Work on new Atlético stadium to begin in November

Deadlines are all in place with final design to be agreed this month

Estadio la Peineta

A report in yesterday’s AS has confirmed that work on the new Atlético Madrid stadium is scheduled to begin in November this year.

Atleti originally agreed to move away from the Vicente Calderón in 2007 following negotiations with the Madrid Council.

The report noted that all of the deadlines are in place for the completion of the renovated stadium and all other matters will be resolved before the next deadline at the end of this month, including economic issues with the firm in charge of rebuilding our new venue, the Fomento Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).

We are also expecting a final design of the redeveloped La Peineta to be agreed upon by the 30th of September from architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz.

It is estimated that the ‘groundbreaking’ should occur in late October to early November. The new stadium, which is located in the suburb of Canillejas, Madrid, would exceed the capacity of the Calderón by just under 20,000.

The report also mentions the demolition of the Vicente Calderón; which will be undertaken following the move to our new 73,000 seater venue, tentatively scheduled for 2013.

  • Ringo Schut

    We’ll really have to get used to no Calderón, but Atleti fans are great in any stadium 😉

  • Javi

    I really hope that the eliminate the running track around the field, one of the best part of the Calderon is being so close to the field.

  • Javi

    Check this out:
    I guess they are eliminating the track around the field.

  • Since Madrid lost the 2016 olympics bid there will be no track.

  • rodericus

    A move that only bleakens our horizon in my opinion…

    Ignoring the fact that the (ilegal) owners of the club are selling the stadium without the consensus they promised to gather from Atletico fans, I can’t understand this movement to a newer, bigger stadium.

    The Calderon hardly sells out on 2 or 3 games per season so with 20,000 more seats I cannot imagine how the future stadium will look like. Particulary considering it will be located in an area much further away and with worse transport links.

    And also considering that with this management the club is not intending on making the team grow in any manner so fan base is unlikely to grow.

  • Mohammed

    It will be good but the old stadium looks better