Match preview: Real Sociedad vs. Atlético

Back to La Liga with a tough away trip

Sociedad beating Real Madrid

Sociedad beating Real Madrid

Real Sociedad will host Atlético de Madrid at Anoeta on Sunday evening at 21:00 CEST.

Last weekend, Atlético de Madrid defeated Córdoba 4-2 in the Vicente Calderón while Real Sociedad lost to Málaga 0-1 in Anoeta. The txuri-urdin have only won once so far in this league campaign—a brilliant 4-2 win over Real Madrid in San Sebastian.

Real Sociedad are currently sitting 19th in the league with a measly total of six points. The Basque team has scored 10 goals so far while letting in 15. At this point last season, they had 13 points and were sitting in 9th place.

After the loss to Málaga last weekend, the club fired coach Arrasate. David Moyes is said to be the dream replacement for the Basque team, but so far nothing has been announced. However, Real Sociedad president, Apperibay, announced that a new coach will more than likely be announced on Monday.

In the meanwhile, interim manager, Asier Santana will fulfill duties as head coach during the match against Atlético de Madrid.

Santana is Real Sociedad B’s coach and he has been there for about a year and a half. With the academy team he averages a total of 1.33 points a match.

Rulli and Xabi Prieto are out injured for the clash against Atlético de Madrid, while promising defender, Iñigo Martínez is doubtful to perform due to a bruised gluteus.

On the other hand, Ansaldi has been cleared from his injury and there is currently no injured Atlético player.

The match will be especially important for Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann joined the Real Sociedad academy when he was 13 years old. The Frenchman stayed at the club until this past July when he signed for La Liga champions, Atlético de Madrid.

Griezmann has it all planned out—“If I score, I won’t celebrate,” said Atlético’s number seven.

Ex-Real Madrid player, Esteban Granero spoke some controversial words in regards to Griezmann’s move to Los Colchoneros.

“I don’t think that switching from Real Sociedad to Atlético is a huge switch in quality. Griezmann is a good player and we had fun with him while he played with us,” said the Spaniard.

“However, knowing his coach I doubt that he will play from the beginning, but we will have to wait and see. He took a decision thinking that leaving Real Sociedad to join Atlético is a jump in quality, but I don’t agree with him. I’ve played for Real Madrid, a team much bigger than Atlético de Madrid,” said Esteban Granero.

Assuming that all other top four rivals win, Atlético will have to defeat Real Sociedad in order to stay third—tied with Valencia and one point below Real Madrid.

Match selection:

Goalkeepers: Oblak and Moyá.
Defenders: Juanfran, Jesús Gámez, Godín, Miranda, Giménez, Ansaldi and Siqueira.
Midfielders: Tiago, Gabi, Mario Suárez, Saúl, Koke, Arda Turan, Cristian Rodríguez, Cerci and Raúl García.
Strikers: Raúl Jiménez, Griezmann and Mandzukic.

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    Him being a Real fan, I guess I understand his statement, most soccer fans are disrespectful when talking about their favorite teams rivals.

    As for the game, real is seemingly out of shape, atleti is getting in shape, so I’d give atleti a bigger chance at winning.
    Hopefully our game continues growing more offensively, but we’ll see what Cholo decides to do

  • Zakaria

    I want to see Cerci, this guy is not playing for us and I do not understand why. Can someone explain why Cerci is not playing? He reminds me of Forlan (Looks wise) and seem to have lots of potential.

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    He arrived the latest and Cholo is “cautious” with transitions

  • ” Moving from Sociedad to Atleti is not a step up ” , said the guy who moved from Real Madrid to QPR !

    Madridistas are amazingly pathetic

  • Kris

    Well, Granero was right about Griezmann not starting…..

  • I knew it 3 days ago, the 11 Simeone tests in the training are usually the 11 he starts with, and he repeated the same 11 who started vs Malmo in the last training sessions

    Valencia just dropped 2 points, and Sevilla did the same earlier today
    I told you I will not be worry of them until at least the end of the first round

    and speaking of worrying, Kris, are you still worried that Manqui will like it at Liverpool and will want to stay there ?!!

  • Brad

    Well, that was quick.

  • Brad

    Apparently if you jump over a player and fall down, the player you jumped over gets a yellow…

  • Brad


  • Brad

    And Arda gets a yellow for the ref blindly missing him getting stepped on

  • Brad

    and more yellows for dissent…looks like we’ve gone from under-reffing last week to over-reffing this week!

  • Brad

    Carlos Vela given a yellow for simulation

  • Chewie

    WHAT THE FUCK MIRANDA?! Fabulous work by Godin and Moya. Jesus Christ, the game is out of control. Hope Cholo fucking gives a gruelling to those bastards in the locker room.

    And again! Why don’t they press the guy with the ball? Is it the league-leaders syndrome we had last year – when we had to get one win and finish the champions bid but continuously failed to do so?

    I mean, if it was Valencia, we’d be 1-3 by now.

  • Kris

    Oh damn, nice you noticed that. But, Griezmann is needed in this game to add some pace up top.

    Yes, I am still worried that Manqui will stay at Liverpool. I am pretty sure Rodgers won’t though…

  • Kris

    Pretty much my reaction….

  • Kris

    Very Very Very Stupid!!

  • Brad

    And Siquera gets two somewhat crap yellows in less than two minutes

  • Brad

    Even stupider officiating

  • Brad

    Carlos Vela bloodied as he went into Mandzukic’s shoulder

  • Brad

    and forgot to keep his mouth shut

  • Brad

    You get a yellow, you get a yellow! EVERYBODY GET’S A YELLOW!

