Manchester City set to swoop for two rojiblancos?

Reports suggest that both Miranda and Mandzukic on City's radar

Mandzukic and Miranda linked with moves to Manchester

Mandzukic and Miranda linked with moves to Manchester

Reports in British newspapers over the last week, as well as the odd article in Spain, have credited the mega-rich Manchester City with an interest in not one, but two of our key players. But would we be willing to let either one leave?

Silly season is approaching, and this won’t be the last time we see Miranda or Mandzukic linked with a move away this transfer window.

The first rumour came courtesy of the Daily Star, an English tabloid that doesn’t have the best reputation over in the UK.

On Christmas Eve, the paper reported that Manuel Pellegrini was eyeing up our Croatian striker Mandzukic as a re-enforcement for his depleted strike-force. However, the story didn’t have much substance, and it was laughed off by Atléticos.

Mandzukic, who has scored 14 goals in only 22 appearances, joined Atleti in the summer for €22 million, but according to the Star, City are convinced that a bid of €32 million will be enough to force Atleti to cash in.

Strangely though, the story got a little bit of credibility to it on Saturday, when Antonio Ruiz of Cadena COPE reported that Manchester City had tabled a €42 million bid for the striker, and Atlético are considering.

This coming from the same journalist that confirmed the Diego Costa and Filipe Luis moves out of Atleti.

The feeling from Atlético fans? It looks like the main response to this was ‘take the money’, despite Mandzukic looking like more of a perfect fit for Atlético as each game passed.

And now today, more rumours surface of an English team trying to break up our defensive duo.

Fresh off of the Godín to Manchester United rumours of last month, it now seems like the other Manchester club are trying to snag one of our jewels – this time Miranda.

According to the Mirror, it looks like City think a €25 million bid will be enough to convince Atleti to sell the Brazilian. A strange figure, but when you think of who we have waiting in the wings to replace the 30-year-old, is it a bad bit of business?

José Giménez looks like he is ready to play more games. He certainly has the passion and desire.

Search for Atleti transfer rumours and you’ll read all about the ‘crippling debt’ that will force us to sell our star players – but can you see either Mandzukic or Miranda leaving this winter?

  • Sierra Godfrey

    I don’t think Miranda is quite ready to leave. I believe he’s still a formidable defense. But his younger, eager replacement is waiting and Miranda has been addled with injuries. If he wanted to go, then Atleti might consider this.

    If Mandzukic leaves — who fits in so, so well with the Cholo system — I’d be very surprised. It is not his time.

  • starvs

    If we sell Mandz now, I think we are in effect conceding this season, we can’t win Liga/CL without him (and it is already obviously an uphill battle on those fronts).

    I think we can afford to lose Miranda this summer (for a hefty price); when we can get Toby back, or Velazquez back from Getafe, but as it is now, we don’t have enough cover in case Godin/Gimenez gets hurt. Unless we want to risk playing Gamez at CB?

  • Kris

    Miranda can’t leave because we only have three pure CBs at this time; Godin,Miranda,Gimenez. If one of them gets injured we need to put in the other. So, in other words this rumor becoming a reality is horrible for Atleti.
    Plus, they already have the superb, fast, strong, talented Demichelis that they got from us anyways. LOL. So, Miranda won’t leave.

    Mandzukic stories are just complete BS. What would Man City do with him now? He’s already cup-tied. If they are planning to knock out Barcelona with Mandzukic’s headers against the small Catalans, this is not going to be possible. And they already have two covers for the striker position when Aguero is unavailable in Dzeko and Jovetic.

    All in all if any of these rumors come out to be true; We are fucked.

  • davie

    does anyone actually know what our debt is i mean i was under the impression that we have been paying the tax man back and yet when ever its reported that one of our players are leaving its always said we still owe 500 mill and need the cash! haha the daily rags from the uk are the worst!! i read the other day that cebolla would be joining rangers and thats glasgow rangers not qpr a team thats not even in the spl!!

  • Erik

    I think Man City is just trying to set things up for the summer. At that time we can hopefully sell these two players for some good profit and then buy replacements. Miranda will definietly be sold this summer.

  • Parsa

    This article will help you a lot buddy. The summary is that we have already paid about 115 milion euros of our debt only in 2014. The purpose of Cerezo & co is to wipe out all of our debts till 2017. And as the figures show, it’s completely possible to be debt free until 2017. Our Financial management has been really impressive in recent seasons and we finished last financiall year with profits. Without any loss. We should give credit to our management team …

  • Jiru Ryōichi Cazzano Kawasumi

    No deal is actual for January but that is no surprise sentence. If a chunky deal arrives or maintains or even increases for the summer window things can well be different.

  • davie

    thanks!!! thats what i thought as also remember an article on this website saying we wer paying it back just confussed me when most of the articles and even the commentators on atleti games are saying its a large debt!! mind you in the last game against athletic they said koke was part owned by investment fund? thats not true is it?