Atlético monitoring Schürrle situation?

Reports surface that World Cup winner could be on the move

Schurrle featured sparingly for Chelsea this season

Schurrle featured sparingly for Chelsea this season

It’s approaching the time of the year again when all logic, sense and reasoning go out of the window, and we’re left foaming at the mouth as rumours of potential signings dominate the back (and sometimes front) pages of the world’s sporting press.

Atlético, after the title-winning season last year, were always going to be linked with players far and wide, but there was one particular player that popped up repeatedly last summer that flew under the radar a little bit – Chelsea’s World Cup winner André Schürrle.

Atleti fans would have hoped that our transfer dealings with Chelsea were behind us, after a summer that saw not one, but three players swap the red and white of Atlético for the blue of Jose Mourinho’s men. (We’re counting Courtois, who was technically theirs anyway. We were lucky not to lose Tiago too.)

But you’ve got to hope that these continued negotiations with the London club will bear some fruits for Atlético somewhere down the line – and this could potentially come in the form of ‘first-option’ on designated players who could possibly be leaving Stamford Bridge.

Following a start to season riddled with niggling injuries, the 24-year-old German is not an automatic starter under Jose Mourinho, instead preferring Eden Hazard, on occasion supporting Diego Costa up front.

This could mean that Schürrle might be on the way out, and reports today suggest that Chelsea are looking to offload him. Whether as a makeweight in an attempted bid to sign Marco Reus (with whom we’ve been linked as well), or as a way of raising funds to sign another star player, it’s unclear.

However you can bet that Atleti have got one-eye on developments with Schürrle, especially with the growing consensus that this may be Arda Turan’s last season in red and white.

I would be all in favour of a move to sign the young forward. He’s a player that reminds me very much of Antoine Griezmann in terms of his ability and potential, and to see those two players on opposite wings would give Atleti fans worldwide a pairing to drink to.

Not only this, but the work-rate and speed Schürrle would provide could very well settle Atleti’s biggest dilemma at the moment – how do we move the ball forward quickly on the counter? Simeone seems insistent on not trying Alessio Cerci.

Other clubs that have an eye on Schürrle include Liverpool, Tottenham, Bayern Munich and Schalke.

However, Atleti fans have got to hope that our apparent transfer-pact with Chelsea will bear some fruit for us eventually.

Would you be happy with signing Schürrle? Do you think it’s a possibility? Do we need players in other positions, or are we stocked up?

  • Mrtn

    We just signed a World class, well-proven winger for almost 20 Million who is rotting on the bench for 3 months.
    We spent more than 110 millions in the summer, which is already worrying me.
    We don’t need to spend more just Cholo to get himself and the team together. I can’t find out what he is trying to play. It’s amazing that we can’t dominate possession for a single game. Yesterdays retarded-tikitaka was another surprise for me, the way our defenders tried to keep possession was a parody, every pass was badly placed and our players spent the night runnng after the ball.
    I don’t want to see Atleti Getting totally bancrupted, we don’t need to spend money to have an incredible squad just like our title winning team of last Year. A Year ago we spent 100 millions less in the summer still we played a lot Better.

  • Honestly, I didn’t know what does ” consensus ” mean, so I looked it up and I found that it means ” general agreement ”
    now who agrees that this is the last season for Arda with us ?!
    not me, not any of the Atleti fans I know, and not even Arda himself, who is keep repeating that he is very happy here and not considering leaving any time soon

    so where did you get this ” consensus ” Nick ?!!

    @Mrtn was a little harsh on the team in Malaga game, but I agree with him that we don’t need anymore signings, unless if we found a world class striker, but the market seems empty right now

    But if we must sign an attacking midfielder, then – as an Egyptian – I would love to sign the other Chelsea player, Mohammad Salah

  • Kris

    Right. It’s ludicrous for us to sign players for big bucks that we are not even going to use. Where’s the reason in buying another player who is a similar player to the one we signed for 20 millions without playing any minutes? Simeone needs to get his head out of his ass and start rotating. There maybe things we don’t know from sitting at our homes, but we know for a fact that playing Koke every single game, every single minute is very unhealthy and it’ll be hard for us to replace him if he gets injured from overplaying.

