Reports: Torres/Cerci swap deal agreed

Sky Sport in Italy is reporting a loan exchange with Milan

Fernando Torres sitting out a lot of games for Milan

Fernando Torres sitting out a lot of games for Milan

Reliable sources are tweeting tonight that Atlético have agreed a unique agreement to sign Fernando Torres, taking over the remaining 18 months of his loan deal from Chelsea to Milan.

In the opposite direction will be Alessio Cerci, moving to Milan on a similar 18-month loan deal.

Peppe di Stefano of Sky tweeted the news this afternoon, and other journalists have followed.

It comes after a disappointing start to the season for both players, and it will be a double homecoming for both.

It appears that neither of the players have agreed to the move yet, and it will be put to them over the coming days. The finer points of the loan will be finalised after Christmas now an agreement in principle has been reached.

UPDATE 25/12: AS are now reporting that an agreement has been reached and Torres will join up with Atlético next week, while Cerci will fly to Dubai on Saturday to join up with AC Milan.

They also say that signing Torres was a specific request from Diego Simeone, after he asked for the signing last summer but it didn’t happen.

Let the rejoicing / complaining begin!


  • 312312

    So we basically wasted all the money we spent on Cerci?

  • After 18 months Torres will be a free agent and then we can sign him permanently and for free, while Cerci will still be ours
    But I believe Milan should pay us some money though, we signed Cerci for 16M, while they got Torres for free

    Let see what will happen, but one thing I’m very sure of :
    Gil, Caminero & Berta are not idiots .. they are very smart and very tough negotiators

  • 312312

    Cerci will still be ours but only with 12 months of contract left. This deal make sense only if we loan Cerci for the rest of this season and not any longer.

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    We don’t need Torres… He failed at Chelsea.. Failed at Italy… And now he’s gonna shine in Madrid ? I don’t believe it.. Torres was once a good player.. But the money and nightlife in London really changed him.. Not the old one anymore..He will never get that level back again.

  • atleti10

    Cholo made Diego Costa into one of the best strikers in the world.. He will bring El Nino back from ths dead. Welcome home Fernando.

  • Hussein Abubakr

    I’m positive for this deal but Cerci being loaned out for 18 months is madness.

  • Rowly

    That’s the hope but can’t be the expectation, there could be a lot of disappointed people. If Torres is to rediscover his form it will be with Atleti & if the terms of the deal are good it’s worth a gamble, but spending £16m on Cerci then loaning him out 6 months later seems a waste.

  • Paco

    I don’t know about aclimatization problems, but Cercy is player with great potencial. And he can play in several position upfront. Torres is 30 now and last 5 years is in poor form /101 games 20 goals/ and he can play only like a striker. Atletico play most of the games with one striker. We have Mandjikic and Himenes….. I don’t understand this deal and how we’ll be better team with Torres?

  • Carpetano

    Diego Costa were young and had some potential to reach world-class level. Something you can’t say about Torres.

  • Muslim scholars have a rule that says :
    “Judging something is a branch of its conception” which means that to judge something properly, you have to fully understand it

    let’s understand this deal :

    1- We signed Cerci through one of those infamous investment funds, we only paid half of the deal (about 8 million) and we only own half of his rights

    2-According to the same sources that confirmed Torres-Cerci deal (Sky Italia) : Atleti put a clause that force Milan to return Cerci if we received an appropriate offer next summer

    3- Milan will keep paying Torres salary until the end of this season which is 4 M, while Atleti will pay Cerci’s (2.2)

    According to all of that, it’s clearly not a bad deal business-wise
    while football-wise it’s very difficult and long argument, and only the field and the time will judge between us
    But until then let’s all remember that when we signed Simeone as a coach he only had one quality to his advantage, and it’s also the only one Torres has now :
    He is one of us .

  • Chewie

    Um, what does Torres say about the deal – I can’t hear him praising his home club and being all excited about coming home. How’s that for one of us? I don’t know, guys, it’s a gamble. And if Torres fails even with Simeone’s guidance, then he’s done as a sportsman.

