Atlético draw Bayer Leverkusen in last 16

Los Rojiblancos face German opposition in Champions League

A trip to the Bay Arena for Atlético

A trip to the Bay Arena for Atlético

Atlético Madrid have been handed a tie with Bayer Leverkusen in the first knock-out round of the Champions League.

On Feb. 25, Atlético will travel to the BayArena to face off against Bayer Leverkusen.

Atlético last met Bayer in the 2010/11 Europa League season where both matches ended in 1-1 draws.

Bayer are currently third in the Bundesliga with a total of 24 points. They have won six, drawn another six and lost three matches so far in the season. In their past five league matches, they’ve only won twice. So far in the league, Leverkusen have not lost at home; all of their defeats have come away from the BayArena.

In regards to their Champions league form, many were surprised when it was Monaco who topped Group C and not the favorites Bayer Leverkusen. However, it can be argued that Bayer were the superior team whenever they faced off against Monaco. If the Germans had put on their shooting boots those nights, then the draw would have been a bit different.

Some of Bayer Leverkusen’s standout players are the Germans, Lars Bender, Karim Bellarbi and Stefan Kießling; the Bosnian, Emir Spahić—yes, the one that used to play for Sevilla; the Turk, Calganoglu—who has deadly free kicks; and the South Korean, Son Heung-min, who in my opinion is Bayer’s standout player.

It is no surprise that Son is Bayer Leverkusen’s top goal scorer in the Champions League with three goals to his name. He has also been named the Man of the Match in two group stage matches.

Atlético will have to be careful and especially keep an eye on Bayer Leverkusen’s pacey wingers—Bellarbi and Son. Not only are they pacey but clinical too. So far in the Bundesliga, Son and Bellarbi have scored 12 goals in total.

Since the Bundesliga has a month long winter break, the Germans will be well rested when they face off against Atlético. On the other hand, Spain gets crazy in January with league and Copa del Rey fixtures. The team will have to rotate well in order to get to Germany in prime conditions.

The return leg will be played at the Vicente Calderón on March 17.

  • Far from being the worst draw. Barcelona will face Manchester City again. I really think the history will be different this time.

  • Chewie

    Piece of cake.

  • I really was still upset and angry at Simeone until before the draw, but with the first 2 balls I started to calm down
    4 of the 5 teams I hate the most are playing each other, P$G, €helsea, Man Ci£y & Barca
    and with BVB-Juve, 3 big teams are certainly out

    Oliver’s Porto who are -on paper- the weakest team among the group winners got Basel, the weakest team -also on paper- among the seconds, so the kid could reach the quarter final which is great for him and for Atleti, while if Basel qualified then it’s great for me, 2 of my compatriots are there, El Nenny & Hamoudi

    I wanted Basel for us though, but we should have no problem with Leverkusen IF we played like we did against Milan, Barca & Chelsea, but if we played like we did against Getafe, Sociedad and Villarreal then we are doomed

  • AaX

    The better draw, but lets not be disrespectful or overconfident though. Karma can bit you hardest at most unsuspected. We can go through if we play equally or better like the Lasts. NOT LIKE against Villareal. Hope was it was the last. P E A C E

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    I doubt that.. They defeated Zenith with 1-3 away… and let Benfica and Zenith behind them.. Also the nr 3 of the Bundesliga.. I would say 50-50

  • Are you following Porto’s matches? I know they lost to Benfica on Sunday.. Is Oliver playing regularly?

  • Chewie

    Zenith is a bunch of buffoons, and Benfica is too shaky to compete seriously. And Bayer is third in Bundesliga for the same reason Atletico is third in Spain – there aren’t too many worthy opponents. If we play like last season, a compact and efficient football, then the glory is ours. But if we lose some of the key players or if Simeone makes more stupid decisions, then the Germans will have a chance.

    What bothers me is that our team is not good at come-backs. If we concede 2 goals or even a late goal, we are not likely to get in the game again. It is a really bad quality, I believe, to do well only when things are going well.

  • yeah, I try to watch Porto and also Liverpool when I have the chance
    and both Oli & Manqui are playing good, simply because they are good, and they are playing !!

    Oliver has played more minutes so far this season (1170) than he has played the whole last season with both Atleti & Villarreal
    in fact, he played more minutes with Atelti than with Villarreal, the team he was loaned to have more minutes !
    508 minutes with Atleti and 506 minutes with Villarreal
    yes, maybe he had several injuries in Villarreal, but he also was benched a lot
    and the minutes with Porto are real minutes, in the league and in the CL, not in in the cup against teams like Sant Andreu and L’Hospitalet !

    While Manquillo has already played more than twice the minutes he played with us the whole last season, 1242 to 585
    and the majority of them are in the CL and the EPL, the strongest league in the world

    maybe Saul was a little upset when he was loaned to Rayo in 2013-14 while Oliver & Manquillo got to stay, but now I guess he is happy that he was loaned earlier, and Oliver & Manquillo are regretting staying !

  • 2 very important points :
    Simeone’s stupid decisions & the inability to comeback
    and the second point is a actually a result of the first one

    once again : it’s all up to Simeone