  • Koke is on 4 yellows in La Liga, so I guess he will get that rest soon
    That’s the only way to get it !!

  • First
    of all, I must say, that Chelsea should offer Schürrle to Atleti. I think
    with the players Atleti handed over to them and Atletico’s history in general with them, it would be the courteous thing
    to do. Plus having a re-pore with Chelsea, is not such a bad thing.
    1) Cerci: Obviously he is going in the winter transfer, this is the best option for his replacement. Either he did something to Simeone or it was a club purchase that he didn’t want. I don’t get why Cerci is not playing. So loan Cerci out to make the money back and buy Schürrle…but only if they are going to play him. Otherwise just keep Cerci on as a bench warmer and save the money.
    2) It sounds crazy that Atleti may sell Arda Turan, but money is money. Even if Arda is really happy, a deal may be done anyway. So bringing in Schürrle is the best option here. Get him in now, use him
    to rest Arda and Greizmann or have all three on the field. Image that.
    With Koke in the CM, that would be an powerful offense.
    3) Because this rumor keeps coming up, it seems more truthful these days. Atleti should grab Schürrle AND play him.

  • I totally agree with the rotation issue. I think for Simeone, he is not used to having quality players on the bench. He is used to playing his 11 and then only changing that when injury or cards keep them out. This is a mind set he is used to, and it needs to change. Otherwise Atleti is wasting money and players will not want to join…unless they know they are starting. In their last game, it was nice to see Jimenez come in but Cerci should have come in instead of Raul Garcia.

  • The Atletico owners also have a team in India. With that expansion going on, they must be sitting on some money. But bankruptcy would really frustrate the fan base because we would lose our players and games.

  • I think we didn’t spend a lot of money to win the bid for Kolkata franchise in Indian Super League, maybe we didn’t spend any money at all, we only own 25% of Atletico de Kolkata, and it could be for just giving the franchise our brand, while Sourav Ganguly and his partners paid all the money
    and anyway, the budget of the club according to some sources is just 10 million euros
    I truly believe that Atletico de kolkata is a very good move from Gil and the board, who are the only foreign club that own a franchise in the very promising ISL which is already getting a lot of global media attention in its very first season .. great investment in a 1.25-billion-people market

    And what bankruptcy you & Mrtn are talking about ?!
    Business has never been good for us as it is right now
    for many years, our annual budget used to be between 120-130 million, but last year it was a little more than 160 million, and this year it is 173 million which was announced few days ago
    our members are more than 76,000 and more than half of them are season tickets holders
    we are building a new stadium with 20,000 more seats than the Calderon, and it will not cost us a single euro, as the construction co. will receive its payment by taking the land of the Calderon and building 2 skyscrapers in its location
    just yesterday we reached 9 million likes on facebook, and we became the 15th sporting club in the world with most followers on social media, and that brings sponsors, and they are coming already
    this year we paid 90 million for the taxes, and 80 million the last year, and 50 million the year before that, and our debt for them that was about 400 million is now less than 100

    Business is very good, and your fear of bankruptcy because of mismanagement of players transfer is a big insult for Caminero and his team, who are also getting offers from big teams like Simeone and his player because of their great work with Atleti

    we did spend 110 million on players last summer, but we also got about 100 million from selling and loaning players
    Madrid and Catalan media only talk about Costa (40M), Filipe (22M) & Adrian (11M) and totally ignore Roberto (Olympiakos GK) who was sold for 6M, & Asenjo who was sold to Villareal for 5M, and all the 15 loaness, which 9 of them are from the first team and the rest are from Atletico B, and those of course weren’t loaned for free !
    I read that Liverpool paid us 5M for Manqui for 2 seasons loan, and Wolfsburg paid the same amount for Guilavogui
    and if we assumed that we got 1M for each of the other loaness from the first team and 0.5M for the six from B team, then we gained 104M in the last transfer market and spent 110M .. not bad at all

    I would worry about Simeone’s lack of rotation more than worrying about our finance !!