  • Kris

    This deal sounds dumb as hell probably because it’s not true. With all due respect, Torres is probably done as an athlete from his spells at Milan and Chelsea and he should consider modeling. Cerci meanwhile is a very talented athlete and we wasted a lot of money to acquire him. What Simeone should do instead of rotting such a versatile player on the bench is look for alternatives to fit him on the team. Torres is not going to help us just as Cerci is not gonna help us from the bench.

  • I believe in a forward line with Mandzukic and Torres. We would have power, height and speed.

    I just don’t think Griezmann should go to the bench.

    That’s what we call a good problem to have. Let’s trust Cholo will solve the equation.

    Merry Christmas to all my christian friends here.

  • Torres is in The Maldives right now for Christmas vacation, I don’t think journalists can reach him or even try to .. many of them are on vacation themselves

    And I don’t think he needs to praise Atleti, he did it too many times through the years, with words and with actions

  • atleti10

    No I know, Im leading with my heart rather than my head here. My only logical argument in favour of the deal is that Simeone just doesnt trust Cerci’s work rate and therefor he wont play. At least in Torres we’ll have a positive presence and someone who’ll work hard. Similar to Villa who served us so well last year.

  • Arjit Barua

    It seems like everybody upset about Cerci leaving forgot one important detail. He has contributed nothing. Enough about potential and how good he ‘can’ be. In terms of actual measurable contributions he’s done very little. If Torres comes in and gives us 2 goals, and an assist without getting sent off, he’ll already be a better player IMO.

  • Paco

    It’s so simple…He’s done very little because he plays very little for us. If you just looked at the stats of bouth of them last two years it’s obviously. I’m also was a big Torres fan when he grow up and play for us, but let’s face it’s 2015

  • Mohammed Basith

    I read on something like KOKE is set join €hel$ea.
    did anyone here know about this?s

  • The source is here:

    If it’s true it’s a very very tough decision.

  • Mohammed Basith

    tough what?
    is there any news from any Spanish media?
    I don’t believe some craps by English media.

  • It’s a transfer window, so all of our players are set to join the richest teams in Europe !

    Look man, last summer, and according to those idiots who call themselves sport media, Miranda registered his 2 sons in schools in Manchester and his move to Man Utd was a done deal .. where is Miranda now ?!

    This is the worst era of football journalism, a lot of rumors, 99 % of the news are about Messi & Ronaldo, poor analysis, no credibility …

    Just last night one of my friends on twitter asked me about Raul Jimenez and if we should loan him, I answered him : “He played official games this season for Club America & Atleti and the rules prevent him from playing for a 3rd club in one season, so his only option is to go back to Club America, and this will never happen”
    he said : “But Spanish newspapers are linking him to Rayo & Getafe, don’t they know that rule ?!” I said : “They are retarded”

    Then after few hours I visited your source, and I watched a video about the rumors of Torres coming back to Atleti, and a “big” and “famous” journalist called Sid Lowe said : “Atleti can NOT loan Torres, he can NOT be loaned twice in one season”
    and this of course is bullshit, there is no such rule

    They call themselves journalists and experts but they don’t know the simplest rules and facts !!

    my friend, almost everybody in ESPN & SKY Sports call Atletico “Athletico” !!
    and Will, come on ! .. daily star !! .. this is the nastiest tabloid in UK

    If those rumors bother you, do like I do and stop reading them
    Last night after hearing Lowe’s crap I searched for his twitter account and blocked him .

    I swear there are some people in this website both writers and readers who can be much much better sport journalists than those clowns .

  • Arjit Barua

    He has played very little, no arguing that. But that’s the thing, if he can’t even impress enough to play in the easier games of the first half of the season, how’s he going to do it in the second half? We’re talking about a player who often fails to make the match day squad…

    If he isn’t going to play anyways, all the speculation of how good he ‘could’ be will never tested. Also, at least we know that Torres can play well in La Liga, the same cannot be said of Cerci.

