Fernando Torres: “It’s a dream come true”

El Niño speaking at the GlobeSoccer event in Dubai

Torres hoping for first flight home

Torres hoping for first flight home

Fernando Torres, minutes after it was confirmed he was to rejoin Atlético on an 18-month loan deal, appeared at the GlobeSoccer Awards event in Dubai. Appearing alongside club president Miguel Ángel Gil, Torres spoke of his journey since leaving Atleti, and his excitement to be back.

“I’m so happy,” he said while on the panel. “I can’t hide where I come from. Hopefully I can get a flight to Madrid as soon as possible.”

“It’s a dream come true. I’m looking forward to meeting up with my team-mates, to begin training and enjoy the best football place in the world.”

Seven-and-a-half years since leaving Atlético, Torres has since moved from Liverpool to Chelsea and then Milan, with varying fortunes.

“Chelsea gave me what I was looking for when I left Liverpool – that was trophies. I’ll always see it as a success,” he said.

At Stamford Bridge, Fernando Torres won the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup in the same season, before going on to win the UEFA Europa League the following season.

He struggled for form though, and was eventually loaned out to AC Milan following the signing of Diego Costa.

“When I decided to go to Milan, it was to get minutes and I was told I would be a key player for them. Unfortunately, after a few months I was not part of the coach’s plans, a decision I respected 100 per cent, and it forced me to look ahead and find another destination.”

“I’m now looking for happiness, and there’s no better place for that than at Atleti.”

“Many things have happened since I left Atleti, but the passion to return has always been there for me in my head. I’ve been waiting many years.”

Miguel Ángel Gil has stressed the distance that both parties had travelled, but joy that Torres was returning.

“In 2007 we decided to go our seperate ways, and to grown on our own. And so we did,” the club president said. “Since then, Fernando has won the World Cup, two European Championships and the Champions League.”

“We’ve won four international championships, and three in Spain, including the League.”

“Now, in 2014, we meet again.”

  • Farzad From IRaN

    Oh my GOD why torres????,,, simeone should work on him at least for one year this atletico is not same with that atletico

  • I know many people are upset, skeptical or at least having mixed feelings
    BUT I AM HAPPY .. very happy .. the same happiness I felt when we won each of our last 7 titles

    Welcome home Fernando

  • Parsa

    It’s very sensible to think this is not a very good move in atheltic ways, as torres is miles away from his best. But think about this move from different aspects. Torres is an atleti icon and of the fans favourite. He will be a boost in our marchandise sales and thats some money to gain. In another aspect, right now we are in sort of a crisis mode in the stands. We dont have El Frente anymore and I think everybody saw a different calderon against villareal. The atmosphere was not at all look like what we call as our brand. Torres can be one of the reasons that we can pass on from this crisis to see an electric calderon once again. The reason is simple. Everybody loves him.

    I have a glimpse of hope that he can be efficient. Simeone is very clever and I’m sure he’ll find out how to use him. Right now we have many players like Manzu, Arda, Greizi and koke who take many responsibility on the pitch. So we dont need to put pressure on torres. He can play alongside them and enjoy his football once again. One of the positive things about torres is that he is hard worker and a team player, that’s why I think He can have a role like the role David villa had last season.

  • Kris

    Welcome back El Nino! 🙂

  • many great remarks

    about El Frente, I was thinking that the club should use Torres to talk some sense into them and bring them and the rest of the fans together, he should talk in a press conference about this situation, or even better, lead a campaign with our other stars through the social networks, a couple of massages through youtube will be great

  • Kris

    I am also skeptic about this move but not upset. I love it. I love El Nino and I love that he is back. This is great.!!! Aupa Atleti!

  • starvs

    Assuming we were not going to get anything from Cerci this year (as we have not thus far), this move can’t have much downside sporting wise. Could potentially end up not being good financially, but that is so complicated and non-transparent, I’m not all that worried on that front.

    Only downside I see is if Torres can’t regain any form, but the fans still want to see him and Cholo is pressured to play a bad, yet beloved, player; hopefully doesn’t come to that, I don’t expect it to.

