The Real Raúl – a tribute to hard work

Our most capped current player surpasses 300 matches in red and white

Simeone has a lot to be thankful for in RG8

Simeone has a lot to be thankful for in RG8

Back in 2007 a promising youngster was signed for Atlético Madrid. He was just 21-years-old and had come from Osasuna. He was an attacking minded midfielder, but was played out of position for most of his Atlético career.

He was booed and ridiculed by Atlético fans, but he never complained and fought to get to where he is now.

300 matches for Atlético and second captain for the team, boos are non-existent. They have been replaced by cheers and ovations. During the Simeone era, whenever he scores the team doesn’t lose. 27 victories and three draws, he is a talisman; the new number 7 for Spain. Raúl García, ladies and gentlemen, take a bow.

Not only has Raúl reached the 300 mark for the Rojiblancos but he is also the man with the most European appearances in an Atleti kit – 67 matches. Atlético’s number 8 is going into the history books.

Last season his goals were instrumental in allowing the Atleti faithful to dream about the League title. His goals against Villarreal and Valencia – both matches ended 1-0 with Raúl García goals – made the league title an ever-closer reality.

Simeone’s famous phrase of “if you believe and work hard then it’s possible” can be perfectly applied to Raúl García.

He believed he could make history, he worked hard and now the reality is a simple one.

A leader in the dressing room, a club captain, most appearances in Europe and a total of 300+ matches for the club.

Raúl García is no joke.

  • Love him! I remember people groaning when he was on the team sheet! How times have changed.

  • Thank you Arthur, after Atletic game I read that we never lose when RG8 scores, but the writer (in AS) said 26 wins, not 27 .. but I trust you more

    anyway, he didn’t say “under Simeone”, or maybe he did and I missed it, which made me confused, because 26 wins and 3 draws are 29 games, while Raul scored his 40 goals in 38 games, so I said maybe he meant in La Liga, but when I looked it up the numbers did not add up either, and as many of you know, I’m a little obsessed with numbers 😉
    so, that was something bothering me since, until you cleared it
    thank you again

    although I think this confusion would’ve never happened if Martin and his Aftermath were still here .. I wish he comes back soon

    speaking of Martin, he was one of the biggest fans of Raul, he was the one who said :
    ” ‘Curará Liga’ is an anagram of ‘Raúl Garcia’ ” (Curara Liga means La Liga Cure)
    and he also was the first one to call him “The Real Raul”

  • Kris

    To be honest though, I still don’t get very excited when I see him on the starting XI ahead of the very talented Griezmann. I really appreciate Garcia’s hard work and contribution to the team every time he plays though. You can definitely see the passion he has for playing for the club, you don’t see that much in other teams.