The perfect Christmas present – Fernando Torres

Why we should welcome back El Niño with open arms

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It’s that festive time of the year again – and as someone once sang – I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There’s just one thing I need.

Atleti fans have been waiting for Fernando to return ever since he left for Liverpool in 2007. The Calderón will welcome him in the best way possible.

What better Christmas present is there? El Niño back in his home, it’s meant to be.

Niño, come back. Fernando come back.

You would have to be mad to believe that Fernando would light the world on fire if he came back to Atlético. But if there is something that can help Torres it’s Simeone, the man who changed the Atleti squad into warriors and winners. Can Simeone do the same to Fernando Torres?

Many are baffled when they hear the Torres to Atleti rumours. Quite frankly, does he have what it takes to play in a team that aspires to be the best?

Being an Atleti fan is different though, and having our long lost child back in the Calderón is what some of us dream about all the time.

But why? Our centenary hymn explains the reasoning perfectly.

“Aquí me pongo a cantar motivos de un sentimiento que no se puede explicar.”

I’m going to sing about the reasons about a feeling that you just can’t explain.

We want him so bad but we can’t explain a logical reason why.

The only answer is because. Because we love him. Because he loves us. Because he is one of us.

The Atlético president refused to rule out a possible Torres deal in the January window.

“There’s no Torres deal, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be.”

But after years and years of disappointing the fans, it is difficult to believe Cerezo.

If he comes, it will be difficult for him to play a lot. The logical option would be to ship out Raúl Jiménez on loan to bring in Fernando. If so, it’s hard to see him having much more of an impact than the 23-year-old Mexican.

I want him, Cholo wants him, Cerezo apparently wants him, La Liga and almost every Atlético wants him.

Having your niño come back after seven years… There’s no better Christmas present.

Es un sentimiento que no se puede explicar.

  • Jimenez has played in official games with Club America this season, and he can’t play for 3 different clubs in one season, so, his only possible loan move is to cross the Atlantic again and go back to Club America .. and this will never happen

    We do want Torres, Spain does want Torres, and I don’t give a damn about Cerezo
    only one thing I’m not sure of :
    Does El Cholo really want Torres ?!

  • Hello Ahmad, my friend. The rule, actually, says a player can’t play for “more than three” clubs in a season. 3 is ok for now.

    I don’t know what to think about Torres now. I first want to see Griezmann playing alongside Mandzukic.

  • I snapshot this from FIFA website,
    “Regulations on the status and transfer of players” , Chapter III, Article 5, paragraph 3

    as you can see, a player can sign for 3 clubs, BUT can play official games for only 2
    and La Liga and Mexican Liga are NOT overlapping, they both start in the summer

  • Billy

    Personally I don’t think it’s the right time. Physically he is miles behind the level required, maybe in the summer so El Profe can go to work on him in pre-season, but I’d still much prefer Vietto if given the chance.

    I’d love to see the kid Torres play for us again – the fearless, devastating striker I used to idolise – but not the current version. I don’t see anybody fixing him at this point.

  • Can’t argue with that 🙂

  • for the same reason we loaned Guilavogui back to Saint-Etienne last season and not to one of La Liga sides

  • Luis

    From a footballing aspect it’s not going to greatly improve us. From a sentimental standpoint, there’s nothing I want more in this world than for this to be more than a rumour. As always, heart over head.

  • where have you been man .. missed your articles, your comments & your tweets

    looks like we have an agreement that it’s a great move sentimentally but not so good football-wise .. why ?!
    Torres has the talent, which doesn’t go away .. he just need some confidence and support, and some fitness .. and he will get all of that at Atletico

    Mandzukic who had to adapt to a different club and a different league, and who is less talented than El Niño managed to score 14 goals so far, I truly believe that Fernando can do the same .. if not better

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    El nino <3
    What milan and chelshit haven't been able to do with you to turn over that bad string of form atletico will most certainly do with you. Welcome home Legend <3

  • Luis

    College is to blame for lack of articles/comments and I deleted my twitter for personal reasons.

    I have no doubt that Torres, with the help of Simeone, can end his career now on a high note. If he can manage 10 goals from January he may help us to another highly successful season.