  • I hate to repeat myself, but when I read comments like “we should loan Jimenez to one of La Liga sides” after explaining for many times that it’s not possible, I feel that many people do not read what we write here
    so, once again, here is what we know about the financial side of Torres-Cerci deal, since it seems that one of the main reasons why many people do not like this deal is because they believe we wasted a lot of money :

    1- We signed Cerci through an investment fund (which FIFA & UEFA are trying to ban, and I wish they do), we only paid 50 % and we only own 50 % of his rights, and since the reports suggest that Cerci cost 16 million, we only paid 8

    2- We have a clause that forces Milan to return Cerci to us if we received an appropriate offer for him next summer, which makes a perfect sense, as the investment fund who own 50% of Cerci need to make a profit and probably they are the ones who put that clause

    3- Milan will keep paying Torres salary until the end of this season, which is 4 million after taxes, while we will keep paying Cerci’s, which is 2.2 million

    4- As of the beginning of 2015-16, Torres agreed to take a big cut of his salary, almost the half, just like what Villa did when we signed him from Barca

    so, if the money is what upsetting you, don’t be
    while if you think that we let go of a great player, I believe many people explained in great way that Cerci is not so great, he is just good, but not for us

  • Atleti Fan Person

    With battles against Real Madrid and Barcelona coming up within a few days of another … I think he will know where he can make a real impact.

  • Urban

    This one will be an amazing duel between two Atletico icons: Torres and RG8, each being a symbol in his own fashion. One is a legend by pedigree and the other by the fact that he impersonates everything our team is all about. Now they will have to compete for the same spot on the field.

    The pitch will show who will come out as a winner.

  • Farzad From IRaN

    why torres,????,,we have mario and jimenez and griezmann ,,, these days torres is so so bad I cant trust,,,Its so hard to work with him

  • BlasiusMagnus

    yet, he is still better than cerci. also according to some websites it was cholo’s wish. sooo…

  • Hey Ahmad,
    remember when you said we should stop negotiating with Chelsea just like we do with Real Madrid? Marca posted today that we are not doing business with then because Gil Manzano won’t forgive them for taking Courtois, Filipe and Costa away. You can’t really trust Marca but I linked this news to your comment before.

  • I would love to have a massage through youtube… 😀

  • yeah, this will be very interesting
    but why should be only one winner ?! .. they both can win

    I want to say that RG8 being an Atleti icon (yes he is, haters !) is just incredible

    after a slow start and after being booed and whistled at in the Calderon, and especially after some incidents with Torres himself and with Gabi and other Atelti players, and we all know how Atleti fans never forget and never forgive, and you can ask Soldado and Negredo, or even Raul Jimenez who did nothing other than being a kid who grew up in a Mexican family that loves Real Madrid !

    But despite all that, Raul Garcia became Atleti’s vice captain and the most capped player in the current squad, including Torres, and he forced the fans to love him, and now they only use these photos to joke and laugh !!

  • I don’t trust Marca and I don’t believe Gil Marin either, but that doesn’t mean this is not true

    In my opinion, the problem is not that Chelsea took Filipe and Costa and tried to sign Tiago, the problem is the way they took them
    They took Costa very cheaply, with the help of Jorge Mendes, the agent of Costa and the agent and best friend of Mourinho, as Costa -with Mendes influence- refused to sign on a bigger clause than the 38 million, which Mendes received 10 of it !
    They took Courtois (after agreeing to loan him to us for one more season) because what happened in the CL
    They took Filipe and tried to take Tiago and Miranda because Mourinho didn’t forget what we did to him in Copa del Rey & in the CL and is still trying to destroy us .. this is not my imagination, and it’s not a conspiracy theory, everybody knows that Mourinho is a maniac with a lot of psychological problems

    How many minutes did Filipe play in EPL so far ?! .. almost nothing
    How many minutes would Tiago play if he joined them ?!
    How many minutes did Salah play in all competitions ?! .. but from Mou’s point of view : better sets on our bench than playing regularly for Liverpool, and he will not feel any guilt for destroying such a great talent

    I really really wish that Marca & Gil are not lying this time .

  • Adnan Khan

    Fernando Torres is beeing underrated. He has been in a very bad form these past years, but that does not mean he has forgotten how to play football. Almost all of my friends did not know anything at all about atletico players before simeone. When simeone took over all the names of our players became known. Simeone will transform torres to higher levels. That is what simeone does best.

    A pakistani saying: when at it’s home, even a mouse is a lion.

    And torres is home now 🙂

  • Jiru Ryōichi Cazzano Kawasumi

    I see the deal as win-win and preferably so for us. We get a genuine icon back to us.

    There are so many more aspects of Torres coming to us other than his performance on the pitch. That is the difference comapared to Cerci. Like has been mentioned though, Torres is treated like anyone else and no one wants to see the scenario where a widely out of form nando gets to play due to status or something similar. But I dont believe that will happen. I dont.

    For that matter I will give Simeone benefit over doubt. Diego wanted Gil to bring Torres back to us since before he went to Milan, then persisting even more so with that desire of his as his bad Milano spell came ticking down and finally clinching him home.