Burgos: We’ll get the best out of Fernando Torres

Atlético assistant coach positive about homecoming

Atlético's assistant head coach German Burgos

Atlético's assistant head coach German Burgos

Atlético Madrid assistant coach Germán Burgos confirmed on Saturday afternoon that the club are close to tying up a deal for Fernando Torres, and that a deal will be announced imminently.

“The move is on the verge of completion and we are waiting for things to firm up,” Burgos was quoted as saying in AS.

“He will be a very important reinforcement for the second half of the season. We will get the best out of him, the same as everyone, as he knows where he is coming to.”

Earlier this afternoon, Alessio Cerci said on his Facebook page that rumours of his departure are premature.

“As always, when it comes to me, I often read things that are fantasies or just not true. I have not refused anyone and I have not signed with anyone. I am a player of Atlético Madrid and I am considering, together with the club, the best solution for both.”

However reports coming out of Italy, from the Milan Channel itself, say that Cerci has now agreed to go to Milan.

From an Atleti point of view, the club is extremely confident of wrapping up the deal, and have gone so far as to already start selling Fernando Torres shirts in the official club store.




It’s the perfect Christmas present for a lot of Atlético fans. For others – it’s a confusing move.

UPDATE: Chelsea have confirmed that Fernando Torres will be joining AC Milan on a permanent transfer as of the 5th January, when the transfer window opens in Italy. This seems set to pave the way for him joining Atlético on loan.

  • Now there’s this rumour about Man City bid for Mandzukic around €42Million. I would easily take it.

  • Kris

    So, Milan just bought Torres (probably) for free. What happens now with the swap?

  • Milan signing Torres permanently may seem confusing, but let’s think about it :

    1- Chelsea are great in doing business, and they saw the eagerness of Atleti to get Torres and took advantage of that and sold Torres to Milan to get some money, we don’t know how much but at least they will get something

    2- Milan signing Torres permanently doesn’t mean at all that they want him, Inzaghi made it very clear that he wants to git rid of him, they still will give him to us, either in a swap deal with Cerci (but permanently this time and not loan) or selling him to us and using the money to sign another attacker if Cerci insisted on Inter

    3- If the above is true and there is a permanent swap deal between Torres & Cerci, we should get Torres + amount of money, although I personally believe that Torres is much better for us than Cerci
    and if we sold Cerci to Inter we should get some profit from him, even if it is just 1 euro

    4-If it was a different club than Chelsea and a different coach than Mourinho, we could have signed Torres in the summer, but they (or he) preferred to give him to Milan FOR FREE then selling him to us .. and now they are interfering again
    and all this after we gave them 2 of our best players, and if it wasn’t for some rules in England they could have taken Tiago as well, and after turning Courtios to one of the best GKs in the world and after paying 12 million in 3 years for his loan, when Chelsea signed him from Genk for only 9 million !!!!

    I think Gil & Cerezo should stop selling our players to Chelsea, just like they don’t sell them to Real Madrid

    Is this a logical analysis, or is it just my big imagination ?!

  • by ” I would easily take it ” do you mean that you would sell him to Man City ?!

    selling our top striker and having only Torres who -despite my support for bringing him back- is still a gamble and Raul Jimenez !

    and others are welling to sell Miranda after the great performance of Gimenez, and if one or both of Godin & Gimenez got injured or suspended, then what ??!!

    I can not understand you people, we are not Villarreal or Malaga, we are not even Ajax or Porto who rush to sell their players when they see the big money
    maybe we were like them for very few years after the 2000 disaster, but we are now -as always- a big club
    I don’t think there is a single Real Madrid fan who would agree to sell Pepe if they got a 30 million offer for him and say “we have Varane”
    We are no less then them .

  • Kris

    The “swap” deal still doesn’t make sense in our part. We will get ripped off by Milan if it happens to be a permanent move. Whichever club we sell Cerci to, like you said, we have to get some profit from them, even if it is just 1 euro.

    If we make the permanent swap deal, Cerci is probably going to go for less than what we bought him for, when he still has a higher market value if we sold him to some other club.Not to mention the salary we must pay El Nino, which is double that of Cerci. Gallaini is smart; he knows the love we have for Torres so he is going to utilize that to the fullest to get rid of Torres and obtain Cerci. Therefore, I think we should act with our heads than our hearts. This involves money and money is very precious to Atleti.

  • Kris

    Yes. Thank you. I wouldn’t sell Mandzukic atm to anybody at any price. He is THE best striker that we have and stats prove that we have depended on him to score. We can’t be so sure if Torres is going to be scoring as many goals given his recent spells at other clubs. Mandzukic, atm, is one player we just can’t sell.

  • Edgar Atkins

    I totally agree with you, Ahmad. Impossible to say it clearer and better !

  • Swansea Till I Die!

    Err no. Mourinho did not stiff you because you are Atletico, he didn’t sell to you because you would not match Torres wages, meaning he would demand Chelsea pay him off to take the lesser deal. Milan signed a deal to take his wages on 100%. He took the deal that offered the best financial package for Chelsea.

  • Today is December 28th, it’s “El Día de los Santos Inocentes” (the day of holy innocents), the equivalent of April’s fools day in Spain & Hispanic America

    And the most convenient subject for this year in Spain is probably Fernando Torres, so don’t worry Rojiblancos, if you read something strange, it’s false

    I hate this ridiculous tradition .. and I’m happy that our culture don’t have one .