    Business is very good

  • 1) Mourinho is a 51-year-old child
    he refused to leave Courtois with us for one more season which was a done-deal just because what we did to him in the Stamford Bridge, and what we did the year before that in the Bernabeu
    and that’s also what happened with Torres, I watched him on beIN Sports saying that ” we need Torres, he is staying with us, I must have 3 strikers in my squad ” , that was after we showed some interest in El Niño, but after we stopped, he gave him to Milan in the next day .. and for free

    so my friend, as long as Mou is at Chelsea, they (or actually he) will NEVER offer us any player, and in the same time, he will NEVER stop going after ours, even to just put them on the bench .. like Filipe

    2) When you say “money is money” did you mean that we could sell Arda even if he wanted to stay ?!
    because if you did then this is really crazy, because as I explained in details in my comment above : the business is very good

    Gil Marin wasn’t lying when he said last summer : ” we don’t want or NEED to sell any player ” (but he is still a liar, just not in this one)
    those who left did that because they wanted to get 1 or 2 million more in their salaries (even if one of them kept saying that he only left for new challenge and different experience, because his ass is the only part of him that getting different experience by trying all the benches in England)

    but if Arda is happy and is ready to sacrifice 2 million every year for the love of Atleti just like he did last summer, he and Juanfran and Godin and Koke then we will never sell him

    3) For me, if the rumor came up a thousand times, it is still a rumor
    especially if it is from British tabloids, Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail and the others
    those same tabloids said last summer that Miranda signed up his kids in schools in Manchester and he is a Utd player !

    I don’t believe them .. and even if we signed Schurrle eventually, then they just got lucky .

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    I read it during August (little days before the supercup final) at El Confidencial, that the reason Arda stays this year is because we agreed to sell him next year.
    For 40mil maybe i could accept it, but i want Arda here

  • There’s been a few comments around here too about Arda staying one more season. It’s not something I want to see, but something I fear!

  • Mrtn

    The problem is that all you mention sounds very worrying for me.
    For those who take football as a business football clubs mean nothing.
    I have my favourite club in England too, which was also considered as a very good business 15 years ago. Then Leeds Utd missed out on a CL spot, and the very good business ended in 5th league and a bankrupted club.
    3 years ago Scotland’s biggest club with 52 Championships bankrupted just because they didn’t receive the income the very good businessmen planned.
    Modern football is bullshit, cash rules everything and brainless monkeys are considered as idols.
    That’s why it is so important to have more players like Gabi and Koke, who can be real role models for children who are watching the game and not Balotellis and Ibras.
    With the strong competition in Liga we have to fight very hard for a CL spot every year and can’t take CL money guaranteed. Missing out one year could end our story the same way as Leeds’ or Rangers.

  • I won’t say that El Confidencial is a Madridista, but at least it’s an online newspaper based in Madrid, so when it comes to Atleti news, it is not so ” confidencial ”

    If we believe all what we read, then only Gabi, Raul Garcia, Gil & Cerezo would have stayed with us this season !!

    We don’t need to torture ourselves with these non-stoppable rumors
    let’s live mercado a mercado

  • Sierra Godfrey

    Here’s my opinion on this: Atleti must justify what they spend on players because they are still in such debt. To spend that much on Cerci only to let him go months later is not a good business decision. Either Cerci gets it together and starts playing or else we sell him for more or equal, and that isn’t likely.

    Arda moving away is a horrible thing to think about. It was rumored that Arda did not communicate well or play well with his Turkish national team, so perhaps money speaks even louder to him if he’s not being satisfied in national duty. He might feel his career is best served by varied experience for more money. (I hope not though.)

    And finally, Schurrle — if he’s been sitting on the injured list, how’s he going to fare in a more physical squad? Just a thought, and a slight worry….but apart from that I’d LOVE to see him opposite our other bird, Griezmann.

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    Really hope you are right. I don’t believe everything those pappers say, but El Confidencial is more confidencial that Marca, AS etc… So maybe it is truth

  • you can not be serious man
    missing the CL for one or even two seasons could make us lose 2 or 3 players, but “bankruptcy” and “end of our story” ! .. come on, you can’t really mean that
    since coming back to La Liga in 2002, this is just our 4th participation in the CL .. and we still alive

    Atletico de Madrid are not Leeds Utd
    and La Liga is not Scottish Premier League

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    This issue about Arda…. Did you guys know that Arda earned more money at Galatasaray than Atletico ? He doesn’t cares about money…. All he wants is to play in a good competition, and play yearly CL.