Frente Atlético ‘supporters group’ banned

Atleti take a stand against radical 'fans'

The Atleti ultras have been banned from the Calderón

The Atleti ultras have been banned from the Calderón

It was bound to happen and it finally did – Atlético Madrid has banned the Frente Atlético.

After the disgraceful incidents that took place in the outskirts of the Vicente Calderón on Sunday morning, Gil Marín has finally done something that is worthy of applause. Sunday’s incident wasn’t the only moment of shame for the Frente Atlético as they have done similar things in the past, most notably the murder of Real Sociedad fan, Aitor Zabaleta.

The Frente Atlético will no longer be considered an official Atlético Madrid supporters group and extra measures will take place to prohibit the exhibition of any Frente Atlético tifos or banners inside the stadium.

If any other radical group with political, racist or xenophobic values surges in order to replace the Frente Atlético then they too will be banned. Atlético Madrid is trying to start a zero tolerance policy towards these kinds of ultras.

The fans holding season tickets in the Grada Joven will still be allowed to attend matches with normality until the end of the 2014/15 season. However, if the season ticket holder is also a part of the Frente Atlético then he or she will also be banned.

Once the current season is over, the club will announce what their new policies will be in regards to the Grada Joven. Atlético Madrid will only allow a supporters section as long as the group will only cheer the team while supporting and respecting the values of the game.

  • AaX

    AS IT ALREADY HAVE SHOULD! Channel the aggressive energies ONLY into the Support towards the TEAM, CLUB AND FANS INSTEAD. PERIOD

  • Billy

    Personally, I’m in two minds regarding this. I’m not pro or anti Frente, and am glad the club did something but do think banning them altogether is a little extreme.

    On one hand we no longer have association with a minority of racists, fascists and hooligans who use Atleti and the sport as a platform, but also lose one of the most vocal and animated groups of supporters in world football. Like them or not, Frente have ALWAYS been there for the team, in the good and the bad, no matter the occasion or competition.

    Still, have my doubts as to how enforced this ‘ban’ will actually be, at least on the individual members. Lots of details still very unclear.

  • I’m just like Billy on this, I condemned many of El Frente’s behaviors before Sunday’s incident, and I called for taking a stand against them, but today after the ban I found myself posting some support tweets for them on the hashtag ” #ElFrenteNoSeMueve ” [El Frente not to be removed] which was trending in Spain

    if what El Frente did was wrong so is the collective punishment .. you just can not punish 4,000 people for the acts of 100

    and banning El Frente from the Calderon is not a solution, because the vast majority of the violent incidents happened outside .. this is not like Russia, Serbia, Italy, Turkey Algeria or my country, Egypt where many incidents occur inside the stadiums .. this is different, games in Calderon and all other stadiums in Spain are family games, where we always see parents, kids, elderly in big numbers ..
    the best comment I heard about the Sunday’s incident was not from the police, the LFP & RFEF officials, the clubs president or the government & parliament members .. it was from El Cholo : “this is not a football problem, it is a social one”

    another thing that I don’t like is that it seems they want to put all the responsibility on Atletico and El Frente, and ignore all the other parties
    5 ultras groups were involved, but only El Frent who are under the spot light .. it’s a joke that Deportivo will ban their extreme ultras group “Riazor Blues” for only 2 games !!
    while no actions were taken against Bukaneros (Rayo), Alkor Hooligans (Alcorcón) and Ultra Boys (Sportin Gijon) who all were involved in Sunday’s fight

    and I hate that the police were not held responsible for anything !
    this fight was planned 6 months ago, when some Atleti fans were attacked by Riazor Blues in A Coruna while they were celebrating La Liga title, and since, El Frente where waiting for the first game against Depor to take their ” revenge ” and there was a war in the social networks all that time, but the police had no clue, or maybe they did but decided to close their eyes .. and they did not declare the game a high risk one
    for God’s sake, Jimmy, the victim was arrested before for selling drugs inside the Riazor, so how could they let him travel to Madrid in the match day and reach to the Calderon vicinity ?!!

    The team really need El Frente’s support .. and we all need the great atmosphere they make .. the ultras should not be banned nor dissolved .. they should be fixed

    And Atletico de Madrid should not be a scapegoat for all the Spanish football sins .

  • AaX

    Precisely, That’s why I believe that whatever this kind of people want or have planned to do in their ‘out of football activities’, their official tie with the club and football in general must be ‘disconnected’ and separated away from the Club. You can never control these organisations but you can make a decision to not officially acknowledge them or banning them especially already after to related and unfortunate deaths.

    I might be wrong but The only team I am not worried about the potential lack of vocal roars in the stadium is Atletico de Madrid, those who came for the team before will inevitably show up. And we also have plenty of all the ‘Roars’ around the World to add support.

    But murders and criminal acts in my honest opinion must be completely disassociated from wi and out of the Club as well as to the Fans.

    P E A C E

  • Paco

    Ban for Frente Atletico is a big mistake with a huge consequences for the club. Ahmad said it all …. This is very sad. Our club will never be the same…

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