Atlético de Kolkata win Indian Super League

The Indian Atleti are the first ever champions in the ISL

Atleti lift the Indian Super League trophy in Mumbai

Atleti lift the Indian Super League trophy in Mumbai

Atlético de Kolkata were crowned the winners of the Indian Super League in Mumbai today, after a 90th minute winner from Mohammed Rafique gave them a 1-0 win over Kerala Blasters in the play-off final.

Kolkata, which is 25% owned by Atlético, are now the first ever champions of the Indian Super League – a record that can never be broken!

The red and whites, captained by former Atleti player Luis Garcia, were in for a tough game against the Kerala Blasters, managed by and featuring former England goalkeeper David James.

In both previous matches, the Blasters had the upper hand over the team that bears our name, snatching a 2-1 win at home before drawing 1-1 at Atleti’s home-ground, Salt Lake Stadium.

Atleti got the last laugh though, and despite Kerala dominating for the majority of the match, Mohammed Rafique got the goal that mattered most deep into stoppage time, heading the winner after coming off of the substitutes bench.

And how did the goal come about? You guessed it.

A set-piece.

Well done Atlético de Kolkata and congratulations!

  • One question I can’t find an answer for it :
    Is Atletico de Kolkata going to play in AFC champions league, or is it still the champion of I-league who will represent India ?! .. or there will be a playoff between them ?!

    anybody knows ?! .. especially our friends in India ?!

  • Jiru Ryōichi Cazzano Kawasumi

    From what I have got, the only one currently entitled to AFC CL partic. right now is the winner of the (I-League) as said. Being that this ISL is very new and a side-champ rather than a sub-division (since no relegation or promo exists to I-League from here) it may be a problem to get teams from this div. into CL or AFC cup.

    But of course this could change with time and supposedly this is the point seeing as this champ is meant to boost football in India.

    I don’t know how they have figured to manage both of these championships.
    Maybe they will consider running a play off battle between the leagues.
    I would consider just slotting these teams into the I-League but then that would be a kick at the second division teams to it.
    However I can’t imagine they will try to grow and maintain this league with
    these teams excluding them from competitions, especially if fanbases
    continue to grow but this is only the first season of this.

    Of course one wants to see Kolkata get the piece of every competition.

    Maybe I have missed something though or they’re planning on a change soon enough.

  • Jiru Ryōichi Cazzano Kawasumi
  • what does fatafati mean ?!
    I asked many people on twitter but no one answered me

  • Adnan Khan

    Just my thoughts around this. Fata means conquer and fati means conquerer. Then fatafat can mean “very fast” in some south asian languages. So to sum it up it will be fatafati football = great/awesome football. I am not bengali but a norwegian-pakistani so forgive me if i said something wrong as i don’t speak bengali

  • Carpetano

    Off Topic: Would you mind if you could answer my post in the article about Atlético vs. Villareal game

  • I was going to, I was just waiting for you to complete your post, although the first part was already long .. I think you are the first one who beats me in long comments !

    I will reply to you soon, although you make it very difficult with all these points, but right now let me say that despite disagreeing with you in few points, that was a great analysis

    I don’t remember you commenting here before, but I wish we read more from you

  • Hindu

    fatafati means ‘blasting’.

  • Carpetano (Diego) is another ‘Martin Rosenow’… according to a certain Mr Hossainy!


  • Jiru Ryōichi Cazzano Kawasumi

    Regarding ADK, if someone can obtain or find a scarf of the team I would be appreciative of help on it.

  • is that so !
    but why does he need to disguise ?! .. an article under the name “Diego” .. just Diego ! .. and is ” Carpetano ” his last name or just a user name ?!

    is he wanted or something 🙂

  • Carpetano

    Haha, then it must be an unfortunate coincidence. I’m not the person you think I am, didn’t know that someone else already had that usename 😛

  • Carpetano

    Haha, I take it as a compliment.

    I’m looking forward to see what exactly you didn’t agree with me, there had been an interesting debate, I think. And thank you for praise my analysis

    Yes, I haven’t commented on this site earlier. Found this site after
    by chance. I’ll do my best to commenting here.

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Slightly embarrassing then!