  • Bad ref and the flasman from the bottom really made the difference.

    But I’m really tired of Siqueira. Completely childish and unforgivable mistake. Missing penalties is not enough for him. In my opinion he already lost all the opportunities he deserves.

  • palestine atletico

    It is 2-1 because of simeone!
    The team in the second half and after the red card of the shitty siquera are not playing football in specific raul garcia and mandzukic are not playing!
    He must put greizman and cerci instead of them in the minute 60….
    But now am sooooo sad stupid loss

  • Chewie

    That was pathetic and totally deserved. I can think of no reason other than the CL for such a miserable performance. This and lack of rotation. And Siqueira’s stupidity is just out of this world. Seeing Atletico ripped apart is not something I’m used to. The Basques just wanted it more. And they got it.

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    Reff never wanted to give red for Siqueria, just a free-kick.. But the whole bench from Sociedad launched, and yelled, and screamed, the Reff felt intimidated, and got feared.. And thats the reason he gave him his second yellow… A reff should be immune to these kinds of shouts. Need to bring his own decisions.. and not decisions from cower.

  • Kris

    Yeahh, the ref was bad, but so were our players. There was 75 minutes left to win the match after Sociedad’s first goal, but what did we do? NOTHING! Simeone’s late substitutions and bad starters today lost us the game. Siqueira also shouldn’t play again unless he learns to make good tackles. And stop fucking complaining you fucking grown ass bearded people on the pitch! A call went against you, so what? Keep playing, get your head up, score 5 goals!

  • Chewie

    Okay, but he could’ve given us two penalties – for Godin’s tackle and Ansaldi’s handball. That the ref is an idiot I agree but it worked for both teams.

  • Kris

    Exactly. Thank you for not putting anything on the ref. Yeah, he was horrible but doesn’t mean we have to complain and get sillyass yellow cards. And Siqueira, oh my, oh my. His idiocy really pissed me off too..

  • Kris

    You are right. This time, it is Simeone to be criticized.

  • Amr Misir Mukadaffi

    Thiss Reff should be active in the Segunda Division. He made to many errors.

    Been following the Spanish football for 14 years, and ther are 2 clubs wich are so disrespectfull, so mean, so cruel… Levante and Real Sociedad… Whenever a player commits a faul, they scream for their lives in the hope the reff gives us a yellow or red card.. Also they tend to fall so fast, whenever ther is contact they lay down…

  • I have to agree with you this time
    after Getafe game I said that this was the worst game for Simeone, but tonight’s game was even worse, in fact, if Getafe have some skillful players like Sociedad they could have beaten us too

    I was begging Simeone since min 60 and talking to myself like a crazy person :
    please make a substitution .. I beg you make a substitution !

    did we spent more than 100 million last summer to make the 2nd substitution (the first voluntary substitution) in min 85 !

    I hate to hate Simoene, but tonight I will go to sleep hating him !
    But I will start to love him again in the morning

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    Not only you! We were talking with our Greek company during the game and after the red card (some of us even before that) we were all begging make a sub make a sub! I cought my self saying 3-4 minutes before the 2nd goal ok Sociedad will score and Cholo will take his lesson and after this he will do the subs and it happened! I hate this but when Sosiedad scored the second goal i said “we deserved it”. We played with counter attacks with two tall strikers?? WHAT????????? To many mistakes! Cholo has to trust at last his sub, we gave so much millions for Cerci etc and the don’t play a minute.
    Also i said before what happened to Miranda this year? He doesn’t want anymore to play at Atleti?? Cholo has to use Gimenez more, espatially at ‘easy’ games and rest him or even punish him!
    Koke and Arda play every minute they need some rest (espatially Koke).
    Too many mistakes Cholo!

  • Ringo ST Gambo

    This team really lacks positional insight. We’re still playing as if Costa is the striker. So far I’ve only seen Koke and Griezmann being able to consistently run and pass efficiently in shorter distances. Gabi and Arda slow the game down too often, Mario seems capable sometimes, but isn’t in best of shapes, for a long time now. Mandžukič is still looking for where to position himself to best suit his new teammates plays. Raul… I’m not sure what to think of him, he works well and I won’t complain about him.
    Juanfran is out of shape, Siquera and Ansaldi need adjusting time, Godín is great, but he’s too impatient in bringing the ball forward sometimes. Miranda is kind of inconsistent defensively but i think hes best at building up an attack out of our available defenders, not skipping the wingbacks and midfielders all the time. Moya is doing the best he can and is doing well, haven’t paid attention to his passing/kicking abilities and vision though.

    Maybe instead of Mario, Gabi should be replaced with Tiago or Saúl, or replace both and have a midfield of Koke, Tiago/Saúl, Raúl, and start with both Griezmann and Cerci up front. Mandžukič and Arda fighting for a resting spot.
    Koke definitely deserves some rest but he still runs the most easily while not declining in technical and tactical abilities, while Mandzu and Turan seem inconsistent in linking up with others. Plus they could be brought on in the second half. I also forgot what Jiménez looks like by now. Didn’t understand why Cebolla was brought on instead of him or Cerci tonight, at all. Cebollais a great worker but too limited to bring much extra, compared to our technical speedy Gonzalezes.

    But oh well, I’m kinda used to Cholo’s lack of risk taking by now. Only spirit won’t keep you on top.
    Then again it’s still too early to say much