becoming the general manager of Al-Jazeera Sports, which recently became BeIN Sports

    So, for me, I doubt that any game in the future can beat that game

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    The 4-3 win for us coming from 2-0 down
    and the one where we were having a terrible season and we won 2-1 with simao scoring a free kick and forlan scoring too, i actually watched that one

  • and by the way, Ibrahimovic goal was a very clear foul, he pushed our defender (Perea if I remember correctly)
    it was much more clearer than Mandzukic foul in his disallowed goal vs Villarreal, if it was even a foul

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I have to agree with the 4-3 of 2009. I especially remember what Aguero did to Puyol, that dribble alone made me proud

  • Hussein Abubakr

    Same here akhi 🙂 Ayman Jadah was one of the best Arab commentators ever. My favourite, too. Glad to see such an Atletico exist 🙂

  • But he wasn’t the favorite for many people though, because he doesn’t scream, doesn’t spend minutes on praising stars, doesn’t use 4 or 5 synonyms for the same word in one phrase, and doesn’t do whatever else Shawali and the other loved commentators do

    Now my favorite is Hatem Battisha, in fact, he isn’t just my favorite, but he is the only Arab commentator I can bear, but just like Ayman, he is not so popular, and since last season he is only given the most ridiculous games
    so, now I switch to the English commentator whenever there is one -although BeIN English commentators are boring, but at least they aren’t annoying- and if there isn’t an English one I sometimes press mute, really, I’m not joking

    And after every big game for us with one of those stupid commentators I search for a torrent for the game, especially on Sky Sports, hoping to be commentated by Kevin Keatings, my favorite English commentator, especially when he is accompanied with Gerry Armstrong
    And luckily, They did commentate our title wining game in Camp Nou, and the commentating of Kevin on Godin’s goal was in the documentary that was released by the club 2 weeks ago :

    ” Diego Godin .. Lifts Atletico Madrid Into Pure Football Heaven “

  • Hussein Abubakr

    That’s the exact reason why he was my favourite. Now I don’t have any favourite as I moved to England but I remember I used to like the Egyptian, Ali Muhammad Ali, as he wasn’t the type that praises players and teams much plus he had great football knowledge.
    I am familiar with Kevin only from that video lol