  • Mohammed Basith

    that was a real relief man 🙂

  • did you really believe that Koke would abandon us, and just when Torres is set to comeback ?!
    and did you believe that we would sell him, and for Chelsea, and in the middle of the season, and after our budget jumped from 120 M to 176 M ?! and and and ….

    We all really should stop treating these papers and websites as holy books

  • I know I made my point, and with a lot of words, but allow me to finish with this

  • Mohammed Basith

    one more question.
    I also read some news like Barcelona have something over our two stars as a part of David Villa’s deal.
    is that true? will you clear it for me?
    just asked because of that photo of villa in Barcelona jersey.

  • it’s called “right of refusal” and it means that if a person wanted to sell something and there is someone who has right of refusal of it, then the owner must ask him first if he wants to buy it

    Barca has that right for 2 (unknown) players of ours as a part of Villa’s deal, since we paid very little amount of money, 2 million (not 5 as they say)

    The most important thing about this is that “right of refusal” has an expiration date .. it’s not forever
    We also don’t know for how long, but Barca had that right for some players from Santos as a part of Neymar’s deal, but they all expired by the end of the last season .

    We don’t need to sell any player, and we won’t sell any of our big names unless they wanted to leave to get more money like Costa & Filipe, and in that case, you can’t feel sad about them
    so, there is no reason to worry

  • Mohammed Basith

    no worries

  • Erik

    I don´t know, we sold Costa for 10 million less than what we should have sold him at.

  • Erik

    If he fails he will go to the MLS. Maybe he will join Raul and Villa?

  • Erik

    I agree with you on this. However, Cerci is looking more like a cancer for the team as a whole. Especially if you reward bad behavior with playing time. I see the possibility of Torres being like Villa last year. I even thought Villa lost his abilities and he did well. Villa knew he was second to Costa and reacted properly, and Torres will most likely do the same. But I think after the Atletic game, Griezmann will start and stay on for 90 minutes and Mandzu | Torres | Garcia will be fighting for playing time in the other slot. Unless we go to a 4 3 3 set up.

  • Erik

    Cerci is gone. Atletico just better get their money back by selling him. Shoot, if they are good businessmen, they better make a profit. Everyone knows we want to sell him, so lets see who bits. Torres will never be El Niño because he is 30 years old now. i think he will be a super sub for Mandzu or will be used to stretch the field. Simeone wants a counter attack player and Mandzu is not that player. Either is Cerci…at least from what I can see. Griezmann will be the staple of the offense now. Torres has also played with Gabi too. This may be what we all need. It is a long shot. But Cerci is not working out. Let hope AC or Inter Milan will pay Atletico handsomely for him and we can move on and start winning and scoring more goals.

  • pardon my French, but that was because Costa is an asshole, and his agent, Jorge Mendes is a bigger asshole
    both refused to sign on a buyout clause more than 38 million, because Mendes was already planning to move him to Chelsea and did not want his best friend Mourinho to pay much, and Costa listened to him and did not care about the club who made him what he is .. it would have never hurt him if he signed on 50 or 60 million, and Chelsea would have paid

    I think that was the main reason why Gil & Cerezo said last summer that they will not deal with Mendes anymore (of course they are lying, simply because they need him .. all clubs do, since more than 50% of the players in Europe are his) but sure they will deal much less with him

    Costa & Koka renewed their contracts at the same time, and while Costa agreed only on 38 M and after a very tough negotiation, Koke signed on 60 M in 5 minutes .

    That’s why for me, Costa is not better than Aguero
    we sold Aguero for 45 M, and the players prices were not inflated as they are right now !

  • Swansea Till I Die!

    No, the most important thing is that it means fuck all. All it guaranteed (assuming no fees are pre-agreed) is that you must accept the bid from Barca if they match the other bid you already accepted. Well no shit you would probably have done that anyway.

  • Swansea Till I Die!

    Your an idiot. What changed him was the injury he never recovered from, well before he got to London.

  • I don’t agree with Amr, but you can’t come to our website and call us idiots

    fuck off