The stumbling block in the Torres/Cerci swap

It looks like Cerci would rather go to Inter, instead of AC

Fernando Torres isn't sure when he's coming home

Fernando Torres isn't sure when he's coming home

It looked all to have been done and dusted on Christmas Eve, but the signing of Fernando Torres on a swap-loan-sort-of-thing-from-Chelsea-via-Milan is rumbling on past the festive period.

The latest seems to suggest Fernando Torres is set to travel from the Maldives, where he is currently on holiday, to Dubai, where his current club AC Milan are due to play in an exhibition match against Real Madrid. The match is being hosted by Fly Emirates, who sponsor both clubs.

Although Torres has accepted the terms of the deal and is happy to move to Atlético, it appears as if it’s Alessio Cerci that is holding everything up.

Despite knowing that Enrique Cerezo and Diego Simeone are both at the Vicente Calderón, still wearing their Christmas party hats ready to shout ‘surprise!’, it appears that Cerci is not so keen on a move to AC Milan, and would much rather join up with Roberto Mancini at cross-town rivals Inter.

To complicate matters, it looks as if Sergio Berti, the agent of Cerci, has already agreed personal terms with Inter, despite not having any sort of agreement with Atlético. Understandably, Atleti aren’t happy.

Atleti chief exectuive Miguel Ángel Gil Marín is in Dubai at the Globe Soccer awards, ready to meet with Milan to discuss to the Torres/Cerci swap, and hopefully tie up a deal that looked done just a few days ago.

We’re not over the line yet folks!

But I will say to Alessio Cerci – you came to the club and sat on the bench. You didn’t want to put the work in. You didn’t want to take part in Cholo’s methods. The best moment in an Atleti shirt came when you launched a training hurdle ten feet into the air.

The least you can do is go to Milan and let our childhood hero come home!

Inter want Podolski anyway.

  • atletiES

    Way to harsh on Cerci in my opinion. He hasn’t really been given much of a shot, and he’s actually done well or at least looked a thread in most matches. It takes time to fit in!

    Torres coming home is something you can’t anything but wish for, although it’s a bit late. A swap with Torres and Cerci, who’s in his best age, for 1½ year seems weird. Why not let Raúl Jimenez, who’s been a disaster since arriving, go out on loan? Probably because Milan doesn’t want him, yeah..

    Thoroughly sceptical about this deal, although it will be amazing to see Torres back.

  • Erik

    Cerci would have played a lot more if his attitude at practice wasn´t so horrible. Simeone is not going to award the player who does not believe in the system. Too bad for Cerci and us fans. I was very excited about Cerci but now all I am hearing about is is bad attitude. I have also seen videos of him. He is lucky Atleti is not sending him to some smaller club like Rayo. Inter having private talks with him also is a telling tell of what has been happening. I say seel him for a million more than what we paid for him to AC or Inter and leave it at that. If Inter wants him so badly, they will pay.

  • Kris

    I think RJ11 can only go back to Club America if he were to move anywhere, so that’s not happening. But I agree with you it really is very harsh on Cerci. As much as I love Torres, he really isn’t El Niño anymore and I doubt he’ll contribute much to the squad(from what I’ve seen at Chelsea and Milan).

  • I believe football players should not be forced to play for a club they don’t want

    BUT just like Falcao said only few days ago : “players usually don’t choose their destinations” .. just like in almost any other career in this life !

    AND it’s not like Cerci was a youth player in Inter and he is loyal for them, he never put a foot there .. it’s not like we are forcing Zanetti to go to Milan ! if that was the case then we would never do it, just like Milan would never force Torres to go to Real Madrid in a swap deal with Chicharito for example

    AND most importantly, we do NOT owe Cerci anything, the guy didn’t want to sweat a single drop, just take another look on the first few seconds of this video that I posted before, and again, don’t just focus on the second sets of the workout, but take a closer look at the first sets as well

    SO, I say to Cerci : ” we will not beg you, you can choose between Milan and our bench, and we will get Torres anyway, this winter or next summer, with you being a part of the deal or not .. your move chief “